Lomantic story..


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Yes I’m a sucker for lomatic dramas but who cannot be when it comes to Keanu Reeves and of course my Korean dramas?? Ok la..except for all you MLLs (straight men) out there la. He’s sooooo cute lor….and ok this movie was like quite dumbo one also..but I can forgive the dumboness because this show made me so lummmmmmmm-ded! It’s like, how can someone fall in love with another with just some notes and letters here and there and no pictures exchanged..and like come on…be it year 2004 or 2006, eh how come still run here and there and drop notes one? No internet connection one ah? Dumbo right? But…..after seeing Keanu….all forgotten leow! Especially the ending of the show, I was like OMG…he died!!! But of course there was a twist and he turned out alive and they finally met (despite the fact that they were supposed to living 2 years apart! blech..) and the moment they embraced each other was the most lummm-ded part…that can make u like weak in the knees….and go awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww…….ok ok…so dumbo…BUT I LIKE! Blueeekkkkk..


18 responses to “Lomantic story..

  1. Kaka! You so funny! the way u say u are so lummmmm-ded. Haha!

    eh go watch the show la! very lummmmmm-ded one! kakakkaka..

  2. wei wat lum show is this la that can cause such lummmmm-ness in you? haha…

    solly forgot to mention the title hor…The Lake House..yes sooooo lummmmmmm

  3. i heart keanu reeves also.


    great taste!

  4. oh, romantic movie, i want to watch also, heart got melt or not? ask your hubby do the same thing to do la, that time you sure faint kau kau… :p

    almost melted lor…but hubby ah…yerrrr…..

  5. I know I always tease people when they fall for all these lumm stuffs. But, I’ll be lying through my teeth if I say I’m immune to these romantic feel good sensation.

    I love happy endings!! And yes, Keanu is so yau yeng!!!!

    ya lor…Keanu ROCKS! 😛

  6. for the whole post, I only know that you lumm Keanu Reeves..haha

    hahahaha….that’s supposed to be the message rite??? oooo I heart Keanu..

  7. Go watch Lin Ching Shia and Chin Xiang Ling wan better ! HAHAH!

    ayoooo..apa generasi ah???

  8. Any of your fansi ajak you kalaoke ar?? kakakaa!!!!!!!

    huh?? what fansi?? eh when we going kalaoke again ah???

  9. We dumbo together lah. I also liked it!! 🙂


  10. They didn’t show her changing clothes in that glass house. damn potong stim! LOL

    yerrr…..is that all u were waiting for?? ayo…people lummm the story la…

  11. REally dumbo wor. I want to run out and get the DVD and you never tell me the title of the movie. Ish… Lummm-ed over liao, tell me hor?

    oopsss..sorry sorry forgot to write title tim…hahaha..”The Lake House” go get it..sure lummmmmm-ded one.

  12. I was tring to watch this show on m way to LA last year on the plane but I fell asleep! Too much talking and no action like Speed.

    Anyway, you like Bae Young Jinn??? April Snow is coming to Channel8 in April! Watch out!

    ayo me no fan of that lar pek…i actually bot the DVD but the show was big disappointment..

  13. You and your lomantic story….ask your hubby to sweep you off your feet lor…

    ya lar me only like to watch lomance one…me no lomantic person ma…u should know me better!

  14. Aiyoo… I very scared and hate to watch lomantik movie lor… can makes me ‘long piak’ (hit wall) leh.

    ayo..u should watch more la..learn some tricks to lummmm your girlfriend la…

  15. u like die die ending wan ah? saddist er…

    where got? who doesn’t like happy ending wor? sot chor meh..

  16. hey, i like lomantic movie too! but my hub said very sian wor…cos normally can guess the ending, no challenge wor! 🙂 Guys, what they know? 🙂

    ya lor..i think guys just afraid to watch lomantik dramas cos they afraid they cannot be liddat lor…

  17. Why lar u tell the ending???? Now i don want to watch liao, coz i don like sad endings . 😦

    alamak! no lar..it’s a happy ending wor…go watch la..for Keanu’s sake!

  18. Happy ending is all i like coz it brings hop in me

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