Kylie Throwing Tantrum-Backdated

We went to the famous fish head noodle stall a few weeks ago, despite of the rain and knowing very well Kylie was feeling sleepy somemore…but the urge to savour the yummy soup was too strong so ignoring all obstacles, we went. We had to ferry one by one to the restaurant from the car as we had only one umbrella in the car…(was cursing so a few days later Apah took back 2 more umbrellas for me..hehehe)

Kylie was still ok at the beginning and sat in the baby chair until the barley drink arrived. She saw kor kor (Kieran) drinking it and she wanted it too. I gave her some but she kept insisting for more but I didn’t want to spoil her appetite for the noodles but she wailed..yes she wailed so loud that the people in the restaurant stopped slurpping the yummy noodles and looked at her then ME! It was so embarrasing, tried to feed her but the noodle was piping hot so had to cool it but she refused to wait and she wailed n wailed…ayo….


20 responses to “Kylie Throwing Tantrum-Backdated

  1. aiyo….
    kylie can really scream…
    kieran so good wor, trying to help the sister… or was he?

    eh u can hear meh? how come i can’t hear the sound one??

  2. can hear!! very very very loud!! hehe..

    oopss…no wonder didn’t hear cos the volume on my computer ter-muted!

  3. wah…i damn skiat of kylie lah…..

    sked leh….don’t know who will be the “lucky” boy who will want her as a gf next time…

    Finally can LOG in AND leave komen…..

    no time to kacau lar…wif the new job n all.

    Gimme taim to settle first k??…

    Eh… are v planning Penang makan spree trip ?? kekkekekeke!!

    ermmm… but must make Kylie promise not to wail ok?

    ayo cannot promise the part of Kylie not wailing leh…sigh…cannot bring her la…kakakakka

  5. HHAAH u ARE A notti mother!!! she cried so loud dy u still have time to whip out ur camera phone and take videos of her!!! hahaha poor kylieeeeeee….

    come to auntie kylie, i bring u to bali drink bailey..opps i mean barley:P

    that’s y the ppl around staring at me la…so bad this mommie..

  6. yummmmmmm fish head come i can smell it..hahhahaha…..missing it toooo muchhh

    LOL! u can have it when u come back la…hahahahahha

  7. sure amah very paiseh la..

    amah used to it leow so i just ignore all the laser stares..

  8. Next time let her sleep in the car, ask hubby run down buy noodle, eat in the car mah. LOL

    no way! not nice if ta pau!

  9. that’s why I always wait them almost finished their food then only order drink.

    but the food took more than half an hour to come lei…

  10. Oh No!!! Paiseh

    eh u also makan yee tau mai eh?

    yummie leh!

  11. Aiyo poor kylie…kor kor doesn’t want to share the barley drink?? I could see the lady and her child at the next table turning around to look when Kylie was crying. Must be wondering why the mommy is taking photos when daughter is crying…hahahhahaha.

    ya funny!

  12. Wah, scary…. scary that Raelynne may one day become like that 😀

    i dun think so raelynne can get to this..dun worry..she’s too sweet!

  13. Wah all of U gang together to eat fish head noodle ah? Sasha had it in her blog and ask me to cook and I hv it in my blog and now U hv it in ur blog…. Too bad la mine is not fish head but fishes oni… hehehehehehe

    hahahaha..actually not all fish head la…how to serve only fish head wor..not enuf meat la..

  14. Wa….don’t talk about all these yummy hawker foods lah… Lau hau sway already lah. Aye.. when I come back during summer holidays, we don’t meet in Delicious or fancy smancey cafes lah. Meet in Coffee shop can ar? Really MISS going to coffee shop and eating my curry laksa lah, Fish-Ball Kway teow lah, Mee Yoke lah, Penang Chee Cheong Fun lah, Yong Tow Foo lah, Wantan Mee lah, Chue Yoke Yuen lah, Bak Kut Teh lah, Mixed Pork Noodle lah, Nasi Lemak lah, Lor Bak lah, Hokkien Mee lah, Satay lah…

    list goes on and on… hungry liow…

    ya problem me bring u to this place k?

  15. Aiyoh, Ah mah still got appetite to eat meh? if me dun feel wanna eat lar, quick quick bring them home! hehehe!

    yeah wor,,,bad la this amah huh?

  16. Hi…1st time visiting but luv ur site already.
    Am single but soon to join the league of married ladies and it’s interesting to see all the antics of kids and marriage…
    Will definately come by to visit more often!

    welcome welcome!

  17. Hi…1st time visiting but luv ur site already.
    Am single but soon to join the league of married ladies and it’s interesting to see all the antics of kids and marriage…
    Will definately come by to visit more often!

  18. Errrr…some more you take video, I think that made the guests wondering more….ha ha ha

    yup! laser stares from all over!

  19. wah Amah you veli keng leh… Kylie crying soooo loud lioa u still can video her… if my Darrius see me holding the camera he will stop and will try to snatch my camera lioa!

    And Kieran is such a good kor-kor… go and feed mei-mei…

    Btw, I tagged Kylie! 😛

    kor kor didn’t want to give her the drink la..he was trying to restrict her intake! haha

  20. patut ler.. got audience sure scream sommore! then u know crocodile tears coz straight away diam when given a drink… kidss!

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