5 wishes by a parent for their children TAG

I actually have something to write about a friend following Tracy’s post about her “friend”. But it’s kinda long winded which I didn’t have time to finish so I will just do this tag first. Alas, a more meaningful tag! I really don’t mind doing this one. Thanks to King’s Wife.

5 wishes by a parent for their children.

1. That they will love God first and love others.

2.That they will try to maintain the traditions of our Chinese practice, e.g.love and respect for elders, observe the traditions of Chinese New Year, and many other celebrations (yes this is one very kolot traditional Amah)

3. That they will aspire to be useful human beings and contribute good values back to society, doesn’t have to be doctor or lawyer or any professional, as long as they are become financially independent with a descent job.

4. That they will obey me and live by my rules at least for the first 18 years of their life, then only tell me they have their own thinking!
5. That they will not come back with trouble with the law or give me any unnecessary stress like, “Mom, I got her pregnant/I”m pregnant!” etc!!

Actually the list cannot end at 5 but better la, if not cannot finish this leh! So since I find this tag so meaningful, I shall tag the following mummies!


Mom to 2 Angels

Nomadic Mom

Julian (the last time I tagged u  but u didn’t do it wor…so sad)



Oopss exceeded 5..nvm la…actually feel like tagging more but leave some for the above mummies to tag la!

Ok..The End…


13 responses to “5 wishes by a parent for their children TAG

  1. hahahah….. i like the “obey till 18” bit!!!!!

  2. Thks!

    I like no4. Very true…as long as you are under my roof, you follow my rues!! haha..

  3. Wah.. very strick mummy woh.. (rule no. 4)

  4. AIYOH… I sked later u announce i never obey in the next tag… hahaha…. i will do… but but… WAHAHA… gimme time…

  5. aiyoo got homework to do…so scared loh


  6. why i cannot leave comments ah????

  7. Dun play play with amah! Very strict wan. Who make her dother pregnant amah will treat you with watermelon knife!!!! Kakakaka

  8. why i cannot comment on wordpress!

  9. huh y everybody said i’m so strict leh..very strict meh? living under my care don’t listen to me then listen to who wor??

  10. Amah, sorry worrrrrrr. Cant remember what was your last tag, but I think its either a hard one or a long one… hehehe. Ok ok I do this one since its meaningful.

  11. Moved to your new house finally?! Congrat! Nice home!

    Wah, everyone seems like busy moving home lately, hehehe!

  12. eh, this post i tot you said you tagged me? dont see my name wan?

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