Tag Season or what?

Wah I think this must be the tag season cos everybody is busy doing tags here and there. I just came back from town as I have a few deliveries and some customers to see but miraculously I managed to come back before the rush hour despite the heavy downpour.

So come back of course fast fastย  blog la…sekali kena tagged again. Ok this one is going to be quite embarassing….errr..Etc Mom wants to know what’s in my bag wor…so here goes…


Scary leh..there are bags within my bag leh! There’s my sling bag, tissue bag, carmera, various documents and receipts here and there…wah got to dig for gold in order to find my stuff! Kakakakakaka….It was worse before I came back to the office cos I offloaded a lot of stuff leow!ย  It’s a nightmare when Kylie decides to raid my bag!

Who to tag? I’ve just tagged some people leh….and I’ve noticed quite a number of people have been tagged with this tag leow..so no need la!


10 responses to “Tag Season or what?

  1. ahem… how cum i spied something that looks like… teh kor???

    oops… haha…

  2. Chey, not that messy la… Shud show us the bag content b4 u offload them ma..:P

  3. eh amah, you lied in yr tag la! haha… yr bag has more stuff than this ler.. ngek ngek ngek… i know! but mine also quite teruk wan la.. same same…

  4. eh..amah.. the software u asking is which one? photoshop or the imagery ones? If u r talking abt the photos..then it’s photoshop. But then hor..must learn how to use it. I tell you…many many days of pulling hair!!!!! (even if u follow step by step instructions!!!)

  5. There’s this ‘teh koh’ looking thing that I spotted too woh like Angel did.. ahem..

  6. amah…. u kena tag ler… hehe… paiseh… wahaha

  7. Wah….many things in the bag ๐Ÿ˜€ Hey, which designer bag is that?? So shinning?

  8. No birthcert inside ar? kakakaka!!!!!!!

  9. this is consider ok lor .. just abit messy .. ๐Ÿ˜› at least u still got lots of space ma

  10. the teh koh looking thing is the brown colour thingy loh.. a bit shiney one.. got zip one..

    Maybe I don’t own expensive bags.. maybe all expensive bags are lined with the teh-koh material.. ๐Ÿ˜›

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