To Friend or not to friend?

Following a post from Tracy, it reminded me of an experience with my friend. She was an ex colleague from my first job. She’s kinda introvert type and even though we went our separate ways to different jobs, I’ve maintained contact with her. She’s single and living alone so I thought I should call her and check on her once in a while la. Then one day we decided to plan a trip to China way back in March 2003.

I checked out the temperature and told her it was going to be cold so be prepared. But she has to go with just a cotton tiny little jacket. The moment we arrived at Pudong Airport it was like below 10degC ok! She was shivering and jumping and I told her I only brought enough for myself so can’t help her!

The moment we reached Hang Zhao (took a bus from Pudong Airport), I wanted to just check in the nearest hotel but she wanted to go enquire one by one to check on the price…ayo…and she was the freezing one. Anyway, we managed to catch a meal and checked in and immediately went out shopping as she really desperately needs something warmer. Shopping with her was a nightmare too as she ponders on it for sooooooo long even for something so cheap. Then she was looking at this windbreaker, it was like RMB10 ok! I had to rub my eyes and then re-confirm with sales girl that it was like RMB10 as in RMBTen only, meaning it was like RM5.00 ok ! FIVE FREAKING RINGGIT! I was like, errr..what the F was she waiting for? Buy la. Wear ledi buang in the bin or donate to some street person la! I stress again, I was warm in my winter jacket so I can afford to F around but she CAN’T cos she’s bloody freaking freezing ok! Finally I got quite mad and told her to either buy it or leave cos even though I was warm and cozy I wanted to see other things. So she bought it! HALLELUJAH!

The whole trip was a torture from then on as she was always miserable and not wanting to part with her money, ayo liddat how to holiday la? Eh I’m talking about CHINA, what can be so expensive in CHINA? NOTHING OK! Biggest mistake was to go on this trip on a free & easy holiday without pre-booked hotels.

Then she pissed me off in Suzhao when she befriended a local China girl who was also touring. She invited her to stay with us for the night to save more $$ on the hotel room! I was like WTF?! How can she just simply trust her, sekali get friends over to gang rape us (maybe just me cos I definitely look better than her) or rob us (me again cos I have more cash!) how? Firstly they wanted to stay in this crummy place so I said fine, you stay here I stay there (another nicer looking hotel) which doesn’t cost so much anyway. Wah, so dem smart, fast fast change mind and said join me. Ok turned out the girl was ok but still I didn’t have peace of mind and slept with my money in my pants!

Then at Nanjing she totally pissed me off as she didn’t want to eat! I was like what? I have to eat leh…it’s cold…please…and she said I can eat and she will sit with me! HUH? How do you expect me to eat while she’s looking at me leh? F la…so I just bought some crummy corn in a cup to eat. Ah now I remember she didn’t want to eat when we were in HangZhao so I told her I will buy her lunch, then only she ate…So of course cannot always I buy she eat rite? WTF..The hotel in Nanjing, another story, she didn’t want to stay in hotel cos she said too expensive (again I stress,,,RM150 somemore divide by 2 of us, not expensive wat!) and sulked. So I told her I have to stay and since she paid for the hotel in HangZhao which was cheaper, I will pay for this in Nanjing although more expensive. You know what she said? She wants me to reimburse her the difference! Can you beat that???

The best time we had was in Shanghai as we didn’t need to pay a single sen as we stayed with my university mate, so he offered us place to stay plus belanja us meals somemore! Well, she is of course the happiest camper la! When I suggest we should buy the drinking water to replenish his, she said no need la, I don’t drink so much also! AYOOOO!!! Beh tahan, I bought anyway without her contribution.

Then I had to go down to Hong Kong and that’s where we parted our ways. GOOD RIDDANCE! I said, I was leaving, meaning she can’t stay with my friend la! So she got to get her butt out and she’s on her own for the next few days. I dare not think what and where about her.

We met again to exchange some photos (yes it was analogue age) and again she insisted I pay her the Nanjing Hotel difference as she didn’t want to stay in a hotel so expensive! I was like, so shocked, I Should be the one asking for the difference as the hotel she paid for was cheaper!!! How come she’s asking me to pay her the difference?????? So that’s the final curtain, and I told her we cannot be friends anymore as she’s totally impossible and I walked away and never turned back!

I do think about her once in a while, thinking was I too hard, or maybe I should have just paid her and forget about everything…I don’t know..WHAT DO YOU THINK???


29 responses to “To Friend or not to friend?

  1. What a nightmare to go on holiday with such a person. So calculative. You did right. No need to be friends with people like that, otherwise you would go bonkers.

    ok i dun feel so bad now…πŸ™‚

  2. hahhhhh ??

    Adoihhhhhhhhhh if she dun haf the ca$h to go, why didn’t she just say so? Or go somewhere cheaper lar…. Local destination ka… adoih

    amah… Nex time i go wif u lar… U pay the hotel… I pay the RMB TEN meals for u lar… U can eat i watch… kakakakak!!!
    can arr can arr ??

    ermmm but elsewhere lar… Me is banana .. i dowan go China lar… scary place no?

    again…*rolling in laughter* like a mad woman!

  3. WTF? PASSword protected for the last entry ? what’s my password…?? ishhhhhhhh $(@&*@&@&

    sorry sorry..

  4. No more next time lorrrr….

    Hey, what’s your password for your ‘Lao Kung’ tag lehh?

    ya man no more definitely..lari kuat kuat!

  5. What a nightmare! She not pie say huh still want you to pay her the difference.

    ya wor…the asking for the difference is really mind boggling huh?

  6. Wat i thinks?
    Two Words…

    Good Riddance!

    *prays i dun hv ppl like this as frens*

    yea, talking abt the pswd… *&^%$#@!!???

    yah man discuss properly before go on any trip! make sure all have understanding! ok emailed u password leow

  7. Wah…this kind of friend you also tahan??
    Great la leaving her..she’s so “siao” (crazy) la…

    p/s: i wanna read your tag, i got the p/w from **** site, but unfortunately my securetunnel here not allowed me to login lo..:

    eh how come ah? wat is this secure tunnel ah? at home oso got meh??

  8. Actually really Shiong-chu yi, tong-chu nan (get along easy, live together tough).

    When you meet occasionally, easy lar.. but when you have to live and see each other 24hrs.. tough man.

    But hor.. why want to part like that leh? Just don’t go for holidays with her any more.. can still be friends right?

    And you hor.. so terror merror one.. got kids can still go here go there. *salute*

    yup! totally agree with ya about the shiong chu yi tong chu nan part….sigh…i thot so too..i feel bad too but me too hard headed to make the call first..

  9. Eh.. send me your password for your protected entry..

  10. aiyo!! she is like a auntie and worse !!

    no u r not wrong. eventho i can be patient , but if i haev a fren like her i think i can die!!!!!!

    and u know why she didnt call u to apologise? –> dowan to spend money to make calls! heheheh.

    hahaha…ya actually hor when we were in good terms…I WAS THE ONE CALLING HER ALL THE TIME!!

  11. You two obviously cannot go travel & shopping together lar, hahaha. You luv shop shop shop & buy buy buy while she’s the opposite. She really tak tahu malu for asking that money. Anyway, still can be normal chitchat friend. For me I won’t pay the difference she ask for. Ask her what difference is that, how she calculate one?? *@#$@%!!

    Amah, I have problem leh. My white shirt kena a little bit curry. Wash already, the stain still there. What to do har? Please dun tell me to take to ur OUG shop hah!! Dun mind if ur shop is in Kota Kemuning.

    Please send me password oso…tenkiu! I want to read lar, juicy isit?? Why put password one??

    yup i’m the shop till die type but she is on the extreme opposite!
    oh the stain is the color of kunyit. errr…u need oxygen bleach to remove the stain. will email u later…

  12. Your friend reminded me of a friend of mine who is very stingy. After a drink or meal in a shop, I had to pay 98% of the time. Nowadays I go out less frequently with him. Hehe…

    yerrrr…cannot tahan this type lor..take advantage of ppl only…em ho yi si meh?

  13. me also!!

    where can leave me out?

    errr..i send my dog to ur shop can wash for me ar? he kena curry ikan jus now..

    *fell of the chair*

  14. wahaha…. GENG! amah, amah… what a waste of your flight ticket there… spoil the whole trip lar lidat… she got remember wrongly the hotel prices or not ar? so si kui!! wahlau eh! somemore you wanna feel bad? siao! hahaha

    p/s: SEE?! everyone asking u for the password… hahaha

    no lar..didn’t waste airticket la, me despite the nonsense oso very enjoy one,,,tai sau wok with my shopping can ledi..

  15. Eh sure damn sien n frustrated to travel with ppl like dat hor? Poor thing! time b4 u invite ppl to go travel w u, hire CSI to check their background 1st. πŸ˜‰

    Sorry to say this but her character cld be reason why she was still single.

    wah if got this service good leh!

  16. $$ is always a sensitive issue. Kong chin sat kum cheng…even with family members.
    I would have done the same thing lah. Quickly split!
    Who can stand weird, calculative friends like these??

    ya never tok money even with hubby!

  17. Wahh….respect u for putting up with her for so many days! *scratch head* i oso don’t get it why she ask u to pay for the Nanjing Hotel difference.

    Yah…good riddance to her.

    she says she doesn’t want to stay in that hotel cos so expensive. she wanted to stay in a cheaper one but it was very dirty and scary…so she wants the difference la from the cheaper alternative!

  18. goes to show even travelling with friends have to have ‘ngam king’ one… otherwise holiday will become horriday…

    so far until the trip, she’s ok one but never knew she’s liddat la…in fact last time i invited her to Frasers Hill never asked her to pay me summore…

  19. Totally agree with sweetpea. You should choose your travelling mates well or have a nightmare holiday!

    i guess so, must iron out every detail first…

  20. Wah, kenot believe got this kinda people lehh…. thank heavens everytime i go for a trip with SIL#1 who’s a very good travel mate πŸ˜›

    And I wan the password puhleeezzzzz…

    wah u so blessed to have good SIL leh!!! ok will email u the password..kakaka

  21. I geranti she’s an accountant!

    BINGO!! You so clever Cocka!

  22. Aiyoh, very hard to frend w someone sooo calculative lar…. bet she has not many frends too!! πŸ™‚

    errr…ya i think so too cos last time i think i was her only fren!

  23. aiyoh! I really can’t imagine how you survived that trip! If she’s a student then can maaf lar but working leh! I don’t think such person is worth keeping as friend… not that she’s caring enough to even think for you especially when she decided to ‘invite’ a total stranger to share hotel room! Don’t we all have reservation on such thing???? Kiamsiap is one thing but her attitute is really ‘impossible’!

    ya man 10 whole days!!! what to do cos i needed her oso la cos i don’t speak good mandarin! she can read and speak so she was basically my guide!

  24. amah, how u do the password protection thingy?can teach me?can it be used in blogspot too?

    sorry la i dun know how to do in blogspot…

  25. Err… SPEECHLESS! πŸ˜›


  26. aiyoh….lari kuat-kuat lar…..lagi best go alone.

    go alone i can’t wor..cos cannot speak & read chinese..sei lor

  27. Liddat how to enjoy the trip!! aiseyman! mistake going with her.

    wei!! password plotected? nah my email :

    yah BIG mistake

  28. I was reading and shaking my head and laughing at the way you put it…aiyoh…if i were to go tour with such a friend hor, i think i’ll faint on the first day!! πŸ˜›

    Yeah, can i have the pw huh?? Please? πŸ™‚

    funny? was it funny? i thot it was kinda like a frustrated post..kakakakaka

  29. Da more i read da more i shake my head *tsk tsk tsk* RMB 10 also need to think so long *slap head*
    I think ciao adi from the day she wanna bring in the “new fren” …
    I cant sleep with a stranger !! and so i salute u πŸ˜›

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