Kieran’s 1st School Test Results


He was pretending to surfing on the toy ironing board! Yes it was an ironing board but they broke it! 

Wow! Wow! Wow! I was so proud of him when I saw his test papers! All above 90%! I was like expecting like failed some and like maybe just passed…(so negative hor..) but then my happiness was short lived cos daddy said he copied his friend! I was like what??!! Then we asked him which one, but he said he only copied like 2 – 3 pages only! Ayo! Then I was checking through his paper, there was one question which he answered wrongly but the teacher didn’t realise it! Wah that shows how cincai (careless) the teachers are! Meaning, no need to get too and over excited over his results la!

Another thing that made me proud of him was he came back with the RM1 that I gave him. I told him to use the RM1 to buy a soya drink for his lunch. He came back and told me that there was no soya drink as in the fresh ones, only canned ones so he didn’t buy. The key was, he didn’t simply use the money on other nonsense lor! Wow..for once he was so good! Ok la…he can be good at times but most of the time ah hem……or maybe it’s just me being too strict with him..dunno la.

Yesterday I bought a book called “Discipline with Love”. It was like the thinnest one on the shelf in that category, so hopefully I can finish reading it by next week ah…I totally believe in discipline and also using the cane. Not because I’m abusive but because I love him so much…so meaning I can’t live in New Zealand as I heard it’s against the law for hitting your child! Don’t know how true it was…


21 responses to “Kieran’s 1st School Test Results

  1. Ahhhh..good boy Kiearan:D Don’t be so hard on him and yourself. I’m sure when we were his age, we also gave our parents heartache. Yeah..better stay in Msia if we want to use the cane….in the western countries, you could be charged with child abuse 🙂

    I want to be hard on him as I’m afraid he will become wild ma…sigh…being a parent is so tough…errr…I think I was a fairly good kid or maybe a dumbo! LOL! 😛

  2. wah…kieren…next time u cheat..don’t tell anyone la!!!!!!!!

    hahah..u have a honest, good-hearted and obedient boy. Pass 100% la!

    well kids will be kids…at this point of time I think dunno how to tell lies gua..

  3. Good boy Kieran auntie *Muaks Muaks* 😀

    Thank you thank you…see how long before I update on his nonsense again!

  4. Wah, they learn fast. Last time, I was so stupid, only know how to cheat around 12 years old. Ha ha…

    Don’t be so harsh on himlah. See the $1 thingy, he is also a good boy. But boys will be boys. I can high 5 with you coz my boy same samelah

    sigh…i was kinda surprised on the RM1 also lor…I thot he would have spent it as usual…but he didn’t…

  5. Btw, can ask a favour to link my new site : Thanks, ya!

    Done already! 🙂

  6. aiyah amah, maybe lil boy just copied oni a few lines leh… he is a good boy just a lil bit playful so dont need to be too harsh on him. remember the rule is to play along with the flow and everything will fall into place. we parents are sometimes over kan-cheong-ed! right or not?

    what to do? i’ve seen so many bad kids…sked one ma…

  7. Wow, can’t believe the teacher so slacking la..Kieran cute la, very honest somemore…haha..

    ya lor..I guess Std One cincai cincai gua…

  8. AIKS… i was going to say, CONGRATULATIONS!!! but but…. kieran NOTTY boy… cannot copy copy lar….
    but then again, when i std 1 arr, I FAILED some subjects lar…. and i dun remember my results, i think i don’t even know it was exam day when i go to school… haha

    aiya std one like so cincai one..nvm la…

  9. you prolly finish it by tomlo if you cut down on the KOREAN DVDS… 😛

    eh eh…i haven’t been watching my korean shows leh…

  10. Oki Oki.. u read the book and do a summary on your blog ya.. 😛

    if i’m rajin la..if not…too bad kakakaka 😛

  11. You doing good job la dun worry too much wan, dis boy of yours very smart, it shows in the soya bean drink incident and many others that you’ve describe before. Regarding the rotan, if you dun mind, I am not against it but very important is to cane when you are not filled with anger. We teach our kid that caning is necessary because we love you not because we need an outlet for our anger or frustration. So try not to cane when angry, if what he does truly requires caning, you will still cane him when you are calm and thinking clearly. Once again my 2 cents oni lah.

    totally agree with ya but i always whack him at the point when i’m angry wor! ayo…so bad la…it just happened yesterday summore…😦

  12. Alamak! Cheat still tell! LOL
    Maybe Apah grilled him on the results, then Kieran spill the beans???
    But I must say, teachers these days all boh chap one esp those teaching Std 1… according to m aunt who just retired from teaching.

    ya lar..when Apah saw the results, he oso didn’t believed it so drilled him la…ya lor..the teacher like so young summore…like a student!

  13. Well he seems like a smart kid, copying is something common in school but for him to start at a young age is not good incase he got use to it and keep doing it till high school days and thne into uni years will get him into trouble.Just talk to him nicely and advice him,maybe am like him,when i was young whenever people talk to me i would never listen and learn things the hard way.
    Yes,smaking is just recently being banned in NZ,if am not mistaken sometime early this week, but still where got parents who cannot smack their kids one especially asian parents. But if you see the kiwis handling their kids with so much patience and love. Imagine they can go shopping with a 3 yar old kid on the pram crying their hearts out,man i was telling my bf if its me i would have slap or scram my head off at the kid.Once i was at the doctors and i saw a kid was screaming his head off because his mum was busy with the sister and cannot play with him and he just cry and scream till his face turn red and the mum still busy with the other kid and after she was done she called up the dad to talk to him. Man i was like,you got such patience to listen t the kid scream and cry..some parents i see here…am speechless..and sorry you cannot scream and scold your kid in shopping complex even telling them off in a stearn way is wrong and if ur caught..then u will be brought to the police..the ppl in NZ beleive that children have the life of their own..!!

    that’s the thing, i for one cannot take it when kids act up in public! that’s why i’m like so strict with my kids so they don’t embarass me but i seem to have problems with my girl now!

  14. hehe..shows that kieran afterall is a good boy 😉

    good boy?? huh…next thing is made me gila again eg yesterday during dinner!

  15. hm.. so susah jadi parent nowadays… start to worry liao !!

    ya lor..memang susah man! stressed out max…hahaha..don’t worry la…we all go thru this together gether ma..

  16. kieran is a smart kid, alright…..he knows how to get around things. 🙂
    you don’t worry too much….just keep an eye on him and i’m sure he’ll turn out beautifully.

    i guess i worry too much or just have phobia since i see so many brats around!

  17. wow clever boy…such good results!

    but he was honest too la…to tell u only copy 2 or 3 pages ahahhaa

    i guess he’s still kinda innocent in a way..

  18. Good wor, Kieran makes mommy so proud and happy. 😉 I totally agree and believe in discipline and canning. kekeke!

    proud for a moment only la…ayo this boy so much gu ling ching quai one..

  19. Your son honest on what he did, so dont punish him lah, pity loh. Advice him for not doing it again, give him a chance to correct himself

    didn’t punish him on the copying part in the test..just talked to him..hopefully no again!

  20. I can’t imagine when my son goes to primary school. At least Kieran didnt anymore spend money. I bet my son will .. sigh! I believe in discipline also. Read the book liao then share-share okay? ;p

    sorry he spent-ded 2 days later on a mechanical pencil! pengsan..

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