My Weekend

Last Friday while sending my son to school, there was this @$£&$^ Iswara that cut into my lane. This road is prone to such buggers who refuse to queue up like any civilised driver but choose to cut queue. There used to be cops catching them but it has been a while since I last saw the cops around. So? They start cutting queue again la!


Then a Kenari cut in front of this Iswara…..and so on and so forth…that’s why traffic jam la! Shiaks!


Ok back to more happy things over the weekend..Went to Karaoke session with our dear Wendy before she went back to London today. We really had a good time, especially me la cos long time haven’t been to karaoke ma…we actually stayed on until the closing time which was 4 a.m.! Warao! By the time I reached home and went to bed it was 5 a.m.! Crazy leh!  Wendy is really fun to be with and we hope she can come back again next year!


Then Sunday we had another gatblogger mummy gathering as Julian and family were in town. Please refer to here for more photos but only kids lor..kakakaka… We really had a good time at KLCC and after the gathering, we went shopping and of  course Amah very “tai sau wok” (bought a lot) as usual. So Apah made this stupid comment;

Apah-Sigh..just go out only spent RM300+, RM100 to petrol, RM100 to lunch and RM100 to groceries..

I then gave him my killer laser stare…

Apah-Err..wah but cannot compare to mummy la…one receipt already RM300+…

I was very tired and didn’t have strength to taruh (shoot) him back so just gave him another killer laser stare with added voltage…so he immediately changed the subject!



26 responses to “My Weekend

  1. Pssst! The car in front of the Iswara is Kembara lar, not Kenari haha…

    Waaa.. u are the most happening amah neh… 😉

    aiya whatever la..oso start with K wat..hahaha…

  2. aiyoiyoyoyo
    u dun simply post my car up lar.
    later kena smash-ed i die

    huh? it’s u ah! piak piak u ah!

  3. Wa….all like toddlers one? Make me feel soooo old with an almost 10-year old and a 8-year old in tow….

    hahaha..u married vely early ma..

  4. Oops…I mean 7 year old.

  5. Wish I was there to join the fun gathering 😦 Where was the gathering held? Haven’t been to KLCC since Ashley was born 😉 So deprived eh?

    ayo! how come cannot bring ashley go kai kai in KLCC meh? go leh

  6. Walao, you partied until 4am!!!??? I cannot remember the last time I did that.. Syiok la you….

    ya wor! sei mo? long time no party mai liddat lor..😛

  7. amah yang tersampat!!!! :p
    hahaa u can make me laugh die die everytime!..

    eh u r the one who make me lafu la..see ur comment oso make lafu lafu like kakakakaka..

  8. wah so teruk, if me sure honk the bugger till doom, then over take him and give him laser stare hahaha……

    nice meeting up with u 🙂

    aiya everyday oso liddat my car honk mai spoil! sigh….ya nice meeting up but didn’t have time to chat leh…

  9. Wah…auntie! You are also a road hazard wor.
    Taking pics while driving??? liddat situation don’t take pic & blog how can..dat’s why as u can see in the photo…me slowed down ledi ma..

  10. Nice meeting you!

    same here same here! meet again anytime…

  11. Luckily it was not my car, I also using iswara aeroback la… LOL

    so next time make sure u drive properly and don’t cut queue la!

  12. Wah Amah U more keng than me la… while driving also can take pictures….. Good la U… Hehheehhehe since when I took tat pic ah??? hahhahhahaah I so hiao… my gawd….. yes it was fun time tat we had.. And I oredi miss it…

    ya lor… all the photos oso so hiao one wor..kakkaka

  13. wei, you got the car wrong la… its a kembara not a kenari… wuarharharhar… driving and taking pics… hmm this one must learn from you la sifu.

    as i said to angel…whatever la..start with K and from the same manufacturer and CUT QUEUE! bleccch

  14. muahaha…saw tat car pigcher in ur camera tat nite…

    wooooo…amah so sporting as can drink ohkao…

    eh the ohkao u quietly put without me knowing one ah! piak piak!

  15. Waah, very happening wor Amah! ‘pui fuk’ ‘pui fuk’!! 🙂

    muahahahaha…amah memang happening one…

  16. wahahaha
    somemore go shopping ar?
    i tot kylie that time oledi wan oi oi oledi?????

    ya she immediately oi oi on the stroller lor! 😀

  17. The car confirmed frostier wan ! Cause Lin Peh was travelling with him ! LOL!

    ayo yo LinPeh u r chin pui must teach the younger ppl to drive carefully la!

  18. Dear Amah,
    hiiiiiii hiiiiiiii

    Thanks for last Friday entertainment session.
    Really enjoyed the time with you n the rest of the gang.

    Ah wen cuzzie! no own name meh?? hahahaha…u really funny la..when can we go karaoke together with your mom???

  19. hahah…your laser high voltage electric eyes really can scream out to ur loh kong!

    ya lar! in public cannot scream at him wat..

  20. AMAH…u got tagged!

    ayo! 10 reasons?????? 10 freaking reasons?????? OMG!!!!!!

  21. Wah, meeting again with bloggers mummies…”memang shiok loh”, but too bad still no one organise it at Ipoh 😛

    ok ok next time i go ipoh u organise ah! 😉

  22. Amah!!!
    wait lar… now must wait til her kelip kelip all removed and healed first, if not see your antics sure laugh gila babi one. lolx.

    We came back n told her about it… she oso laugh…imagine if she there la. then we told her got pasang the lagu sha la la… the mexican wave, and manyak Leslie Cheung mia lagu… lolx.

    Next time go haf to nyanyi that song sha la la again… everyone lurves that song right??

    Me mom’s game for karaoke anytime mia…


    LOL..ok ok..wait till ur mama fully recovered first!!! ooooo can’t wait!! shalalalalalala…

  23. U wonderful lah, can take photo while driving. Lol. The blogger gather -good of you to post the parents together with kids photolah…else on Jazz’s blog, only see the little film stars…heh heh

    hahaha..thanks to blogging la…kena this habit!

  24. Amah… It’s supposed to be….

    Sha la la la la *clap clap clap*
    Sha la la In the morrrrrrrrrrrr-ninggggggggggggg

    ahahahaha!!! *ask Nyonya ask Nyonya*

    I like your enthusiasism…..

    POWERRRRRRRR!!!! Roarrrrffff!!!!

    LOL!! shalalalalala…clap clap clap shalalalala in the morning…..LOL..

  25. Wah… driving also can take photo? must be careful oh! hahaha…

    anyway, everyone had great time in gathering plus the noisy kids. Everyone wanted to nap after 1 hour plus at the restaurant.

    Thanks again for the hospitality. Please make next gathering in KK! 😛

    ya since becoming a blogger will do all sorts to capture the moments for bloggin material ma…hmmm dunno when i can go KK again…

  26. wah seh… Amah you damn good! Always got ‘tai-sau-wok’!
    Apah also numb lioa hor? LOL

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