Belated Posts-Kids Sick

Two days ago Kylie was having high fever, in fact she was having fever for a few days ledi. But me busy ma, so LaundryApOh was helping out. Then Kieran started his cough again so we had to go back to new home as my maid left his puff medicine there!

So, dinner was simple, homemade pizza. As I was getting ready the pizza, had the maid to shower Kieran and he was screaming like as if he was being slaughtered due to leg pain. He was telling me his leg was very painful in the car but I didn’t pay much attention.

I went about with my cooking, not realising that Kylie was sitting quietly by herself! (this is not normal, as she is not able to sit quietly by herself!) After putting the pizza in the oven, I walked out and finally noticed Kylie sitting down looking so miserable. Touched her forehead and it was burning!! Panic like mad and didn’t think, checked her temperature which was 38deg + and quickly fed her paracetamol and then sponged her. After a while, I tested her temperature again and it went up to 40deg +!!! OMG! I was terrified as my place is far away from our usual paed! So I gave her a call to check if it’s ok to give her the suppository since I’ve given her the paracetamol like just 15 minutes ago but she was busy with other patients. I never felt so desperate in my life (besides the time I was giving birth to Kieran). Finally I managed to talk to the doc and she advised me to get a stronger fever med from the pharmacy but I was like huh? Pharmacy in my area may not have a pharmacist on duty leh, it was like 9.15pm leow wor! So she told me there are 2 paeds clinics in my area and I immediately packed the kids in the car and sped off.

As I was driving I quickly called the a friend living in this area to ask him the exact location of the paed to avoid having to circle around looking for it but he didn’t pick up. Called a second person (my customer) and she didn’t pick up either! she was thinking I was calling to chase her for payment. So, no choice la, circled around and found one but it was like closed! *SCREAM!!!!!* Then went to look for the other and found the shutter down halfway! Ran in and almost begged on my knees for them to not close and see my girl first! The receptionist was not happy but she said ok after seeing the desperation in my face! They gave her the suppository and it was like magic, within a few minutes she was the same ol’hyper Kylie! Thank God! She had white spots in her throat pulak! So that explains the high fever.

Anyway, her fever subisded very fast after the medication the doc administered and she was her normal active self playing again. Then only I noticed Kieran was sobbing quietly. I then decided to let him see the doc too. All these while I didn’t realise his pain was so serious until the doc showed me the wound and explained what could have happened. I felt so terrible, so I decided not to take the photo of his wound….so bad la me..sorry my darling…

And throughout this drama…where was Apah?? OverF^$&&g seas!


12 responses to “Belated Posts-Kids Sick

  1. Oh dear, what happened to Kieran la? Why the wound?

  2. aiyoooo..lucky the Paed was around to see both of them! Feel so kan-cheong leh!!! 2 kids at one go!!!!!

  3. aiyoh laundryapah got to work ma… kids feeling better now?

  4. aceone118

    Childrens who are active suddenly kept quite by herself something must be wrong ledi. Glad to know she is ok now.

  5. kids always know when is the right timing…always get sick or make problem whenthe father is not ard!susah lo!

  6. Wokking Mum

    Hope she is up and running liao! Take care!

  7. Dun panic Amah is ok to give Kylie supp. if she is still having fever even she already took the normal paracetamol. In future, you should buy the supp. together wif D
    Nurofen and keep at home to jaga pintu. Nurofen is a very good paracetamol.

  8. WMD: Wife, Mother, Daughter

    Suppository can be used even after you have administer paracetamol. I asked the paed once about this. Yes, it is terrible when kids fall ill and you have to handle it all by yourself.

  9. mommy of two angels

    wah really panic station…summore u satu olang jaga…gotta pacify, drive and beg!!! really glad kylie & kieran running around happy now.

  10. Aiyo wat happened la… I go to all the mommies blog also I read all precious sweet little thing getting sick b4 new year… Very heartache la.. I hope they all get well soon lor and then get ready to receive ang paus la…. U also take care ya!!!! No worry la Amah Wenwen pray pray for U!!

  11. Hi all! Thank you for all your advise and concern. Kids are feeling better now..

  12. Ahh…CNY just round the corner, and it seems everyone is taking turns to fall sick…glad to know they are better now. Hope they’ll recover fully very soon! Take care too!

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