Backdated Post-Kylie Scrap & Kieran Singing


Above is my first attempt in trying to do something new but somehow cannot get the whole picture in…and below is another video of Kieran singing, this time I think he made up the song himself.

You can see he was running out ideas and words to make up that song and then he just pretended to faint! Sigh…sometimes he’s so adorable but most of the time make me gila! (mad)


15 responses to “Backdated Post-Kylie Scrap & Kieran Singing

  1. wah amah into scrapping also..

  2. haha… my niece also mumble nonsense… once she was talking like… killing police man… i was like so so so shocked!!!

  3. hi laundryamah, your kids are so so the cute, ur boy can be younger version of malaysian idol already.

  4. yea i love them too… i think it’s size 8 or 9… they are selling them away after the shoot… will still look brand new tho… wanna buy it? LOL cheap cheap… haha… about rm 300 max i would think… LOL


    Love the fainting action. Don’t send him for piano class la..send him for DRAMA CLASS LA!!! NEAR MY HOUSE GOT HELEN O’GRADY LEH!!!


  6. wahh..u also starting to scrap hehe..nice background lehh

  7. Amah getting better and better ah.. Not sek pau mo yeh chow.. now plenty of scrap to do liao lor… Kiearan wan to become singer?? Can I become Manager for him?? hehhehe

  8. hehe, yr ‘scrap’ sure looked good heh… kylie needs companion la…

  9. Nice header. Hey, Kylie looks like a big girl la. Wonder why her paed said otherwise?

  10. sasha/jazz/angie/wenn-aiya this is not scrap la, it’s just a photo album template lei…lauya one la..


    daniel-hey my son says this kill this & that oso!!

    mott-ya wor…he’s really a drama KING!

    chumsy-no lar…doesnt she still look so babish?? hahaha..and her legs vely short one..

  11. Hahaha..he is so funny. How could you smack such a lovley drama king???

  12. Your kids real drama lah.
    Btw, you’ve just been tagged!!

  13. I was about to comment that your blog is getting more sophisticated when you said you were trying something new, very nice, I must learn to do things like that too

  14. hahahaha so cute! DArrius was laffing when he was watching it by my side… 😛

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