Amah working Kylie how?

In the course of my work, I occasionally have to go out to see my customers and also deliver goods to them. And during such times, my very able and kind assistant is always there to help me take care of my office and also Kylie! 

She’s even kind enough to capture the moments when Kylie does naughty cute things in the office with her camera and report to me accordingly!  So here are some photos of my lil cheeky princess in action.

kyliephone071.jpgLike helping Auntie Angie answer the phone



kylie4.jpg Help do the laundry


kylie3.jpgErrr…whining for attention…


kylie5.jpgWhining for attention again….same day act..


kylie1.jpgShe decided to perform stripshow ala dancing..


 kylie2.jpgat the same time posing posing somemore!

Thank you Auntie Angie!!


24 responses to “Amah working Kylie how?

  1. eh? both pics sama de?

    oops u caught me when i made a mistake… 😛

  2. Eh, like half way like that 😛

    haha..u guys very fast lei, i haven’t finished the post u guys came leow!

  3. Wakaka.. diswan label it under 18sx or 5sx?

    u always xxxxx one la!

  4. Eh?? Auntie Angie stay nearby ar??

    alamak auntie angie working with Amah ma!

  5. Wah, Kylie big girl alreadi lar. She’s so cute 😀

    she’s cute and very very mischievous!

  6. LOL…..Kylie is so cute. Such a big girl. Like the whining photos. Eh Amah…she’s tall la.

    hahaha..wait till u see her!

  7. why they all like to lie down on floor and throw tantrum ah?

    comfortable meh??????? haiyah!

    actually hor…Amah got confession…when Amah small small dat time oso liddat! wuahahahahaha…

  8. Amahhhh

    ISH ISH ISH….. Must teach Kylie not to bukak kaki so BIG BIG… Ishhhh…. sungguh tak senonoh…..

    Wahhh… Aunty Angie so nice hor… Take pikchure….. TENKIUUUUU Aunty Angie…. MUAKS MUAKS MUAKS…
    Ehh.. heppi onot heppi onot? aunty angie… Amah’s peminat oso appreciate you. Hugssss

    alamak never thot of that!

  9. oi strip show learn from who leh????????hehehheh

    dunno wor…kakakaka

  10. errr….i think kylie learn from…from…who ar?

    definitely not me lor!

  11. Hhahahah Amah I think Kylie learn from U la.. all the whinning… Yes or no ah?? eh Amah U say wan to tok to me how come I no see U geh?

    i dun have ur msn to tok??

  12. haaha so cute when she whines!! 😛 * kik sei amah*

    so kieren or kylie nottier?

    Kylie is nottier lor!!!!!!!

  13. Kylie is gettin cuter by the day 🙂

    or nottier by the day???

  14. aiseh… your cheeky princess sangat comel ler… sumore so pro with answering the phone!

    why lah she wanna do strip show???? later all the buaya(s) come and jam your blog ah!

    LOL!! She still doesn’t know how to remove the top..only the bottom!

  15. hehe…eh all the leng lui up there who comented… watched strip show liow must pay ok… no free show ok. *kiss* kylie.

    agree agree….

  16. Kylie, sweetie pie! no wonder aMah always heart melt horr….hehehe!

    actually hor..true oso lor..altho she’s so notti me cannot be angry for long leh!

  17. hahaha..all the photos are cute..
    Look at the basket she carry, much bigger than her size! haha

    ya lor..copy cat ma!

  18. errr… STRIP show? What??? …. errrrrrr….. flesh ??? WHERE???

    EH EH EH…. I tot this is a Family friendly show… oops… Blog… adoih!

  19. kekeke…looks like she’s the ceo (chief entertainer officer) in the office hahha

  20. wei she look like she can take over your business soon! sooo cute! sure all your customer will be nice to her give her lots of business.

  21. Wah.. when she grows older.. want to ‘kau jai’ also can’t huh? Got ppl watching her so closely. 😛

  22. Alamak! Temper tantrums. 🙂

    Doing the strip show is so cute.

  23. Wah, she expert with her whining pose alreadylah….I love all her pics 🙂

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