Back-dated post-Time with Kieran

Since he started primary school, my schedules have been screwed up. I hardly have time to visit my clients…and getting him to school on time is also very challenging. For Wednesdays, he has piano lesson, so I send him to class and then go about my errands while he has the one hour lesson. Then I pick him up and we go for lunch.

That is the time we talk and chat….


Time with him can be fun and frustrating at the same time, fun is hearing him talk nonsense and the frustrating part is getting him to finish his lunch! I was trying to capture him wearing a bib in the first photo but he was kinda embarassed..kakaka…


8 responses to “Back-dated post-Time with Kieran

  1. haha… was surprised that you posted pics on several occasions you had lunch with boy. aiyoh, dont get frustrated la, you better treasure these moment before they are gone! i missed my momments of hugging and kissing oscar as now he refused to be hugged (sometimes) sad or not…:(

  2. tuition start oredi??? maybe it’ll be more settle down for u once that kicks off

  3. of cos embarrased la…even ellisa dun want to put on a bib!! hahaaha

  4. so cute la with the bib. good bonding time with yr little darling šŸ™‚

  5. Your timing so flexible?? Can ‘ponteng’ and bring him for piano lesson?

    You asked about photo posting? I used this command when posting photos :

    the http line just replace with the photo url that you have loaded.

  6. angie-priceless moments!

    jazz-tuition started beginning of Feb and had to add one more class starting this week as he’s very slow with his work!

    2angels-hahaha…but he’s still so messy ma…

    chumsy-yup he looked kinda cute with the bib!

    zaramama-in a way my work can be flexible..but sacrifice time with clients meaning can be less business leh!! err..where do i load photos? in wordpress or photobucket/flickr??

  7. Kieran using Kylie’s bib ah???
    He’s quite an interesting boy… acording to my PB šŸ˜›

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