lotusnice.jpgNice or not? Of course nice la…just bought it from the nursery

But after 3 months of torturing from Kylie who occasionally pokes in with the gardening tools so it bacame like this lor..

lotusdie.jpg See la it’s so bad that I minimise the picture smaller…kakakakaka

In fact I have a few pots that died on me.


Nevermind…I bought a few more new ones and I think I know why they died on me as I didn’t upgrade into bigger pots…so now I know…and Angie said the plants I bought from Ikea sure die one…but I transfered them into bigger pots and started putting fertiliser and plant revitaliser bla bla bla…*fingers crossed* Hopefully will grow healthily provided Kylie doesn’t destroy them also la…


24 responses to “Gardening

  1. My hubby sez that I don’t have green fingers. Anything I plant also can die. Cactus so tough also can die. But I blame it on the plants ….

    I think I’m not that good fact I’m new with plants…šŸ˜€

  2. Ei… I think you’ve got RED FINGERS! Muahaha! Dun believe? Faster check your fingers šŸ˜›

    huh?? blur blur liddat..

  3. Pray for the plants! hahahhaha šŸ˜€

    huh? i thot pray for me first…

  4. No wonder u visit sg buloh so often…hahahahaha

    no lar went only once…wanna go again…but aiya no driver to help drive the lorry how?

  5. this is called ‘sui lian’ (in Mandarin)..very nice one..morning looks blossom evening will close up all the petals..

    ya i love it that’s why i bot it but i haven’t bot a bigger pot to house it…sob sob sob..

  6. aiya, forgot to say this..don’t know why my Feed Reader always doesn’t show me about your blog update…yesterday i kept thinking why amah so long long time no kepoh-ing, then i just link your blog directly from my blog (without go thru the Feed Reader), OMG…i missed out so many posts…

    i oso dunno wor cos a few others oso complained about this…me tech bodoh one..dunno la..

  7. I also like to buy plants, but tarak green fingers. Real teruk, everything die one. So I leave to my maid. šŸ™‚

    my maid “cho quai doh em leang” how to help me do gardening?

  8. MURDERER! eh u can hold my hands la…same same saja

    hahahaha..ya plant serial killer!

  9. amah blame on kill her plants..haha

    ya ya ya..blame it on the kid..who else will take the blame wor???

  10. aiyah buy plants cheaper than buy fresh flowers to deco house…so nevermindla…die can change & put in new ones…good for economy ah! ahaha kylie needs to do her experiments la…maybe she will be a plant specialist!

    eh who said cheap ah? the plants not that cheap oso leh…

  11. Aiyo so kesian the plants… Me too, so i leave it to hubby. Yes, change bigger pot and get better soil. Soil very important…

    ya where do u buy the soil???

  12. you sure Kylie killed the plants? Or you leh?? Speaking of plants, think I also need to go get more plants for the terrace lah. Recently bought two more lounge chairs, and they look weird without some plants near them.

    don’t worry.. fingers will slowly turn green one. Used to kill everything…like when living in singapore. Plant all go die die one. Now, at least I am improving…

    hehehe..partly Kylie, partly me & partly the stupid maid gua… šŸ™‚

  13. kakak…if i have to transplant, i damn lazy one. I just dig a hole in my garden, and put the whole pot in. WAH LAH!

    kakakakak..somehow the roots will grow and survive.


    eh i planted on the ground too but with the pot intact oso?? can meh???? warao! terrrer la u!

  14. So busy still got time to tend to the plant mehhhh.. *keke*

    mornings usually and weekends..

  15. got worms or not? if got means ur plant healthy worrrrr

    worms? no wor..should i get some n put inside the pot?? yeeeee…

  16. check and see if you got green fingers.

    alamak, it s red pulak…no wonder my plants died la…

  17. Did you give the plants lots of TLC or not???? You also must talk to them once in a while so that they will grow nicely….hahahhahahahahahah! Sure you’ll think I’ve gone cuckoo ;D

    ya i’m trying to give plants more personal touch like watering them myself for a start…can ah?

  18. 2nd flawer pork i saw denggi in the water… šŸ˜›

    not denggi la..aedes u mean? where got? the plant almost dead u think the mozzies can survive ah??

  19. amah..sorry to out of topic here..haha..can you teach me how you set a password to a certain post in wordpress?

    in the write your post page there’s a side bar right? it’s on the right side..

  20. the last pic looks like plant murder! šŸ™‚

    ok ok..we are the plants murderer..put me in jail la! šŸ˜›

  21. aiyoh, poor amah… well… we no expert lar so things like these sure to happen one… my pumpkim died on me a few times until I gave up lioa coz my house just don’t have enough sunshine… šŸ˜¦

    there’s probably too much sunshine at my place? no lar..a lot of grasshoppers who only feast on my plants and not the grass! damn!

  22. OH MY! From flowers to nothing but water only???? hahahah LOL

    ya ya ya..laugh somemore la!

  23. eh.. patut lar, your name is laundryamah la.. not greenfingeramah..

    *crying leow* šŸ˜¦

  24. amah!!!! GIMME 5!!!!!
    same thing for me….

    fulamak we don’t be lidat la..we must improve la!

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