Busy busy..

Wah kena (got) sounding from my fansi friend for being MIA (missing in action) and not putting up a post yesterday. Sorry lor, she summore sms-ed me to ask what happened to me, wanting to report police summore! Wah, me so the touched… πŸ˜€

Was out seeing customers and collecting $$ so no time to update lor, and this morning come in got another surprise, one of my staff just stopped work without giving notice and was not contactable since yesterday. Angie was calling him since yesterday as he disappeared after lunch! Wah so clever, just collected salary and disappeared leow! Ayo..we were discussing what could have caused him to pull such a stunt. So far, he’s been a very good worker (my son simply adores him), and me as an employer also been quite good to him leh, in fact, he was forced out of his residence recently by my pah wong (errr dun know the Engrish word for this la…) office neighbour and had to move out like in a week. He needed some cash to pay off the tenant who rented his own apartment. So me as usual, very nice one (refer to this story) so allowed a loan to him and he can repay the loan in 5 months time. But malang di timpa malang, (more trouble came upon him) his wife’s family home was burnt to the ground in the kampung and he had to help them out and housed them in his family home. He didn’t come to me for another loan but he did approach another worker, but of course that worker also furious with him la, he himself was in trouble, and he had to borrow money to help others pulak! How can?? If he approached me, I don’t think I will loan him anymore lor. But then again, he didn’t approach me, and nothing happened like he was being wrongly accused or being scolded or whatever, but he just DISAPPEARED!

I was telling Angie, maybe he got offended when from what I said last week when an old worker (F) of mine came back to visit. I just asked F when he was coming back to work for me again. Did he get offended?? I didn’t mean anything, in fact I do need extra help…sigh…being an employer is so hard nowadays…I really want to know what really happened to him lor…it’s such a waste that he had to resort to running away like that, not that I’m like heartache because of the loan he has not repaid, I really don’t mind but to me he was a good worker despite him not turning up for work when he was supposed toΒ  at a few occasions….sigh..


12 responses to “Busy busy..

  1. poor Amah….
    last time we also have a new girl that came in and disappeared after lunch! Sometimes we kesian others but others won’t kesian us… tough world…

    poor Amah & Angiel la…now customers also chasing us and we are short of workers..

  2. Alamak.. ei, u better go check and see if anything’s missing… last wk, one employee from another dept in my office went MIA after he stole a computer… ha…

    hmmm i don’t think so la…but just so dumbfounded by his behaviour

  3. Eh… Went and collect money dy ar…. so…. veli rich ady lar??? wah… means hor… will go MIA again… sure go shopping lar… pan leng leng lar….

    Eh u wan look for someone to work ar? easy job onot one? can go online onot one?

    I WAN I wan… can arrr ?? Dun think I will run away lar… if got boss like u… make me laugh… and then lend me money wor…. hmmm…. and then got curry laksa to eat once a while…. worth it worth it!!!

    *hope u get to find your staff ler… at least explain to you wat happened….*

    i don’t think he’s coming back lor…but i know he found a new and better paying job, good for him la

  4. Oh..kasihan amah..you treat him so good but he boldly treat you like that ar?? What a man like this ??

    You didn’t call him?

    called him till phone pau char ledi but no answer…wants to avoid means u try all sorts oso cannot find him one la…

  5. Aiyo.. can be like that?
    If he turned up again, will you take him back?

    don’t know wor…really don’t know…must understand his story first..

  6. His life must be in chaos. Unfortunately, pass some of the chaos to you too. Hope you find him and learn the real story.
    I know you are busy but just want to inform you of a lucky draw I’m having over at my Value Bookshop. RM20 gift voucher up for grabs. I know it may not seem like a lot to some but my business not that big yet mah. Hope you enter. More details over at http://valuebookshop.com
    Also, do me the favor of telling your friends. Thanks.
    Hope the remainder of your week gets better.

    ah will try to remember about your bookshop! at the moment very busy..

  7. Wah, amah so good lar….can take loan from you leh….dun really mind if dun repay wor…I oso wan lah….

    Haiyo, kesian u and kesian him oso…. Got report police ornot? Just in case something happen to him.. and you have to answer…

    hmmm i didn’t report police la i don’t what he does will have anything to do with me as he is no longer my employee..

  8. Amah, i’m looking for job….u want me or not? hahahaha…
    me serious lei…..i can come for interview… πŸ˜‰

    hahaha i can’t afford u la! πŸ˜‰

  9. EEe! A lot ppl also like that one. My mom once had two new clerks in the office. On the first day itself they disappeared after the lunch break. Sheesh!

    yah but this guy worked for me over a year and we’ve known him for quite some time ledi..so disappointing.. 😦

  10. Amah I also can work for U one wor.. I can also cook too U know… ANd then I can entertain U tooo since I am sooo cute like U.. U busy entertain ur fansi I entertain U la…. can can????

    but but but u r so far away wor…

  11. Oi i also wanna scold u edi . owes come to my blog but dun comment..nevermind! HAHAHHAHAHAHHHA

    got wat…

  12. No wonder Sasha blog always get commented by so many people. If you dont comment and read only, she will go to ur blog and scold you… hahahahahahaha…

    Anyway back to amah problem… its even normal to see hotel staff cabut without notice. Happens every week. Today start work… after few days cabut…. not happy also dont want to inform HR.

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