My Superhero

Yes Amah went shopping again. Big time shopping and out of the blue. Was on my way to church to drop my invoice and it so happened Mattel had a warehouse sale next to it! No wonder so jammed la like 10 in the morning! Wah thank goodness member has its priviledges, I parked the car in the church and dropped Kylie and maid there while I walked over to the sale.

The sale was so so, ok so so also bought so much, no lar bought for future birthday, christmas pressies ma…hahahaa..

This was my loot…


Bought this for Kieran and it was so cute lor. Usually the superhero suits are like u know normal clothes with the pattern but this one is really amazing, it comes with muscle definition and a fan that can blow up the suit to make him look like very big sized! superhero…




19 responses to “My Superhero

  1. NO Wonder this morning no time to online la… Yuen loi went shopping… Wah… Muat arrr your car boot ???

    psst- u post the pic here ady.. then still wanna give the gifts to kiddos arr? then the mothers will know u got it cheap cheap lar….

    Wah the superhero looks co chun…. nice supa-boy pose. must eat spinach n your carrots ok boy???

    no lar..the Screaaaaaamyx so reliable the line was on & off woi! Shopping was yesterday la! this brand ah..warehouse sale oso not that cheap woi!

  2. Hahaha…so cute leh, the super hero suit…can have a pic of a ‘blown-up’ version of Kieran? Or this is already the big big version? πŸ™‚

    this was the unblown version. Didn’t put in the fan cos didn’t have the batteries…will put up another pic with the blown up version another day la.. πŸ˜€

  3. Wah….how come din tell me?? I oso like to buy toys one! But I won’t be buying as much as u lar….

    sale still on over the weekend!

  4. haha… come super hero… come rescue aunty angeline from all these house work! haha…

    LOL sorry he will only help make a mess!

  5. Wahhhh that’s a lot of toys! Missed out warehouse sale again.. aiyo must move to KL liao.

    cum cum! welcum welcum!!!

  6. So so many toys. Eh….are there any toys left after you are done? hahahahahah. Your kids are so lucky. The superman suit is nice. I bet Kieran would be wearing it all the time πŸ˜€ My hubby plans to go tmrw but I guess he would have to park very very far since it’s the weekend.

    i heard there were not much left over the weekend..LOL!

  7. You betul betul can shop hoh πŸ™‚ Where is the sales this time? Near Jalan 222?

    hahaha..ya wor! hand pain oso can buy so was in Sec13 industrial area

  8. wow…so many toys!!!!

    hahaha..mostly for gifts.. πŸ™‚

  9. Ei, I wanna be your anak liao la…

    hahaha..actually i play with the kids’ toys too! we were deprived last time ma…kakkaka

  10. you went to the sale!!! i oso want to go… dunno tomlo got a lot of ppl or not… more toys leow rite? but i think Barbie a lot la..

  11. kekeke..that’s a lot of loot!!!

    boxes big only la…

  12. wah !!! that’s a lot of toys!!!!

    as per above answer to Jazz.kakakaka..

  13. the ‘underwear outside’ suit very keng lah!
    Din know heroes suits now are so high tech lioa!

    ya man! when it reaches Darrius time lagi terrrerrrr!

  14. OI! went also never tell!

  15. You lucky can buy the fisherprice’s toys la, normally difficult to grab le..

  16. wah so much…can open shop liao!!

  17. Wuah *eye big big* bought so many still say the SALE is just SO SO .. if the SALE is GREAT then i think u will be bringing back the whole WAREHOUSE jor πŸ˜›

    Wey u have ur own leng chai “super hero” yeah πŸ˜›

  18. So cute la…so suitable for my skinny son. How come u guys always bump into this kind of cool sale? hehe!

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