Effective Punishment

The other day while we were in the car, as usual Kieran misbehaved and was jumping up and down and Apah had to scold him so many times. In fact he made Apah very mad earlier at home till Apah had to whack him till he cried like u know the drama drama cry leh…Anyway, all the time I didn’t want to interfere until I beh tahan leow (cannot stand it) so I took out my mobile and pretended to dial a number.

Me- Hello? Astro? Yes, my IC number is bla bla bla bl.. I want to cancel the cartoon package…

(pretend to wait for response on the other end)

Me-Ah ha…ah ha…yes cancel with immediate effect…ok..Thank you.

During this time, Kieran sat very still and was so quiet….When I went to look out for him he was like this leow…


Β Then I called outΒ to him,

“Kieran..Kieran….what’s wrong with you?




















Tears were streaming down his cheeks…boy does he look pathetic…so I realised all the scolding and beating has no effect on him. Just take away the thing which he treasures the most which was Astro Cartoon Network! Geeezzzz…..


31 responses to “Effective Punishment

  1. Hahaha…that definately has to be the worse punishment ever! Poor boy…already so kesian and then the Amah wanna cancel his life line some more…

    yup..the next post will be how he tried to say sorry to me…hahahahaha πŸ˜‰

  2. amah.. you say wan to come k el see see wan ??? how come u FFK me ???

    oopss..sorry sorry…changed of plans as guest didn’t have enough time to go to KL cos flight was early. sorry ah…

  3. take away my cartoon network, i also will cry one


  4. Aiyooo…why lahh cancel the cartoon? So chamm, somemore cancel in front of Kieran boy lehh. Poor boy!!!

    bluff one la….pretend one… πŸ˜‰

  5. Toot-toot!! Halo-Halo Astro? Reinstate back the cartoon network pls. My buddy Kieran got Panda eyes ledi!! Tenkiu veli muchie.

    alamak! didn’t see i wrote pretend meh?? hahhahaa… eh u say put back u pay for it is it?? πŸ˜‰

  6. haha adoi… kesiannya… but effective!



    I likey this very muchy!


    are u going to use this tactic???

  8. amah, set password lar!! then only allow him to watch at a certain time! haha .. well, i was mean, i cut off my cartoon package to stop sis from watching!!

    set ledi! πŸ˜‰

  9. Poor thing… good weapon you have there… I think this will work for some time πŸ™‚

    it will work as long as he likes TV!

  10. now amah found a new trick to treat kieran lo..

    yeah have to constantly think of new ones too!

  11. One day must really call and cancel else sooner later he will know you’re just pulling his legs lor…

    yeah but i have the password to the channels anyway!

  12. HAhahahah Amah U very good hor punishing ur son.. Kieran also very cheeky too.. Amah hou yau yeng ah!!

    amah always got to headache how to teach this boy ler…

  13. hahaha……wah u really have the ideas πŸ˜›

    i never subscribe that package at home, cause in MIL’s house oredi overdose of that 😐

    ya kieran has no restrictions over at my mom’s place too!!

  14. Poor Kieran…his eyes are soooo red from crying. Eh, next time I will also try this on Ashley when she is older ;D Thank you very much!

    i’m sure it works! πŸ˜‰

  15. wah Amah! you soooo ‘cruel’ ah? LOL But I think this one is a GOOD one! Too bad I don’t have Astro leh… so what tricks can I use next time ah???

    just take anything that is dear to him la, e.g.toys, snacks…etc

  16. LOL!!!!!! this is so funny!!! so this is wat u all were talking abt yest la!!! haha

    ur son so cham la….kena scolded. kena ‘cut’ astro,…and u still wanna whip ur camera phone at him and take photo!!! hahahaha

    bad leh this Amah…. wuahahahhahaha…

  17. astro kartoon show porn wan kar?how kam he so sad?

    *psttttt…kieran…go destroy ur mom pc so she cant blog…take her pigcher she sad n send to me*


    this Ah Nel only can think of such things..don’t let me see u ah…whack u gau gau chun chun!

  18. Simple n effective hor?
    Wei! Your son so kesian, you still snap pictures of him ah? Or you ask him to re-enact? πŸ˜€

    must take the photo there n then la…muahahahhaha…

  19. You are so BAD! you boy look so pity ler. Cried until like dat

    bad? u don’t live with him! try la…u sure think of worse punishment!

  20. Actually hor we also use the same method when Brian naughty πŸ˜€

    aint kids nowadays so addicted to tv??

  21. Kesian…. if u cancel my F1 live I’ll cry like that… LOL

    ayo another F1 freak…

  22. I like Cartoon network!
    Wait , not mine ah, ok ok
    But he looks so kesian, all red edi his eyes

    hahaha…i noticed a lot of guys until vely old still like cartoon one…how come ah??

  23. lucky i dun subscribe to cartoon network channels…aiyoo when erika saw the pic…she also “sum thung” her fren so cham!!

    wah how u get away without cartoons ah???

  24. Hello… first time here since meeting you that day… hehe.

    Hmm… I can remember my mum used to “threaten” my sisters that she will not allow them to watch cartoons during weekends if they don’t finish their homework before 8.00pm everyday. And wahlau… very effective!! Their homework sure finish before 8.00pm one!

    Well, this tactic of yours works on couch potato kids, I suppose. Hehe.

    hopefully it works for a long long time! hahaha…

  25. aiyo, kesian leh…
    see he so sad… 😦

    i know..but no choice la

  26. Poor Kieran…your mummy bluff you one lah…don’t cry okie?

    But hor…sometimes we really gotta crack our heads to ‘outsmart’ our kids hor…headache, headache…i must go think what is Damien’s most treasured…hehehhe

    yah faster find out! hahaha

  27. So pity to see his look, so cham lar…but if no pushishment, they wont scare one…

    they climb over your head lor!

  28. EVIL!!!!!!!!!!!!! make him cry samo take picture!


  29. Same lah… Whack, Scream, all also no use. Take away TV or PS2… then they behave!

    ya wor but y y y we still scream ah???

  30. WUAH !! is working wo .. then good now i have new tactic adi .. i whack until my hand also pain n yet she still the same .. now i know liao πŸ˜›

    thank you .. for sharing this tips πŸ˜›

    but kesian Kieran 😦

    have to la…no choice!

  31. Wanna do, don wanna do..think think think….KIV first Amah’s tip πŸ™‚

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