Maid from Hell Part 2-Backdated

 This is a very backdated post thanks to our very reliable internet provider that dies on me all the time.

Ok ok..maid from hell stories can go on forever but I can’t be writing about her all the time right??? But yesterday she really pissed me off max max lor, maybe upset from Apah also la. Well we were out and maid stayed at home, doing what she’s supposed to do, like cleaning the house etc..

Had a lunch date with 3 pretty maidens and me so stupid-ded didn’t realise it was one of the maiden’s mia birthday! Happy belated birthday Nyonya! We were chatting shiok shiok and Apah had to buzz me a few times to go back as he wanted to watch F1! Soooo irritating…

 Once I reached home, I immediately had the urge to bake something so asked the maid to bring me the cake mixer. As usual she will bring one thing and leave out another and then when I ask her for things she will not know what I’m referring to or have no freaking idea where the things are. My house is very small, and I have a few of you who can identify with me since you guys came to my house before. I don’t understand how she can not know where she put the things lor.

The daily ritual of transporting things to and from the house and office, she will miss out on something and usually very important that I can’t do without and will set me off screaming like a lunatic.

In fact, the screaming is a daily routine. So that day when I came back to see my son’s school shoes and her own dirty laundry still in the ground floor toilet, that set me on fire! I already scolded her about doing the laundry and washing in the morning so that the sun can dry them but she still left them there….UNWASHED! So I decided to throw away her clothes since she didn’t want to wash them but she ran with me to the bathroom and snatched from my hands and wailing at the same time.

M-Sorry mam sorry mam sob sob sob sob…

ME-No more sorry! I am sick of hearing your sorries…it has no value lagi

M-Jangan mam sorry mam sorry mam sob sob sob

Me-Let go! I’m throwing them away. LET GO! *SCREAM*

I managed to grab her clothes but she managed to grab her undergarments (phew…imagine I had to touch her undergarments! blecccchhh…) and dumped them in a plastic bag and threw it outside.

Apah-*pssttt* u really going to throw away the clothes ah?

Me-*psssstt* u think I stupid ah? The clothes I asked tailor to make specially for her leh, cost me RM50+ a pair leh! Seow meh…

Well, the scolding I’ve been giving her has obviously been like singing to her but this throwing baju/clothes act was more surreal to her so from that day on her clothes were washed immediately after her shower!


16 responses to “Maid from Hell Part 2-Backdated

  1. Sometimes really no choice but to be tough on these maids. Just like my mum’s maid who is not afraid of my mum. One day my mum tegur her and she like raised her voice in replying. My brother heard and totally blown and scolded her like there’s no tomorrow. After that, she dont dare liao. Wait till my dad gets angry, she will run for cover!

    after a while they will get immune one…trust me…not sked of anything..fearless!

  2. aiyoyo… sakit hati…
    can bang head on wall

    but i think all maid SAME kind one…

    yup! ALL maybe one out of 1 million is good la…even that oso sure have something wrong one..

  3. Really don’t understand why they dont listen to instruction when we were nice heh.. Always wants us to go boiling mad then they are sked and obey nicely…*Duh*

    that’s why their country always like that la…all so cham-ded one

  4. dont be mad la. you scream till yr head pecah also they will act like nothing oni lor. yeah each time she do something wrong, just take her things and keep. then she will be scared.

    see how first la…i tried all sorts oredi this one really die hard type ok!

  5. No maid, problem.
    Got maid, also problem.
    Sien hor… How ah liddat?

    ya don’t know whether to get another once this one expires…but knowing my condition must have la…

  6. chill amah,chill!! i’ve experienced many maids before(different nationality!Indonesia,philipines,Srilanka) but still Philipinoes are the best!! 🙂 at least they don’t flirt around with the indon guys!:) SriLankans are good at telling lies!! hehe also, never over scold Indons , they’ll revenge, i’m not trying to scare u but they really will!

    i know but i know no matter what they try to do me no sked of them!

  7. You really very garang hor? But if they are so chin-kak, don’t listen when you tell them properly, then too bad lah. No choice, have to shout liao. And I don’t think I can stand dirty laundry on the floor either!!

    actually i so garang oso maid induced one!

  8. warrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…fierce-ness!!!!

    I did that to my son. I “threw” away all his cars, when he refused to clean up. Then he found one more car. Thot he wud simpan baik-baik.. no..he threw it away as well.

    and said, thank you, to me.

    *slaps forehead*

    my fren told me about this throwing away toy method but i em seh tak wor..the toys so expensive leh!

  9. got maid headache, no maid lagi headache..what to do?

    ya man! crazy isn’t it??

  10. fuiiyoo amah.. manyak garang wooo…. but sometimes have to show colour one… i sapot!

    i showed so much color oso there’s no change in her!

  11. Hey, if so keras with them not sked later they poison your food kah?

    i told her ledi, she can do that but it will not harm me cos God has eyes on her! God will protect me one..kakakakkaaa

  12. Yeah, I agree with sue. Skali she ‘kah liu’ into your cooking you baru tau.

    well what i eat she eats…she wants to kah liu she kena oso!

  13. But sometimes, you treat the maid so good also, they might still wanna poison your food and drinks.. really leh.. I used to know someone whose maid want to go back to her home country although her contract not yet finish and she just only came back from her trip to her home country. So the maid not happy since cannot go back.. and she was spotted putting something into the drinking water and refuse to do anything at home.. (Mind you, she been working with the family for many years already) until she was finally sent home.. hehe

    Another one I heard is where the maid tried to seduce the boss when she thought that the lady boss and children all went to bed. Obviously the boss was watching tv. She wore sexy lingerie and about to walk out to seduce the boss when the lady boss came out of the room to the kitchen to drink water and spotted her. After lots of scolding, she was sent back… with her sexy lingeries.. hehe

    i was very nice to her at the beginning too…see la what’s my return??

  14. amah..u so good wor..some more get her tailor made baju…
    ya..never ending maid story!

    bcos she so leh feh i don’t wanna have her embarrass me la!

  15. no need tailor-made clothes lah.. Can get ready-made maid’s uniform lah. What colour also got. Pink lah, blue lah, green lah, white lah.. You want or not? Think only about RM 20 per set. Buy for you when I come back in Summer.

    eh liddat i want wor! summer as in june/july?? ok ok that time i email u la

  16. haiyoh. i had maids who does nothing but watch astro whole day when i left house at 9am till i reach home at 6pm, but tegur them also no some of them, being lazy is 2nd nature. so finally send those to agent. then only they start to work a little bit here and there, but finally still too unreliable and irresponsible. not much improvement. end of the day, also send them away. Conclusion, the maid agency is the one who profit the most. most of us all end up with maids who normally doesnt work unless you say, “sapu lantai”. Sien, isnt it? That’s why i went without maid for 2 years. so tired of letting the agents profit from me.

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