Following the cancel Astro act, my son wrote me this note….


He wrote this inside but I couldn’t fit it into a photo..

“I love you mummy”

Me-Come Kieran, mummy love you too…

K-Gimme the paper…


K-I want to write somemore..

The continuation of the note below the I love you part…

“So, can you please put back the Astro”

Me-wha hahahahahahahhaha…… ok ok but you must promise to behave when we ask you to, if not no cartoon, ok??

Weekend Updates

Last Friday had dinner at this Bangsar Seafood Eat All you Can for RM38++ but the food was soooooo saltish, ya I know why cos it was eat-all-you-can so they so clever made the food so saltish we can’t eat that much la! Aiya wasted, Angie should have been there to help us wallop more food as she loves saltish food! But despite the food, I had a real good time because of the company of course! Thanks to Angel for organising this dinner and hope birthday boy and girl had a swell time too! Happy Belated birthday!! pssstt…actually Amah prepared birthday gifts for you guys but Amah paiseh to give..so now all nicely wrapped up in my house…don’t know what to do with them! Blechhh…

Then came Saturday, lazed around and didn’t do much this weekend, no time to bake also…but was determined to bring the kids out at least. So when it stopped raining, we packed and left for Lake Gardens, it was almost 5pm but that didn’t dampen our spirits. But halfway through Federal Highway, it began to pour cows & elephants…OH….what a bummer!!!!!!!!! Then we decided to go to One Utama and let Kieran play at the indoor playground instead! While he played there Amah went shopping of course! So in love with the clothes at Gap Kids…couldn’t resist buying some tops for Kylie and Kieran. Then dinner was at Soho, dim sum & la mien place, food was good, service was even better but the electric was tripping of & on for so many times but we still ate like nothing happened, best of all Kylie enjoyed herself and didn’t create a scene and was eating by herself! Bravo!


Nice Deco


Siu Loong Pau (as good as Dragon I lei)


Dunno what dim sum but soooo yummmieee


Green tea


Boy chomping down food cos he was soooo hungry!


Kylie eating with her fingers







20 responses to “Weekend

  1. wuah they never invite me….cis!

    don’t angeli ok?? 😉

  2. amah,you make me feel hungry now!

    hahaha..food posts always liddat one ler..

  3. Ah… I like the siu loong paus!!

    Your son is so cute!


  4. I’ve been wanting to try Soho, but never got to doing it.
    Ok, hungry now…ngam ngam dinner time! 😀

    go go try! nice! 🙂 cheh like i own that place liddat….free advertisement for them must ask them for vouchers la…hahaha

  5. Soho?? New place ah???
    The food look nice leh…. must go try one of these day lioa…

    yah must go lei when u r down here…

  6. ur effective punishment really works worrrr

    u think it works on liucas o not?

    dunno wor,,,i’m still confused about liucas lei!

  7. Cows & Elephants…. WUAHAHAHAHHAHA!!!!

    Ehhh… Wah Aunty Angie so hamsup wan ar??? eeeeee….
    Wat a pity the Bangsar seafood thingy so salty one :(( cheh!!!!

    heavy rain ma…so potong steam ok!

  8. Luckily you never give me present, I paiseh to take also la. Thanks again.

    hahaha..don’t paiseh paiseh lei…

  9. Sorry to disappoint u no karaoke… next time, yeah? 😉

    hahaha..who’s bday is next?? can’t wait…

  10. Eh eh… Kylie never sit in high chair meh?

    And Kieren hoh… pandai ah you… know how to “thum” you mother already hoh 😀

    she doesn’t want lor..she will climb out of it..very dangerous!

  11. Awww so nice you gave him back Astro. Kieran be a good boy from now on izzit?

    off & on have to remind him lor…i didn’t cancel la..just scare him only..

  12. uwah! siu long pau ah… hungry la now. heheh, eh next time let kylie sit higher la, see, she like cannot even reached her bowl la. *muaks kylie*

    she doesn’t sit still u don’t know meh? so hard to take care of her la…at least this time didn’t scream & cry lei!

  13. i had to say, u made me laugh when he asked back for the paper and wrote please put back the astro….
    yippe… mommy 1 – kieran 0

    early early morning, see the siu long pau, i slurp slurp oledi lar

    hahaha..kieran is really quite cute at times…

  14. Looks so yummy.
    Now it rains everyday, worried as we are having the girls party on Saturday

    pray hard!!!

  15. LOL! Please put back the Astro! hahahah… next time just remove the smart card.

    no lar i just joking one…hahaha i block it with password now..

  16. wahahaha… your boy so SMART !…

    so smart in all the wrong things! LOL!

  17. I also wanted to try SOHO since they open but my hubby less adventurous in food. Got to bring him there one of these days.

    must b adventurous only can find good food ma…:D

  18. wah you son very clever to win you over….

    soho good ah…me going 1u tonite…maybe go there la.

    boys wat..speciality isnt it??

  19. hahaha…looks like weakess point 😛

    yah my son pressed the dead point leow!

  20. I like that place too..

    The 3 egg fried rice.. fuyoh.. so sedap!

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