KYLIE – 22 months update


Wow.. 2 more months to Kylie’s 2nd birthday! Time flies! My baby has become a toddler leow! She was trying to put on her pants in the above picture but of course not successful la..

She’s a very hyper active and fearless adventurous little girl. She can’t sit still even during meal time. I try not to continue feeding her when she roams around but when I’m not around, the maid will feed her by following her everywhere! Rascal! She loves music and dances each time we turn on the music or when I sing to her. She is able to learn hand actions to the songs very easily but not words..:( However, she managed to learn a few new words last week.

I ruff uu – I love you

Harro- Hello (picks up the phone in my office all the time especially when my staff is talking on the phone)

Apa che cha – Apa la you (this one ApOh taught her!)

Star – Star (at the same time she points to the sky each time we bring her out)

One – 1

Two – 2

Treeeee – 3

She counts 1, 2, 3 each time before approaching the tunnel near Sunway Pyramid and waves to the Lion! Thanks to the dumbo maid la! During the CNY, the maid taught her to gesture Gong Xi Gong Xi to the lion summore! Crazy maid.

She throws tantrums when she doesn’t get her way by screaming and wailing. She occasionally lies down on the floor and start turning around too, refer to video!

I started to smack her since I know she actually understands if she’s done wrong. She is able to show me a guilty look when I reprimand her. She will smack me back too!

There was this time when daddy was busy installing the furniture, lil assistant wanted so much to disturb help.



17 responses to “KYLIE – 22 months update

  1. eh..we should celebrate it together gether lei..and ask Ashley – (mum to chumsy) to join too…her girl in same day as my boys. 🙂

    ya wor! lets organise a joint bday party! Good idea!!😀

  2. Can’t wait for my niece to turn into a toddler! Then baru can play ma… fun wat, no? 😀
    U use Photoshop ka? Very keng hor you?

    wah u vely the fast ah…No la, me no photoshop kaki, this one is ready template from my HP laptop la..kakakakaa..going to run out of designs leow!

  3. oh, almost 2 fast le..
    wow, joint birthday party??!! hehe…fortunately i’m not in kl, if not, sure have to buy few presents..keke.. u think can escape ah? i’m coming to HK again la…errr..dunno when only! 😀

  4. oh ashley also like that…always wanted to help when we are fixing stuff..she’d take the alan key / screw driver and try to imitate her daddy!

    i havent got a chance to look at the video yet..(at work ma…) will check it out at home!

    LOL…same same…that’s why my hubby doesn’t like to have the kids around when he’s doing work around the house!

  5. hm…I didnt realize i missed so many of your posts – my feedereader must be acting up on me!

    wah what is this feedreader? LOL i’m a “computer genius”..

  6. Wow.. so fast hor 2yrs old liao..

    toddler this age hor.. really like to ‘try’ to assemble Ikea furniture one hor?

    And also facinated by the Sunway Pyramid lion.. 😛

    u mean Zara oso likes to see the Sunway Pyramid Lion? LOL…

  7. Hey…good idea to have a joint bday gathering…it’ll be a riot…hahaahahahah…

    Kylie is so cute talking on the phone….just like a little lady boss taking orders 😀 Hopefully she doesn’t slam the phone down 😀

    Like the video of Kylie crying on the floor…mine does the same but I didn’t capture it on video.

    ya ya! then we plan la! let s hold it in McDs or whatever…

  8. Wah…so fast already, 2??!!!! Aiyo..time really flies man!!!

    going to be 2 in 2 months time! ya time flies…i can still remember the torturing days when I was pregnant with her…

  9. Kylie was so cute when she’s talking on the phone. Yes Annie is correct you organise a party during Kylie 2nd birthday then we can get to gather again 😀

    ya trying to plan with her lor…

  10. any big celebration?

    trying to organise with Annie Q & Mom To Chumsy to have joint bday party!

  11. Wow! She’s turning 2, time flies huh? WElcome to the ‘terrible twos’ club…hahah.. 😛

    She’ll be a good helper to next time lah… 😉

    terrible 2? who said it starts at 2?? ayo…she started to be terrible before she turned 1 la!

  12. Its a good idea to plan for joint bday party as children can meet and play together while parents can chit chat chit chat…LOL!!! 🙂

    ya save the time of those we are need to go to so many parties! hahaha…

  13. I’m having same problem as Mom2Ashley, your link on my blog doesn’t reflect any updates. Haiya…

    Her Harro, I ruff U is just so cute. Normally, they find it hard to pronounce words with “R” but Kylie’s case is the other way round 🙂

    hmmm this link link thingy i oso not too sure leh…Kylie is a very special lil kid..try to teach her easy one syllable word she will not say but suddenly can say I ruff uuuu! LOL!

  14. Loved the video of her talking on the phone. Imitating u hor?? 😀

    err..most of the time my staff on the she’s actually imitating them leh..LOL!

  15. Gosh! I dreaded the day Darrius do that stunt when we are outside! I just put that in his 16-mth update… I wonder where they learned that from!!!!

    Woah… joint b’day party! I might be in KL!!!!

    wah good leh! come come! as for the floor stunt, it was at home! if she does that outside, i will immediately lift her up and bring her to the car for whacking leow!

  16. wei can talk ledi…wah can 8 with ellisa loh…not just stare stare

    huh? that one not talking leh! just mumble mumble! LOL!

  17. hahaha! so cute leh… i know! cute for ppl to see but really kick hei for us! sometimes it’s really funny too but cannot laugh in front of them. they think they very ‘yau meen’ then hor?

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