Maid From Hell

The past few days the maid actually made me scream, as in scream at the top of my lungs and all hell break loose type. As it is, her work load is not that heavy, I do a lot of my own laundry, and she has been ironing for a year with a steam iron which is the dobi type, better than any steam irons anyone can get from electrical shops in the market, and yet “bergaris-garis” (with lines & folds)and looks worse than before it’s been ironed!

She’s disobedient and likes to challenge and test my patience when I instruct her to do something, she will like to determine at her own pace and time despite me telling her that I want it done immediately. Her classic answer is “nanti la” (wait la). I said no, now but she is stubborn enough to do something else even if it’s a short thing, she will still do it first before doing what I tell her to do. Terrer leh! Eh liddat you think I can swallow and keep quiet ah? OF COURSE NOT LEH! I shout at her la! Ask nicely don’t do wor…doesn’t that annoy you? Don’t give me bull story that she’s just a maid and her pay is so low, cannot expect miracles from who is asking for a miracle? I just ask her to do a simple task like any other normal maid should do leh, CANNOT AH? WTF!

I know she’s been very cincai with even Kylie nowadays, I used to think, aiya other work lauya (no good) nevermind, but Kylie’s things must be good. But then now I noticed Kylie is always dirty and her diaper gets so heavy until almost reaching the floor. Eh liddat can tahan (acceptable)ah?

The only thing I can depend on her is the cooking also with supervision and instructions, and still occasionally make me scream. How la???

Psst..I oso can’t get in my comments wor..dunno what happened leh


21 responses to “Maid From Hell

  1. aceone118

    Time for a change new maid already. CNY new clothes, new house and NEW maid!!! kekeke


    Aiyoo..having a maid is so SCARY!!!


    Aiyoooo…change la…macam change underwear oni! Obviously this underwear too much holes already!

  4. aiyoh…susah la. Wat for pay money and make own life miserable?

  5. Other popular phrases, “lupa”, and “tak tau”.
    Maid from hell…I’ve had my fair share too. Sometimes they get too comfortable and think that they are doing us a damn big favour liddat!!

  6. Mommy to Chumsy

    I guess she is just waiting for you to send her back. Sometimes dare not be too hard on these people cos you won’t know what they’ll do to your kids (shake head).

  7. go change a new one lah…

  8. ace/mott/jazz-u think i dun wan ah? but then the new one who can guarantee is good leh? same same la…besides the agency fees dem ex leh!

    babykhong/sasha-it’s like having them is hell, not havning them is also hell…type of scenario leh…

    king’s wife-ya ya..she thinks that the scolding she gets are not deserved wor! waraoeh!

    chumsy-i threatened her leow, cos anything wrong with us she will go directly to jail cos police station very near my place!

  9. Julian

    Eh where to get such good steam iron ah? I’m frustrated with the maid at home as well cos lately not ironing my work clothes properly and smoothly. Its like its never ironed! I had to iron it back myself.

  10. Amah sorry long time no drop in here.. I also dun know wat I hv been busy doin.. I got kay poh here and there but then dun know lor wat i had been up to..

    Ref bad maid.. kasi dia makan goreng sotong la…. with black bean sauce…

  11. makes me even more skeptical about the maid I will be getting soon…i hope mine is ok though…

  12. sweetpea

    getting maid is like gambling big and small. my sister’s maid is just like yours! and she’s 16!! anyway, apparently they are afraid to be sent back to the agency coz they will be beaten up by those ppl there. (this is accourding to my sister’s friend who has a friend who owns one such agency) sis is just waiting for this year’s contract to end and that’s it. you think u can ‘threaten’ yours by saying u’ll complain to agency and send her back? if still cannot, it’s better off wasting some money than losing your sanity, especially when there is a precious bundle involved.

  13. I came here so many times but cannot commentleh. Lucky today, it’s working fine. Wanted to tell you, you’re not alone. My part time maid’s ironing skill is so terrible that even my hubby insisted taking his shirts + pants to laundry for ironing. You know how men’s pants got one line in the middle of each side of the pant (dunno what you call it). If she irons, got two lines on each side ah. Die or not you say?

  14. Amah, change new maid lar. How to tahan like that. Have them – susah, don’t have them – also susah!! Change lar, at least you stand a chance of better maid mar.

  15. aiyoh-aiyoh… AhMAh you also kena with lousy maid ah??? The same one or new one???? If really so jia lat better change or else later ur BP shoot sky high lagi susah oh!

  16. I cannot stand maid who cannot iron. Only this thing is enough to make me go crazy.

  17. fannie

    time to change ur maid. Some maids are good (rare), but nowadays lotsa influence from other factors too. some maids simply behaves as if they’ve done a big favour…Kick her out!

  18. maids will be maids, with little or low mentality. Otherwise they wont be maids. I have tried to be patient with mine as well too (also diff cause I got such high standards in cleanliness at home). But at times I hold back cause I dont know if she may spit into the food or tamper with Aiden’s breast milk…sigh.

    Also, this one very cerdik one… I have to live with it liau, as long as she cleans the house, I am happy.

    Oh – she cooks all our meals very very nicely cause she knows she’s eating too ma… One time I ask her to help my mum in her house, and she had a cheek to tell my mum that she doesnt know how to fry fish…in short, she lazy and dont want to clean another kitchen.

  19. she actually seem ok when we see her leh… wahlau, so daring tell story say who is she and low pay ar?

    Sometimes really, maids arr, ada pun susah, takdak pun susah….

    tell her off, give her time to improve, tell her if not then i going to send u bcak… work or not? i know my mom’s maid, lots use this method, works one leh…. unless she also memang wanna go back lar…

  20. Time to dump her…

    Nowadays good help is hard to come by ler.

    Btw, both of us don’t live in the same neighbourhood lar.. but take high way not too far fr each other lar.

  21. sometimes… i think it is the proper training she gets from the agency (like ironing..etc), as well as previous experience that would help.

    But, the most important thing is attitude. that cannot be trained.

    Our indon maid irons my clothes and pants so nice, its like brand new from the department store. sometimes want to tell her not to be so perfect lah.

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