Wah Another Meme?? No not 1 but 2!!!!

So tired and kena tag summore…ok la..do but first talk about why I’m so tired…Wah today “seven early eight early” (very early) woke up and packed the kids in the car and sent them to ApOh’s place cos Amah gila Ikea and today is the first day of sale!

Kieran-Mummy…it’s so dark, why are we going out at night?

Me-It’s morning already but it’s still very early…

Kieran-Why morning like night?

(Aiya this question he’s asked like a million times and still asked but I still have to entertain right?? )

Me-??? Err..The sun haven’t risen yet ma…Why don’t you sleep for a while..

Kieran-But I’m not sleepy…

Anyway, here’s my homework thanks to Angeleyes!

1. Who is the first blogger you’ve met?

The first person I found out about blogging is from Flowsnow. She has been keeping a journal of her walk and struggles with her first born son. But I still didn’t start until Oscar’s mom started blogging.

2. Who is the ‘most wanted to meet blogger for you’?

Just like Angeleyes, I would also like to meet NyonyaPenang if given a chance as I find her a really fun person from reading her blog!

3. Who is the ‘I can meet, want to meet but somehow never got to meet’ blogger?

I think she should be Jazzmint as the previous blogger meetings we didn’t get to meet, either I couldn’t make it or she couldn’t make it!

4. Who are the group of bloggers you most wanted to meet?

Err..I’ve met quite a number of bloggers but there are still a few whom I would love to meet but still have no chance are Zara Mama, SimplyHantam, Samm, Helen and many more…

5. Do you have any bloggers/blog readers that you wish to meet right now?

Err..maybe someone who can guide me step by step on how to use WordPress and also photo scrapping! hahahaha!!! So bad hor…no lar…whoever who can teach me I will reward one..no free service one ma! kakakakkaa….

Eh actually ah..the questions like quite similar leh..all also ask who you wanna meet, but like in different structure only! Cheh!

Who are the so blessed ones who’s going to be tagged by me? Should I change the questions? If I’m not too tired from my Ikea shopping…maybe la…now…don’t care la..whoever kena tag must do this la!

Cutie Princess Mom

Ev@-Desperate Mummy

Mom to Chumsy

Aiya cannot reach five la..3 enuf la!

Alamak, just when I was going to publish this post I saw another wonderful fren who tagged me on another meme..Ms Wen!!! So I continue here la!

5 Reasons Why I Blog

Eh this one ah, I think we did before leh..long time ago but but but….aiya nevermind la..just “quai quai” (be good) and do my homework.

  1. I was influenced by Oscar’s mom due to peer pressure eat full nothing to do…(7+ 1)
  2. I thought blogging is a good idea to update my family & friends from overseas about my life and my kids
  3. It’s a good place where I can I keep a diary and keepsake of my children’s lives and also mine la…(Eh…running out of reasons leh but I can list down a million reasons why it’s good to blog wor…can ah???
  4. Good place to meet new friends!
  5. Learn new recipes from ppl like Wen and Angeleyes.

Ok since it took me quite some time to think of who to tag…I think I will not tag anyone for this one la!


11 responses to “Wah Another Meme?? No not 1 but 2!!!!

  1. Kena tag again??? Gimme a few days ok? Pretty busy with weekend coming…hahahahhahaha. Eh, you see why I call you the Ultimate Shopping Queen? Dark dark also go to the Ikea sale already. So…what did you buy? Must blog abt it, ok?

  2. Wah..I’m so sorry la Amah. Sasha told me too late la. But I put u on waiting list..hopefully, got extra seats la! If u can go, bestnya!!!!!

  3. wuarharharhar…. this site is now so cun la! dont play play ah… amah now wordpress expert liow ah… hehe.. eh tomorrow teach me ler 🙂

  4. wahh…looks lime me and u like yau yuen mou fan hahahaha….nvm nvm, one dau sure met one 😉

  5. hi laundryamah, first time here, like your blog very much, i am here to wish you happy chinese piggy year to you and your family, hope everything will be going fine for you in this year, happy and healthy always… 😀

  6. chumsy-no problem take your time!

    mott-it’s ok

    angeline-no lar..mana chun..still a long way to go leh

    jazz-ya ya when is the next gathering???

    SinLing-hello & welcome to my humble site. Wish you a blessed piggy year too and may your dreams come true!

  7. Wahhhhh Amah getting terro and terror hor in WP… Good girl for doin the tag…. tenkiu but ahem dun say la learn recepi from me.. Mine is chin chai cooking… Angeleyes’s one are the proper ones lor…. Me main tembak oni la…. hehehehehe

  8. You got tagged again. Don’t kill me ah…


  9. Kum siah for doing it sooooo fast!

  10. can…can….we can go shoot the breeze. :))

  11. psst 😀 Amah I alreadi do my homework lor !

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