Together Gather Part 2 but mini one la….

Wah we “song song” (in the mood) having blogger meeting continuosly one…from Friday to Monday, weyo? Our dear Wenn came back all the way from London leh! Of course go out and meet her la! She was such a darling, came back all the way and brought us pressies summore…so pai seh (embarassing). Ok don’t forget that we have karaoke session to go also k?

What we did? As per said in  Wenn‘s blog, we were pigging out, yak yak yak & camwhoring la! It was the first time I met my other “ngau cheong” (blog idol) NyonyaPenang, and 2 young, cute and available (I think)girls Winn and Angel too. Actually saw Angel in the party last Friday but didn’t get to meet her actually. Sorry all three also cannot reveal photo one..


Thanks to Aceone for organising the get together and finally blur blur liddat got lost and came late!


7 responses to “Together Gather Part 2 but mini one la….

  1. Aiyoh.. why stick plaster to all the faces.. 😦

  2. LOL! Waaaa! Very fai sao wor lei…
    Nice meeting you… you are a really nice lady! 🙂

    ps: I’m not really that ‘young’… maybe older than u too 😉

  3. Haha… stupid construction work la, makes me get lost over that area… luckily got people late than me… ngek ngek ngek!

  4. face terkoyak! haha..
    i oso not young la….i miang…..buahahaha!

  5. wah…u met nyonya…so, what’s she like?

  6. wah say !!!… shud have go there too ystd nite.. tsk tsk tsk … !!
    then i can play with Jayden … hahaha…

  7. Wah liao U guys sure cepat hor?? This two mummies… very fast oredi posted the pictures…

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