Why all come at the same time one?

Been very busy lately, but still must take time to read my fave blogs and do this post, if not friends lari kuat kuat lor! (run away fast fast). Had visitors from overseas since Saturday so have been out like morning to night, day work nite entertaining la! It was not bad and I did enjoy myself but then another visitor came from another country on Monday pulak! So got to entertain. Hubby has been away overseas at this time and will only be back this Wednesday, so kids have been with LaundryApOh.

Then Kylie was down with fever yesterday, and Kieran left his homework in my office and this really stressed ApOh out but I can’t do anything cos I was stuck at the seminar ma. Then I promised to pick Kieran up from school at least so I can see him and Kylie before I go out again.

Me-Mummy got to go out again tonight..


Me-Yes darling, mummy got to go dinner with uncle who makes the washing machines for mummy to sell

K-Who is he? Why?

Me-You got to be good boy ok, please do your homework yourself

K-hmmph….(sulking behind)

Upon reaching home, I rushed in to freshen up a bit and got the maids to remove the stuff from my car and upon going back to the car, I heard a sobbing sound…

K-(crouched in the front seat floor & holding on to my mobile) Daddy!!!….wail… Daddy!!! wail…….Daddy!! Come backkk…..wail…..sob…sob…

Me-Kieran! Why you use my phone again?? (very angry cos he used my phone to call his friend’s father’s phone last week!) Give it back to me!

Ok sorry la, he was like wailing like so “chi leong” (pathetic) liddat but I still scolded him. After I got in the car, I felt sorry for him cos both parents were not around for the past few days and he was under lots of pressure in school….

Sigh….Anyway, here’s a Mandarin song he learned in school, not bad for a blur blur boy!


19 responses to “Why all come at the same time one?

  1. CutiePrincessMummy

    Typical pathetic story for working parents. Wat to do? ‘Wen Sek’ mar…

    But try to explain and spend more times to Kieran when this peak over lor, i think Kieran is hunger for your attn, love and time! 🙂

  2. POor Kieran, hope you find more time for them when everything is over.

  3. take it easy and relax…try to find ur free time for ur family n urself too..

  4. I can imagine the situation. Stress-nya…not good for blood pressure.
    Try to take it easy.

  5. Poor boy. Needs a lot of hugs and kisses from mommy and daddy 😀 He sounds so cute singing that song. Maybe should change lyrics to “woh te mama / papa chai na li”. heheheheh

  6. dun worry cny coming then can de-stress abit la

  7. Aiyo clap clap for Kieran so clevr ahh.. Can change the lyrics somemore… good good keep it up soon we all go kalaoke together ah…

  8. I can feel the stress here..relax relax!

  9. Lianhttp://valuebookshop.com

    Wah, don’t so busy until children need to make appointment to see you ok. I’m sure their CNY ang pow will make up somewhat 🙂 Kong Hei Fatt Choy.

  10. cutieprincess-i know he’s yearning attention..but i’m so impatient..

    ally-ya..my time with him is usually in the car!

    lovelymom-will try lor

    kingswife-stress? cannot beat what happened after that!

    chumsy-ya wor..so sad..

    sasha-CNY i got assignment to do wor…

    wenn-wey say say only when u kambing bag wor??

    huisia-yalor so stresssed..


  11. Desperate Mummy

    Amah you take care ok. Kieran boy-boy so cute ler 😀

  12. ooo, he so so cute singing the song, somemore got expression and all leh…
    but but, so kelian lar… faster spend some time with him leh….

    But all this rushing up and down, u better get more rest leh

  13. Wah.. Amah part time GRO ah?

    Yeah lar.. spend more time with Kieren lar..

  14. aceone118http://aceone118.blogspot.com/

    Fuiyohhh..amah your washing going international ledi ar?

  15. did he also spend sunday with grandma? asking cos i think i saw him in grandma’s church

  16. he so smart leh…so clear his singing also!!!! 😉

  17. aiyoo poor thing..i truely understand the feel of customer coming, all the mtg, and no time for kids

  18. eva-not cute la..cheeky!

    crumbs-rest? what rest??

    zaramama-hahaha..overseas supplier ma, when i go they take care of me, they come i must take care la!

    lulu-yes yes he was with grandma

    ace-amah mia products all from overseas leh!

    mott-aiya that song so simple..

    jazz-ya lor…

  19. aiyoh…poor Kieran… Y lar Amah leave kids alone when Apah now around ah? notti Amah… 😛

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