Sarawak Laksa

The first time I tasted it was like 8 – 9 years ago when a friend brought the paste back from Kuching. It tasted really good! But since then we have lost contact with this friend (silly me) and thus no chance of importing the laksa paste!

However thanks to blogging, I met a pretty mama who hails from Sarawak, so when she went back for CNY, mua fast fast ask her to help me buy some back la!

So today I decided to make the laksa, dropped by the wet market to get some stuff to go with the laksa but forgot the santan (coconut milk). So when Angie was helping me supervise the maid she told me to get the santan while I was still outside. I stopped at the nearest provision store on my way back only to realise I didn’t bring my purse and the coin box in the car was like kinda bankrupt at that moment too…so got to go back to the office and take money and go out again to buy the darn santan. Wah…the trouble I went through for this was duly paid off with the delicious laksa…yummmmmm..I still have 2 more packets, who wants???? Make appointment la!




17 responses to “Sarawak Laksa

  1. i want!haha..can send it over here? free delivery eh..

    wah…ok ok…when i come to melb u come la…then can cook u some…errr…dunno whether can bring to melb or not…like sambal chilly…i think can!

  2. fuwahhhhhhh *Drool*

    eh eh … u tinggal mana wan ???

    WHY DIDN’T MAKE this over the weekend so that Wen+Jon can haf some oso ???

    ok nemind nemind… I come over testing first.. U get summore stock can ar??

    ok behave behave!!!!* (sits n wags tail)

    come la Old Klang Road… office!

  3. really can cook la..
    I feel hungry now..

    ayo! amah where can cook? this one from the packet la…just add stock n santan! hahahaha…the good cooks are Angeleyes, 5xMom, Wokking Mom etc la

  4. *angkat tangan*
    *brings PDA*
    Errmm… I very free wan… bila??

    ok ok no problem one! kakakakaka…errr….alamak u took my number but i forgot to take your number pulak! sms me la!

  5. Wuah.. make my mouth water only… taste like the laksa here ornot?

    errr this is Sarawak Laksa, slightly different, like stronger taste…yummm

  6. oi!!!! TUK SEK AH!! sharee share!

    hahaha..ok ok…must organise another party leow…

  7. I oso want! Look so good, all the trouble was worth it mah.

    i guess so…yah…yummmm

  8. Wah…loooks soooo yummy!!

    it’s yummy but i don’t think it looks yummy no thanks to my lauya photography

  9. must share lah .. where u stay i come “chee chan” hahahaha…

    hahaha..okok…but must get your hp no first la…

  10. yumm yumm…. amah amah…. me wan the cooked package can ar? wahaha…. SLUUUUURRRPPP!!!!!!!

    ok ok … wait ah…wait till one day amah free then cook ask u guys to cum ok??

  11. Wow..looks delicious! I also want leh…but i am too far away…… 😦 time i come spore i bring u some ok???

  12. Laksa party! When ah? Pls get my number from Angel. Thk you. 😀

    ok ok no problemo!

  13. I also wan ah!!!!! Courier come to Penang wei!

    aiya penang lagi best la….so many best best food….ayo i miss penang…

  14. Looks very very yummmyyyy…!!!

    as i said due to poor photography it doesn’t really look yummy but it tastes yummy!

  15. OLD Klang Road is so the BIG lar.. HOW To find youuuuuuuuu

    I stand at the mid valley end of the road there and shout AMAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH arrrr?? isk…

    how to carik u wan ar?? i leave my email behind lar. can drop me email?


    hahahaha..u soooo funny la…

  16. Wah.. looks sedap nia..

  17. wei! it’s look yummy yummy! Y never call me ah??

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