Tis the season to be tag-ded….falalalalalalalala…

Before I do this tag, I wanna tell the whole world that I will be going to
Australia this coming August!! :)YEAH!! Like so excited, I don’t know why I like to go there even though I was studying there for about 5 years before. This time will be the 2nd time I go back after I graduated but it’s for a purpose also la cos we are going to witness Piggyhoo’s (my niece who was one my cubit & bite victims) graduation!

Went to Matta Fair today and the crowd….aitelyu (I tell you)..was like people mountain people sea (translated from Cantonese, meaning very crowded) ok! We even saw a bozo pick-pocketed one guy and ran away! Everyone was kinda distracted cos the theif was digging into the victim’s socks while he took his wallet! Clever eh? Got to be more careful when we go to such crowded places!

We were walking around comparing the fares and packages available and decided to fly with
Malaysia Airlines…support our very own la…not that I’m patriotic, it was the cheapest woi! The fare was about RM300+ cheaper per pax than normal fair so I guess it’s worth going to Matta Fair but the catch was having to pay in full today lor….

Ok back to the tag…Kenny so fast wanna tag me back…..wah but this one quite fun also wor! Let me think, stranded on island, aiya in the movies make it like so shiok liddat…in reality, I think sei chor lor! (die-ded leow)

Who would I like to be stranded on an island ah…actually preferably with my Korean hunks but I can’t tag them wor…so here goes…

The Reflector so he can take many many nice pictures of me before I get fried by the sun and die-ded of skin cancer..

Sasha so we can 8 (gossip) till the cows come home while sipping coconut water…

Angeleyes cos she very good with cooking ma…so we don’t die as hungry ghosts la…


Mott cos she’s very clever one, maybe can think of a way to get us out from the island leh…


Sorry I can only think of these four la…and I feel sorry these people are chosen but I can’t help it lor…who asked that Kenny to tag me!


19 responses to “Tis the season to be tag-ded….falalalalalalalala…

  1. want to tag me get my address right la πŸ˜› its http://the-reflector.com πŸ˜›

  2. Waa!! So cheaps your fare! Chap tou lor!

    Hope you’ll hv a good one!

    Wait… the thief dug into the victim’s socks??? How???

    huh? no lar..not RM300 la..RM300 cheaper than the normal fair! LOL! Ya lar..the thief did that to distract everyone’s attention kua…

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  4. Wow, you go to trip again??? i so jealous la..:smile:

    hahaha..as i said to mom to chumsy..no holiday i can become very gila one…can murder ppl one! πŸ™‚

  5. Wow….another holiday ? me very jealous la πŸ˜€ Hey, the way you describe the bloggers whom u would like to be stranded on the island is really funny πŸ™‚

    hahahaha..me holiday queen la…no holiday become dracula, can suck blood one! :))

  6. I also graduated from Australia, NSW. Which part did you graduate and which state will you be in? Say hello to the kangaroos for me…hehehe

    wah another one from aussie u..me from Monash Melb

  7. U can tag all 4 of them together with u to holiday ma… LOL

    hahahahaha…tag them to holiday with me? sekali ask me to pay for ticket how? sei lor..

  8. haha what kinda tag is this LOL

    ya wor dunno which fler created this tag…so hard to do one..

  9. HeHe, I heard that Kenny Ng wanted to bring you to island so can do laundry ah? Kekekekeeke. I told him wear banana leaf can ady no nid to wash one.

    ya lor..go island wanna wear clean clothes…seow hor?

  10. Kakakaka, tenkiu amah no tag me!

    i dun tag u..somebody else will one la… πŸ˜‰

  11. Good deal wor. Hmm…I also havent been back to Melb since I left. That was 14 yrs ago. Where did you study?

    err…the ticket is RM2268..errr..ok la…I studied at Monash Caulfield Melbourne

  12. oooooooooiiii i dun like tags!!!

    hahaha..i know…but but but…i cannot think of anyone else leh…

  13. mua ahahaha…my isle is most complete; got chef, builder, doctor, poet/artist, laundryamah, entertainer and bimbo! where else to find?

    hahahaha…so farnee la u! dat’s why must bring u along la! so enterprising!

  14. Wow, going to australia soon, ya, australia is my dream vacation place….hubby and I planning to go there end of this year…LOL!!!update ur blog after u back from australia…k

    yah australia is really a nice place to holiday! me going only in august ler….hey end of year is summer in australia..not exactly the best time to visit…

  15. where got fix? still wrong la

    this time really fixed ledi! πŸ˜‰

  16. envy envy…another holiday coming !!!!

    have to wait till august la..

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  18. You sure you want to bring Sasha ah?
    Her spikey high heels will make her walk very slowly woh.. or probably stuck in the sand.. you may need to carry her. πŸ˜›

    LOL..ya hor…aiya reached the island leow asked her to throw away the heels la! πŸ˜›

  19. I tot rm300 cheaper is good deal. But still expensive hor. Monash? Me also. But the original campus in Clayton.

    ya during my year Monash bought over the 2 campuses in Caulfield and Frankston..so I chup toh la!

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