NEVER buy airtix from Cap Ah Miao Tour Agent during Matta Fair

As you all may oredi know I recently bought an airticket to Melbourne during the Matta Fair. It was from this tour agent based in Klang called Klang Valley Travel & Tours (M) S/B or Sprint Travel & Tours S/B at Wisma Cosway, Kuala Lumpur. So it’s some Cap Ah Miao tour agency la..but then it was just an airticket, how wrong can it be right?? Yes it was bad all the way.

Firstly, we were told our tickets will be ready in 3 days but we have to check with their KL office.Β  We are not really bothered as we were only going to travel in August ma. So we only called to check like a few weeks later. We only arranged to collect the tickets yesterday so one of my travel mate called the day before to check again to be sure. Don’t want to go all the way and not get the tickets ma..

F-….I would like check if you SENT the tickets to your KL office…

A-….errrr..I don’t know wor, you check with KL office la..

F-(raised voice a bit) No I just want to know if you SENT already, I will call KL office to check later if they received but I just want to know if you SENT or NOT..

A-eh why you raise your voice and scold me?

F-I just asked you a simple question and you didn’t answer me!

A-ok ok..wait ah…ya ya ya..sent leow..

F-Thank Q

Called KL Office

F-….Do you have our tickets there?

G-Wait ah.. (rumaging files sound krsh krsh….)

errr…mo wor (don’t have)…

F-What? Are you sure? Can you check again??

G -ok (again rumaging files sound krsh krsh….) ah…ya ya ya..yau ah (yes there they are)..

F- (blur blur liddat) Are you sure or not?

G-yes yes sure sure..

Yesterday at the KL office

The moment we entered we saw this la la mui (there those girls with golden coloured hair with funny make up & short mini skirts leh..u know what I mean??) sitting behind the counter playing with her mobile phone. We asked her for the tickets she just took our reference and didn’t even look at us, then went rummaging for the tickets from this makeshift box on the counter! We checked the tickets one by one and then I asked her some questions.

Me-Err if we need to change the passenger name is that possible?

G-No.. cannot

Me-eh,,i thot can just pay the charges and can change the name..

G-no lar cannot cos ticket bot in matta fair very strict one..

Me-so if we loose the ticket how?

G-alamak…dunno leh…err very troublesome i guess…(turned to her colik) eh if loose the ticket how ah? (in mandarin)

C-have to report police bla bla bla…problem la

Me-meaning if this person can’t go and we can’t change to another passenger, so burn la this ticket?

G-yes la…(still fiddling with her mobile)

Me-Wah liddat very scary leh, eh so important this airticket and you just leave the tickets in this lauya box here ah? Afturds people come and take how?

G-aiya miss I’m here one ma…and this ticket is useless to anyone except for the name listed on the ticket

Me-(ya right…you are either busy fiddling with the phone or chatting up some guy, yes there was this guy hanging around at that point of time, like that how to jaga the tickets wor..) If that person wants to just take away the ticket and cause trouble how? (ok I was being ridiculous but I was curious how she would answer me..)

After that we just took our tickets after checking and left. The girl didn’t ask for any identification or asked us to sign our signature on any thing. Meaning, any body can just go and collect the ticket just like that! Shiaks! So, remember for a savings of RM400 or less, we had to go through this shit trouble.


16 responses to “NEVER buy airtix from Cap Ah Miao Tour Agent during Matta Fair

  1. Next time buy at chop ah kow ticketing agent. Its their competitor and offers better service. LOL

    fuyoh,,,cap ah miao oredi so bad i cannot imagine chop ah kow leh! πŸ˜›

  2. Like what Angie said b4… good things never cheap and cheap things never good!

    Like last nite, stayed up till almost 4am so can book the so-called FREE ticket from AA and ended up all the dates not right and so few free tickets to the destination I want… *sigh*

    it’s not exactly like so cheap wat…just RM400+/- but ok la…it’s cheaper la…bluekkkk..

  3. Amah, dun be angry!! la la muis only!! they cannot live without handphone for one second and they are normally rude!! that’s the reason why i dislike going to!! too many lala muis and chais there!!by the way , for my information, the matta fair’s tickets are non-exchangeable and refundable( means cannot change passenger’s name ,travel date and time!) but i’m sure if u lose it they can re-issue the ticket(i’ve paid usd$80 once to re-issue my ticket!) forget the lala mui! think bout your melbourne trip!!how long will u be there? i miss Australia!! i can’t wait to go there for holidays!!

    how not to be angry at that la la mui wei?? so iiiirrrritating!

  4. Is “chop ah beng” waiting for you at Melbourne Airport with the banner? Muahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  5. I read your post title already I started laughing!

    Better to deal with reputable shops/retailers. At least can have peace of mind. But luckily you got your tics lah.

    ya ya..but yet to check whether the tix is for real leh…*shivering and biting my nails now….*

  6. alamak, amah, their service really bad and considered “kau lau” (rated 9)..take this as a lesson, next time buy from trusted one..

    as if i didn’t learn the lesson from the last time i bot some tour package during a matta fair some time in year 2002…

  7. Last time I bought tix during Matta from an agency and asked them to print the tix straightaway… eng eng cheng cheng! πŸ˜€

    wah so good one? which agency was this??

  8. actually i also bought tix from Matta Fair. Can you believe the agent didn’t even take down our contact? we had to call them 1 week later and they said ‘oh yah we forgot…hahaha.” CIS!

    yup betul betul CIS!

  9. I manyak scared when I see those “Lala Mui” wif gold hair not say I “Kei See” but hor a bit worried bout the way the handle work lor.

    ya lor dunno how she was employed leh…dun tell me she’s the owner ah…

  10. Your post always make me laugh…hehe..i’m not laughing at your plight lah…but the way you phrase it always so funni lah! So the ticket real or not? πŸ˜›

    dont know if it’s real or not leh…must go to MAS office one day…glad I made u laugh >

  11. nvm la…

    think of shopping in oz land…

    think clean fresh air in oz land..

    think of eating “pho” in oz land…

    it’s’s coming…it’s COMINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!


    ahhhhh YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. I duno wat wrong wif la la muis. Behav like GRO to entartan male european customers like vip. Yes sir. No Sir. Good bye Sir. Wif own people they behav like kuan yin niang niang. Da ma de!

    ya man..puii!

  13. Geez, this is the worse I’ve heard so far… I’ve been on quite a few tour packages from different tour agent also never seen any so teruk wan, talk to customer samo fiddling with the darn phone.

    wah u must have been really lucky!!

  14. Hahaahhahahaa……just can’t help laughing at Mott’s comment and your reply!


  15. Yalar – better buy from a reputable one. But then again, nowadays, there are too many agents – dont know which one to trust.

    i think GTT & SATours should be better…

  16. Hi,

    Does anybody know how a tour leader is being chosen by the company to lead a particular tour? Usually they do it last minute.

    I was wondering if we can make a request from SATours to tour with (Ms. so-&-so) …

    I just came back from Beijing and I was impressed by the tour leader’s service… so next time I hope to tour with her again.
    I was wondering if we can make a request.



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