Kena Tagged by 5xMom… so? Must do la!

 Wah still a dazed a dazed with the blogger party sekali tagged oso didn’t know. pai seh…solly ah Lilian…She said she wanted to distract me from my Korean hunks wor…aiya…sekejap (lil while) only ma…I mai still loath over them…

A is for age

There’s dis guy who thinks he’s forever 25, I forever 18 lagi best (better) ah!

B is for booze of choice

  • BoostBooze which part?  Breast err..Red wine pls

C is for career

Wat career? Sai sam por Professional Laundry Solutions provider la

D is for your most dreaded

Dumb, delusioned, doeng doen mia people la… soooo irrrrrrriiiiiiitating….

E is for essential item you use everyday

Wah…mua smelly lembik lembik (soft) bolster, my mouthwash (cos i yak too much!), my white t-shirts and3/4 pants, my endless list of designer bags and shoes!
F is for favorite song at the moment

Of course Korean song lor…my handphone mia ring tone!

G is for favorite games

Gau sam gau sei la….

H is for Hometown

PeeJay so no need to get stuck in expensive roads to go hometown during CNY…

I is for indulgence

Designer goods and all things glamourous and nice…ya I materialistic..don’t gib ah?

J is for favorite flavor of juice

From what? kakakaka…must be more specific la…

K is for kids

Why did I have kids? At this moment memang driving me up the wall!

L is for last hug from husband

errr.before he went to Spore la…yerrr.always like to hug even when he’s like sweaty from assembling furniture…yucks!

M is for years of marriage

Married leow 8 years lor, passed the 7 year itch with flying colours wor….

N is for name of your crush

hahaha..5xMom mia answer so farneee…I agree..start another meme…A-Z….so manyak (many) la…Korean, Hong Kong, American, British…ayo…endless la

O is for overnight hospital stays

Choi! Don’t want lor..

P is for phobias

Cicak (lizard) cos bodoh-fied (dumb) brother used to hold it and put it in front of me and scare me when we were kids..

Q is for quote

R is for biggest regret

Didn’t buy an additional LV bag when I was in Paris in 2001 when Euro exch rate was only RM3.10 to Euro1.00!!!!

S is for status, married

Eh stupid or wat? Just now ask how many years married now only ask married or not?

T is for time you wake up

I try not to wake up…stay in dream land cannot ah?

U is for underwear

Underwear oso ask…ayo…em lai si la! hahahaha…afturds those gamblers reading my blog cannot kena 4D how?

V is for vegetable you love

All except those bitter ones la..

W is for worst habit

Blogging  shopping too much..

X is for x-rays you’ve had

Choi again..X for X-rated Xtraordinary SeXperience can anot?

Y is for yummy food you make

Wah…my peanut cookies and Lap Mei Fan la….

Z is for zodiac sign

Dun belif…

Wah..finished leow! Phew…who shall I tag….eh…who shall I tag…eh? Wah Angie pleading…don’t tag me…muahahahaha….since she so good friend and employee…ok la..gib chance…

I tag the following people

 AceOne for asking me to promote his blog..

Winn for being so cute, always making funny faces when taking photos…

 Kenny becos he can sing so well I oso dun know..

 Angel cos she’s so popular…

and…… Lovelymommy cos she’s so bz doing PPP…so take some time off ok…


7 responses to “Kena Tagged by 5xMom… so? Must do la!

  1. wahhh…jus met u yest nite today u give me big present already…hahaha.
    the 1st impression u gave me was….u very fun and very sampat leh!! haha. u also full of funny faces wat!

    eh why didnt u do 1 to 10 mia tag? try la……:P

  2. waaa, u really ‘good’ lor… baru jumpa, sudah kasi hadiah! 😛

    tq for your hadiah, i take it that each time someone tags me, they lup me, or else what for tag wor? heh heh…

    i think i hv 10 tags not yet do to my name… wait a lil’ bit longer, yeah.. but actually, i love this tag! so, i might do it first haha…

    hv a nice washing day! 😀

  3. Amah, tenkiu ah for not taggin me…. hehe… tor che lei…

  4. LOL at the J. Our minds corrupted wan.

  5. Wahhh…. sai mm sai ah? Kin Min Lai ah? Tag me pula… sei lor… give me time ok?

  6. wah, “thank you very much loh”…quite long leh…emmm, will do it asap 🙂

  7. Alamak!! me kena tag again.

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