Outdated Post-CNY

Yeah I’ve been complaining about Kieran a lot, but he’s still my beloved son so I still spoil him with gifts here and there, and just before the CNY I bought him the mini lion head. He was having so much fun with it, and each time he appears in front of ApOh, she will give him an extra ang pow!


Visiting at Mom To 2 Angels

We didn’t do much visiting this year as we were staying so far away from everybody! kakakaka….but we did manage to visit my good ol’ pal. We learnt something new there too! Here’s a photo of Kylie ransacking Elisa’s toys…


And here’s a new method on how to teach the kids to count…


What? Teach the kids to gamble at such a young age? No lar…play Black Jack is not only for gambling wey…can learn to count wor! What a great idea! Thanks to ML! But hor when Kieran was playing he kept getting Black Jacks and double aces..shiaks…thought can make him practise counting pulak!


9 responses to “Outdated Post-CNY

  1. I bought 4 of those Lion Head too @RM36 each. All already given away. LOL

  2. oo..we boguht the lion head oso, but faythe sked to put it on so just use as deco hehe…

    eh where u stay lah? PJ? should have visit me lah

  3. wei… my maths very bad wor so i dont dare to play black jack la… sked kena con-ded la hahahaha!!

  4. hehehe.. i also got a lot of outdated post which i intend to write but still hasnt got time for it…..i think, have to wait till next cny lor?? sigh!

  5. Wah.. now only do CNY post, really outdated wor.. Hahahaha…

  6. wah kieran so terror…lion dance lion dance…play and get rewarded…sure made apoh really happy la!

  7. wah so happy 1st time i can post comment on wordpress…yahooo…i am delisted as a spammer!!??!!

  8. hehehe, I did played a lot black jack during CNY…wah, now only u posted ur cny post….”geng”

  9. Hahaha…what a brilliant idea to teach them maths!

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