Yup..definitely tag season!

Before I do this new tag, I got to rant about what happened this morning.

This morning already bad mood from 2 noisy and disobedient kids, then had a meeting at a customer’s place, which was so unnecessary and I reckon could have been avoided but still have to be there type leh..?? Get it? Well, I usually would just “tumpang” (borrow) somebody’s parking lot when I’m at that place as the visitor parking is like 4 levels down the basement and is very dark and scary one…so I do not like to park in the basement.

So, I told my maid to keep an eye on the car but of course she didn’t lor…so the owner of the parking lot was honking for I gather just over a minute only la…then I rushed out and apologised but he was so angry, he got out of his car and came towards me with his index finger pointing at me…


(Above picture was acted out by my staff and myself)

He repeated the “ARE YOU STUPID” so many times until I have to answer leow…

Me-I’m not stupid ok..

He-Then why did you park here?

Me-I’m sorry..

He-No! Are you stupid? No! Clamp the car! Clamp the car!

Aiya, I already said sorry and was like running towards my car leow with 2 kids with me summore, why must be so garang (fierce) one? Maybe if I was without kids and wearing a tight fitting dress and the neckline so low that my boobs are almost showing, he will not be so fierce?

Sigh..back to the tag as Shannon wants to know how weird I am… here goes…..

6 cronic weird things about myself

  1. I have a very weird habit which my kids have inherited similar traits too, i.e. rubbing the puffed up edges of my pillow..emmm very shiok feeling one…no belif..u try la.Kieran will rub the 4 sharp corners of the pillow andKylie will play with pink pig bolster..kakakaka…
  2. I do not like to have “tau geh” (bean sprouts) mixed in my fried noodles/kuey teow or noodle soup but I can eat tau geh on its own..I will always remind the hawker a million times not to put the tau geh inside and if he forgets, I will pick them out one by one..cursing at the same time!
  3. I like peeling the dead skin on my toes despite me going to pedicures….still like to peel peel peel…yucks…this is more like bad habit…
  4. I am obsessed with Tupperwares, meaning everything must be kept in Tupperwares, if possible the original Tupperware if ran out, then imitasi (imitation/any other containers) ones will do lor…
  5. I like to pinch/bite chubby kids but unfortunately my kids are not chubby at all… 😦 (this one I inherited from my mom as I have my cousins to testify for this..hehehehe)
  6. I like to smell all sorts of things, ie from my kids’ heads to paper etc etc….except for things which I know it’s stinko la! Stupid or wat??

Phew! Doned! Who to tag?

Etc Mummy for tagging me first….kakakakakka…

Lovely Mummy for being so happy after kena tag-ded..

Jessie for being so sweet..I’m sure there’s nothing weird about her..

Oscar Mummy cos weekend is here so I think she can do her homework then…instead of shopping in Kepong or Taman Equine or some other weird faraway shopping complex…

aiya enuf la…


30 responses to “Yup..definitely tag season!

  1. Haha! So farnie your ‘sketch’! But ok ok… kesiannya kena marah…

    BTW, I also hate taugeh in my noodles! *high 5* 😀

  2. haha, i am similar to u on the taugeh part, the peel dead skin part and also the tupperware too…. before go into fridge, MUST go into tupperware then oni can masuk, else i naik gila… hahaha
    we same same lar

  3. LOL! you actually re-enacted the scene with your staff!

    Once upon a time, I was also obsessed with Tupperware. Buying them, that is!!! So much so that most of them are just sitting in the cupboard shelf. I don’t use them all.. Dunno keeping for what!!

  4. Ouch! Same tag I owe Nadia. Okay Okay, must do it leow.. *scratch head*

    Pst Pst.. u tagged me, I tagged u, now u tagged me again.. wait la.. i’ll tag u back. Kakakakaa….

  5. hahaha…itu 3 n 4, sama sama!!! tapi malu nak blog it!!!!! KA KA KA KAKA!!!

  6. rubbing puffed up edges of your pillow?

    Walau.. so weird.. thought kids only do this.. and we rub other puffed up parts.. Kekekeke

  7. That car owner so rude 1 ah? Release his tyre pressure la… 😛

    Eh… I used to like rub on sharp corner of pillow also wor…

  8. haha smell all sorts of things LOL

  9. ur weirdest have that should have topped ur list is………
    pinch and bite ur little cute niece….. =P

  10. aiya, kena ur tagged again, but u also kena my tag woh 😛 pls check my blog….

  11. Luckily that night you didnt pinch my chubby cheeks. LOL

  12. haha..ur staff seem more ngam then you lah..u better put ur ACTED word big big..if not nanti ur staff kena score by ur fans mai ngam?

  13. wah…who is the camera man/woman ah????

  14. haha… yes, tag season, you got tagged again… by me!!! 😛

  15. Hahaha..Number 6 chun! I like to smell kids mia head too. Jayden mia BEST!!! kakaka

  16. ace-actually i’ve noticed a lot of men smelling their kids’ heads lor…aiya go get married and produce own kids la!

    kenny-ayo what comes around goes around eh…ya lar that guy really bodoh one lor…he didn’t know I know ppl like Ace & Wingz, sekali ask for their special serbis to kena him then only he knows ah!

    angeleyes-angeline the director n camera woman la!

    desmum-cute? kena scolding mana cute…

    msaufong-huh? no comprehendei….

    cocka-aiya me like to pinch kids only la..lo ngek ngek (old) where got shiok one?? kakakkakaka…

    lovelymum-ayo sked to tag leow…kena di tag balik!

    piggy-hahaha..who asked u to be so chubby leh???

    jazz-yeah lor…sot chor one!

    zaramama-yeah have been doing this since I was a kid and cannot get rid of that lei!

    mott-hahahha…aiya actually got more gross out ones…as u sed…malu la..kakakaka


    kingswife-eh y didn’t use the tupperware wor? very useful leh! everything oso can put one! fridge will have more space one..trust me!

    shannon-sama sama kaki wor..cum we go buy tupperware together gether…

    angel-hahaha…then u will be 3rd person i know of that dun like taugeh in the noodles! kakaka…

  17. Alah..just park a while also considered STUPID meh? Why got this kind of people in the world leh?….must kick him far far away..

    Hey, me too, i hate the bean sprouts mixed inside noodle but can eat them separately..weird oo..

  18. wuah…you acting got potential leh. 😀

  19. Lucky it is not my car that you block or else, chialat liao. You know my history lah…muahahar. Eh, the pusing-pusing the pillow case corner, I got one son like that but he outgrew it. Ish, like paying with nipple oni.

  20. When u organising Tupperware party ? Lin Peh wan to attend ! LOL!

  21. linpeh-wah tupperware mia party oso u know ah?? geng!

    lilian-ayo…this block block mia biz really everyday happen wan hor…the rubba rubba pillow quite common habit wor…kakaka

    nyonya-thanks but director was Oscar mom…so thanks to her direction la!

    huisia-hahaha…another to the list who doesn’t like bean sprouts in the noodle!!

  22. AMAH!!!!!!!!!! how can u let him scold u lidat?
    nevermind u remember his face or not? i help ciu beat small ppl

  23. Ai yo! You so cute to re-enacted the scene but your staff not fierce enough lah. hehehe

    he’s not an actor ma…i asked him to do this oso so gila leow!

  24. Hi 5! Amah, I hate taugehs too……yeah, got fren liao

    hahaha…another one! wah got a lot of weirdos like us wor!

  25. 1 word So Dramatic 😛

    aiyor kena tag wo .. will do it later yeah .. coz me down with cough n flu !! hou charm r !!!

    nvm..take your time..get well soon ok?

  26. Wah, re: no. 4 hehehe. Must hang a sign on Raelynne, DO NOT CUBIT ME… hahahahaha

    wah u better be careful and watch out..cos I just may cubit her! 😉

  27. Cheh! I tot how come the guy scold u got captured on camera, and how come he smile smile one…hahaha 😀 until i read the caption below.

    aiya he’s my technician cum office boy ma..not actor wor! 🙂

  28. Hi…i love your blog, really!! so bersemangat of until u act out again the scene… and your staff so sporting one!!! hehehehe….


    Hi Hi! Thanks for visiting! ya..boss ask must do la! kakakakaka…

  29. eh you actually got your staff to act the whole scene out for you ah? funny la you!

    LOL..thanks to Angeline la..she’s the one who suggested..so gila hor?

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