Drama King

I was very upset with Kieran again last night. He was slower than his usual already slow pace in getting ready for school and was not obedient, e.g.

Me- Kieran!!!!!!!!!!! bla bla bla….

no reply…


K-yes? (but still remain at what he’s doing….)

Me-Kieran!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! COME HERE!!!!!!!!!! SHOWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Me-Yes what? COME HERE LA!!!!!!!!!!

K-But I can’t hear you…

Me-*fuming mad now* You can’t hear you have to come upstairs la!

K-but I’m watching this cartoon….bla bla bla..whine whine….

Me-You better come up now or I’m leaving you alone in the house! 1…2……….

K-*dung dung dung…heavy feet coming up the stairs*


K-Today is Wednesday?

Me-ah ha..

K-I hate Wednesdays…got to get ready go back to office, practise piano…then go piano lesson…I will be late for school!

Me-bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz..(my usual exclamation when I’m out of words)

I’m really wondering if I should stop his very expensive piano lessons…but when I asked him if I should sell the piano off and he said NO! Otoke?? (How)

Then when I picked him up from school later in the evening, as usual he was running around as his face was all flushed. Then his good friend came to me..

F-Kieran didn’t do his homework and didn’t pass up also!

Me-*Turned to him with screwed up face* Why you didn’t do your homework?

K-I pass up! I don’t know… bla bla bla..

F- He didn’t do! He doesn’t know how to do.. (this is the friend Kieran copies from most of the time…)


Kieran continued to complain about not knowing what to do..bla bla bla and I told him to just ask the tuition teacher and he smartly answered,

K-No..ask Aunty Fiona la! (my future sis in law who’s very patient with him, helps to feed him, shower him and helps guide him with his homework!..eh what happened to mummy? too lazeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee)

As Aunty Fiona was guiding him, he was distracted with the tv and kept turning to the tv and I got so fed up with him and also my mom in the background grumbling..

Mom-aiya look at him…mo sum kei duk shue one la.. (no heart to study)

Kept reminding him to concentrate and he kept turning his head, and poor Aunty Fiona also loosing patience with him. Then he was sulking as he had only one char kuey while my niece had 2..ayooooo…He pushed my niece down and didn’t want to share his soya bean with her. So my mom got upset with him also cos my niece was gracious to share with him and he was not appreciative. As usual my mom said very negative words like he was a ruffian la, very bad la..bla bla bla and he kept saying not fair la..bla bla bla…

K-I hate you! (said this to mom and went inside the room to sulk)

I waited for a few moments before reacting. Took the cane and went in and whacked him like there was no tomorrow, told him to stop whining and go out and finish his homework. Aunty Fiona continued teaching until she couldn’t tahan also so she went to shower. Kieran just stared at his book and kept saying I don’t know how to do…

Me-Just close your book and put it back and ask your tuition teacher tomorrow..

K-wuahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh sob sob sob…I..i…i..dun…know hhhhow to to to doo oh oh oh…..

I was just dumbfounded at him and really don’t know what to say leow! Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…..


26 responses to “Drama King

  1. Patience, amah…. Patience…..

    see? wan kids right??


    Hmmmm… wah.. piano lessons ar? he doing ok wif the lessons onot? ask him lar if he wants… then if nex time he say malas to go, u tell him ok i stop your classes ok? save money….

    Errmmmm as for tuition…hmmm… mebbe shud be in a room instead of being in the hall with the whole kampung there…. SURE get distracted one la….

    Hang in there babe…. The weekend’s here…. WHEEEEE!!!!

    usually he does his homework in the study room but that day was at mom’s place…but then ah in study room oso ah can vomit blood one cos he’s too lazy to use the brain 😦

  2. Will I be seeing this in 6 years time????? I’m soooooo worried lioa coz Darrius also like that… asked him pick up his toys he will pick one and act blur with the rest and cabut lari! Sometimes call and call also no response… damn kek-hei! BOYS!?

    hope not!! actually ah..girls oso not easy la…dunno why kids nowadays so difficult..maybe we feed them too well ledi!

  3. get a nice time to ask him if really doesn’t know how to do. that’s why he may be disinterested. and true also with Pam, should have a proper place with no distraction. eh, me pandai theory only ok? i haven’t reached there yet, but i am sure i will!!

    actually i know he doesn’t like chinese that’s why not interested but no choice..i want him to learn chinese!

  4. Why so drama?
    Man man lei….Don’t so kik hei, ok?

    Perhaps there is too much distraction with the TV and other people in the house, he can’t relly concentrate?

    yah that’s why i don’t like going back to mom’s place but there’s a very good & patient “tuition teacher” there wor…

  5. really ‘gek sum’ if kids so reluctant….slowly find ways to improve situation lor. Last time saw a article on daily schedule work for some kids. Like when to when do homework. Got break in between! (may apply some rewards e.g snack) or TV time after homework done.

    Watever is it, be patience and hang in there Amah! Gambateh!

    i know cos they don’t know what we do for them is for their own good!

  6. Wah liao… pek chek neh… soli dunno how to pujuk you…

    i know…so enjoy your singlehood!

  7. tsk tsk tsk
    i dunno wat to say, but GASPS, i so sked to face this when she’s std 1!!!!!!!! amah, GAMBADE…. i dunno wat else to say er…. cuz i know if say patience, I doubt I will be able to also….
    but dun so lou hei ok? no good ler, later more wrinkles…
    SMILE!!! 😀

    ya man..this kid really give me nothing but wrinkles!

  8. Erm…will i see the same scene when Damien is in Pri School??? Scared scared… 😛

    Hmm, perhaps you can get him to do his homework in his room or in the study room where there’s no distraction?

    usually he does but we were at mom’s place..

  9. amah, sabar la. ya lor, i think distracted liow la. perhaps you shld consider in-house tuition instead of going over to tuition teacher’s place? at least if the teacher were to come over to your place then you can also keep an eye on BOTH the teacher and boy! so bad la me but dont worry too much la… this is just a phase, boy will get over it real soon.

    and yes, my time will come too…. si san lei ler…. sked sked…

    actually most of the time i can’t be bothered with him one but that day happen to do the homework in front of me so gila la!

  10. Poor Kieran kena again. Amah..relax la.!!

    eh u come and teach him la…kakakakkaa

  11. 10 years ago, I used to think my my timetable sucks..cause I need to go to tuition from monday to Saturday..some more still got piano classes..10 years later, I m grateful that my mum sent me to tuitions because I get to play..opps..study with my friends.

    hahaha…ya tuition was fun time away from home!

  12. Amah, maybe boy is like that one, always needs more patience….i wonder next time i have this patience or not since i have 2 boys to deal with..

    girls oso not easy nowadays la…looking at my Kylie…I foresee she’s more difficult than Kieran! :O

  13. It sort of reminds me when I was younger.. just want to play and dowan to study.. In the end, my mom sent me to a tuition teacher who is famous being fierce! My mom even give the tuition teacher permission to smack me if I misbehave… 😦

    Hmm.. maybe you should try to talk to him nicely what he is thinking.. and guide him along the way.. I don’t think beating him will make any difference…

    i think the beating also not very effective ledi but at that time when i was mad i also couldn’t think properly leow!

  14. You’re scaring me… I see my mom’s kid now also I pening, ask him to study and do homework with my aunt guiding him, what he do? Cry *speechless* and do homework don’t use brain, wait for the answer to drop from the sky *sigh*….

    different kids different leh? but mine really pening case cos he caught on the slow genes from my dad & grandfather!

  15. walau…i also can feeel the canning man! Eh amah..try saying this.my lecturer tot me wan…IF U DUN WANT TO DO. DUN DO. they will eventually do wan….

    i said that before too! not working oso!

  16. aiyo..i can feel ur fumes liao!!!

    maybe he needs a quieter place to concentrate…not with the tv background. Boys are harder? I’m beginning to imagine if my boy next time liddat, I sure vomt blood liao

    errr..I think boys memang very dreamy one…they will catch up like…errrr…eh they never catch up one la!

  17. I also agree that off the tv or send him to a proper study room that has no distraction. When he feels the environment quiet, his mind will prepare to calm down and concerntrate. Good Luck!

    ya usually homework in a room but that day was in grandma’s place so like cincai lor..

  18. ask him to blog , or write diary whenever u all argue or he did something wrong. write down his feelings.

    can work one ar?

    huh?? eh..could be a good idea oso wor…ayo u really so farnee ok..this comment is like so originally YOU!

  19. Maybe it could draw his interest if the lessons are equated with things he fancies….erm..like cartoons perhaps? Just my 2 sen worth.

    If all else fails, send Kieran to Lin-Cocka-Wingz. We need talents like dat. LOL

    hmm dunno how to equate his homework with his cartoons wor…maybe i should enrol to Lin-Cocka-Wingz myself!

  20. wah got selective hearing…memang geram la when he slow slow…but i see boys all in-born with this traits…hehehhe like my loh kong always!!

    but since he wants help to do the homework also good sign…wah future sis-in-law soooo goood soooo patient…lucky for apoh lor!!

    ya wor, i really admire my future sis in law lor, cos she actually can live with my mom without my brother around!

  21. *sweats*

    *hands pressing on forehead*


    I predict…. I will have a cane (I don’t even have feather duster now)
    I predict….I will lose my voice alot
    I predict….I will have high blood pressure.



    all the best man!! we help one another de-stress la!

  22. Hi Amah,
    Have you tried using a “Softer” method? maybe offer him a little present,play time or even sweets if he completes his work/task given ?

    by doing this, Kids might be motivated to behave better!! and also after whacking him, u must make sure u explain to him why u whack him, and let him know that he is wrong! make him apologize to u , popo and your niece as well as auntie Fiona ! tell him if he behaves well next time, u’ll offer him a treat but if he behaves badly, the punishment will be way worst than this time !

    If Kieran is younger, u could try putting him in the “naughty corner” but since he is already 7 this year, i think it is pretty useless already!

    Well, i hope this helps u a little! 🙂 Sabar sabar!!

    wah thanks for the good advise…i used to get kieran to stand in the corner in fact since he was 2!

  23. Why does Kieran and my Ryan act so similar, is it all kids their age like that? Ryan will also dilly dally when he is distracted by cartoons on TV *sigh* And you knowlah, I am forever shouting and nagging at him. So sien….

    both born in the same year mia pasal????

  24. I am going pom pom pom wondering if these scenes will be replayed in my household in few years time. Sometimes, my patience is being tried too when RE does not respond to my questions or just give up doing whatever he is doing when I try to give pointers to his colouring and etc. (this is even when I am saying it to him very nicely… )


  25. hmmmm… behaviour almost similar to my niece… sometimes the parents loose patience also teaching her…

    we parents are human after all…

  26. breath in breath out.. breath in breath out.. Be cool.. don’t cane him lar.. kesian.

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