Together-Gather Party 9 March 2007

Wow I was like a little girl among my “ngau cheongs” (bloggers that I admire). The first person we saw upon registration was the legendary 5xMom! Can you imagine my excitement when I saw her? It was like seeing a celebrity leh…eh she’s a celebrity blogger wat! Wah I was like waving waving and quickly went to shake her hand! So excited until the heart went boop boop boop liddat wor! So, no time wasted, fast fast take picture with her and get her autograph somemore!


Then I bumped into King’s Wife, also a very happening mummy whom I admire a lot! Wah don’t let go chance fast take picture but I have to blur out her face leh…too bad…so leng lui oso cannot let ppl see….


Then of course the funny guy, Cocka, another one that cannot show face one…he’s really funny guy lor!


Another funny guy Aceone, why I say funny guy cos their blog makes me laugh till I cry one lor!


And Mott came late with gifts for my kids! Aiya lupa to take photos of them…nvm later ok?? Thanks a million Mott! Forgiven for being late! hahahahaa…

All in all we had a really good time, met many more fun people, and thumbs up to the committee for a job well done! Looking forward for a bigger party next year! Go Wingz go!!


19 responses to “Together-Gather Party 9 March 2007

  1. next one sure tarik u come help one ok?!!! tenkiu!!!

  2. I saw your pic with Lilian. I thought it had to be you… the BIG smile!! lol

  3. wheni saw the lady-in-green pic, immediately i thought it’s you. boy, was i right, lol.

  4. Wah! you took quite a lot of photos. Big smile and looking very happy!
    Thanks for the shot!

  5. aiyo, why all shots blur out LOL

  6. aik… me talak ka? kekeke

  7. Tenkiu amah for cam whore with me. You are such a lovely person.

  8. I like your captivating smile….
    If I own a toothpaste company I sure ask you to do a commercial. LOL

    It was indeed a pleasure meeting you, Laundryamah.

  9. nice to meet u…pls don be mad at me cal u amah tat nite coz i duno ur real name…we all bloggers cal their blog name wan…

  10. wah, so happening that night!!! must be very enjoyable, i saw lilian & sasha pic too…now I know your real face!! LOL!!!

  11. wingz-ayo yo yo..why la me? me vely disorganised mia person la..better not la

    helen-happy ma take photo with Lilian wor! aiya why u didn’t make it leh…if see u together gether lagi best ya!

    samm-hahaha,,,the fei poh in green 8 here n there rite?? hahahaha…

    kingswife-happy?of course la! meet all of u guys wor!

    jazz-aiya these ppl all like to remain anonymous la…

    kenny-ayo ya wor,,,how come didn’t take pic w u ah?

    ace-tq too!

    ahnel-no lar…everybody also call me amah wat..what’s wrong???

    lovelymom-ya it was enjoyable nite alright! ya la me so no.8 float here n there!

  12. actuarrrrryyyy u gray out the photos or delete the face also no use. In Shaolin Tiger’s blog, everything is revealed!!! hehehehe

  13. Now i know how LaundryAmah looks like !!


  14. wah…amah…you look so glamour glamour la….like a puan sri 😀 eh…no fun lah cannot see their faces. I visit their sites too and was hoping to see how they look like 😦

  15. How come my comment didnt appear geh?

  16. It was a pleasure to have met you. …that sparkling great smile…would have Colgate recruiting you for their commercials. LOL

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  18. aiyah… why all liquid-paper face one????

  19. fuwah i thot my face-blurring skill was the worse, but your lagi teruk la! but most of the faces there can be seen in other blogs…

    aiya me computer skills very bad one…how to do this blog also thanks to my assistant la..if not dunno oso!

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