The battle continues..

“If you yelled for 8 years, 7 months and 6 days you would have produced enough sound energy to heat up a cup of coffee.”

(hardly worth it)

Got the above phrase from an email. I guess so that shouting is really not worth it but I don’t know why I just can’t control myself leh. It’s like automatic when I see my son, maid or hubby!

Anyway, when Kieran came home from school..

K-Hi mommy

Daddy-Your son wished you la

Me-Huh? didn’t hear wor


Me-Hi darling..

I was busy preparing dinner and after dinner, I was resting and daddy showered Kylie. During that time, Kieran acted up again whining about drinking the packet soya bean. I didn’t allow as he started his coughing again. He went up to the shower and kept kicking the door and banging here and there and that totally annoyed an already very tired and grumpy daddy who was showering a jumpy and wiggly lil girl! So I heard daddy suddenly shouting so loud and then came a wailing cry from Kieran.

Yes, daddy whacked him real hard this time and with his Little Tikes garden tool! It was very hard plastic if you know Little Tikes toys. Kieran was crying so hard and I gather it was really a hard blow, knowing daddy’s strength. It always pierces my heart each to see daddy whack him because I know it’s really hard and painful. I usually try to stop daddy from further hurting him. But but he never learns…weyo??

I told daddy not to overeact as this happens to me every morning! Yes, we didn’t allow him to sleep with us so he went downstairs to watch tv with me till he fell asleep on the chair. (running from reality, meaning, he would rather be asleep to be put in his own room to sleep!)


15 responses to “The battle continues..

  1. Poor Kieran kena wack. Come..come..I take you go buy cokolat.

  2. hmmm amah amah is like dat . Chan take care of Jayden keep on scolding him saying he is notty. What u expect, sit there and act dunggu ka. Guess we’re more patient than men

  3. Aiks, he must be damn stressful la.

  4. Aiks, i din know that cough cannot drink soya bean ar?? My daughter has been coughing too… Wonder when will the stubborn cough go away.

    Poor handsome,…kena whack again. This weekend go kai-kai to compensate & destress lar! I recommend go Bukit Jalil Park to feed fish (bring lotsa bread or fish pellets) and they have new playground equipment there too!!

  5. cough?is it because of the weather too hot?if yes, then go buy him a mc donald vanilla sundae. The cough will magically disappear..=P no joke…and i tried that before and it works!

  6. ai! sayangs to kieren..

    my Mr.T aso sama juga. But then hor…I yell, ok wor. He yell, cannot! MUA HA HA HA HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!

  7. My Fatty Boy one time merajuk, slam door, kick door, we go up to him say, “You no like this house, go sleep outside” Dun call Child Protective Services on me okay? My father was so upset that we did that to him, but since then no more slamming door ady :o)

  8. wah he also vely nauti..kick door and all…dun blame daddy too much la…but just control the strength bit loh!

  9. Thank you for joining the bloggers party. Sorry if any inconvenience upon the party 🙂

  10. sayang dear Kieren..
    cos got whack..
    jie jie offer some sweets and chocs k???

  11. Em… My husband also the same like to whack the kids but when I whack I’m the bad guy 😦

  12. I dont always agree with physical punishment on children bcos I felt that they will not understand the logics behind. Aah.. I donno la.. I am also a new mother. Maybe when Ryan is Kieran’s age, I’ll agree otherwise..

  13. ya, daddy’s hands can be too heavy. i guess kieran is going through a phase…just started primary school….have to sleep in own room…etc.

  14. wahlauwei your son so cute ar? my daughter booking first ken or not? or got waiting list oredi?! nice to have met you …

  15. ace-chon mo? he likes chocolat leh!

    sasha-me not patient la..but beat not as painful as daddy la

    ally-stress? what stress? we parents are the stressed ones leh!

    annie-dunno, once i forgot that my period was due and I had soya bean and i had the most terriblest and painfulest cramps leh

    lawcl-he’s always coughing…asthmatic boy la..

    mott-so shall i send him to ur place for trainin??? kakakaka

    firehorse-i second that!

    kenny-no sweat! it was great, u guys did a good job!

    yen-aiya u live with him u will not talk liddat lor..

    despmom-we always end up bad hor??

    etcmom-sigh…spare the rod spoil the child la..

    nyonya-he seems to be going thru this phase for quite some time leh…must get more tips from u on how to teach this kid!

    simon-u sure ah? he’s very notti leh!

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