Kylie Tagged?

Ayo, I can’t even get her to talk wor…how to do tag lei? Nevermind la, mummy very good one, do on her behalf…


On the Outside
Name: Kylie Jadyn Goh
Date of birth: 20.05 .2005
Current status: Sleeping I hope!
Eye color: Dark brown
Hair color: Light black…

Righty or Lefty: I like to use my right hand but occasionally will need my left hand too

Zodiac: ?? don’t care

On the Inside
Heritage: Hainanese-Hokkien-Hakka (Dont play play with me as I’m descendent of Hakka mui so don’t mess with me ok! no believe…


I just snapped this ruler with my bare hands


See the pieces?

Fear: I don’t think I’m afraid of anything, maybe if you take away my smelly piggy bolster

Weakness: Sucking my thumb until soft soft wet wet…yuck!

Your perfect pizza: I’m very oriental orientated…Asian food please..

Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow

Your thoughts first waking up: Where’s everyone?

Your bedtime: When mummy sleeps if not will roam around until very tired

Your most missed memory: huh? what memory?

Your Pick
Pepsi or Coke: Mummy will not let me taste either one

McDees or Burger King: As above, oriental Asian food only please

Single or Group Dates: So far on group dates, I don’t think Mummy or daddy will allow single dates till er…say maybe after I complete my SPM!

Adidas or Nike: Definitely Nike la

Lipton Tea or Nestea: Mummy will not let me taste either one

Chocolate or Vanilla: Iprefer Chocolate….mmmmmm

Cappucino or coffee: Mummy will not let me taste either one

Do you…
Smoke: I can’t smoke as it will hurt everyone!

Curse: Occasionally when kor kor annoys me

In the past month
Drank alcohol: Mummy will not let me taste this one

Gone to the mall: Every weekend…mummy is mall queen wat! See so tired till I slept standing in the car..


Been on stage: For baby dedication in the church

Eaten sushi: Mummy will not let me taste either one

Dyed your hair: No need la…me not enuf hair also..

Have you ever…
Played a stripping game: All the time…no believe? See here la

and here..


Age you’re hoping to be married: one day if the guy can be trained to do what I want him to do..errr…I think that’s quite impossible…

In a guy/girl
Best eye color: Mummy would love it to be brown..

Hair color: Mummy would like it black

Short or long hair: Mummy prefer’s long hair

What were you doing?
1 minute ago: Sleeping

1 hour ago: Monkeying around mummy’s office

4 1/2 hours ago: Fighting with kor kor..

1 month ago: i full of activities how i remember wor..

1 year ago: 1 month ago also don’t know don’t ask me 1 year ago mia story la

Finish the sentence
I love: to jump arund and destroy anything I see

I feel: Cheeky all the time 😛

I hate: being confined

I hide: some of my toys

I miss: my piggy bolster when it goes for a bath in the washing machine

I need: more hair!

Ya I shall not tag anyone as I saw so many ppl kena tagged ledi..


12 responses to “Kylie Tagged?

  1. Poor Kylie…had to sleep while standing. Nevermind la. Next time you take over the Shopping Queen title from mommy, ok?

    i suspect she will strip that title off me too….

  2. It is so nice reading tag than doing it. Tenkiu Amah!

    u wanna do is it??? yes la u wanna do this tag rite??

  3. Amah!! u so strict ar? Kylie can only look for bf after SPM? plus that guy must be perfect wor(must obey Kylie’s words!!) hard to find le?! find one for me first can??

    errr strict meh? last time my dad said i can only pak thor after university! of course me didn’t listen la…wuahahahhaha…

  4. alamak, have to wait till 18 only can pak tor arr? amah..sounds so strict one le..

    strict? must la…nowadays so scary la…

  5. Wah.. child SX on your blog. Kekekeke….

    eh..where got? didn’t show face & the three main areas ma oso..kakakakka…

  6. I hit the mall every weekend too!! *hi five* 😛 Now damien ask me every weekend: Mummy, where are we going shopping today? hehehe…

    actually not so healthy lor…every weekend going to mall…must take them outdoors more often… 😉

  7. cannot drink coke cannot drnk pepsi also? how can??? fast food also canot?

    so young of course cannot la~

  8. These questions are going to be part of our dinner conversation tonight. Can’t wait to see what answers they come up with!!

    LOL… should make for an interesting hour!!

    have fun!

  9. kylie….. aunty angeline so sayang you la. you are the one that kept me company during those lonely hours in the office and you always give me surprises… like yr strip dancing… haha… *kiss kiss*

  10. Shopping princess to queen in the making! Can even sleep standing! Bravo!!!! 😛

  11. ya very terror ur ‘hakka miu’! sure win every fight.

  12. wow.. so strong can break the rular herself.

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