I noticed I have been complaining a lot, complain, complain rant, rant but as I was driving this morning I looked around and suddenly felt that I should give thanks for so many things…

I give thanks to God…

  • that I can go to work at flexible hours….
  • who blessed me with this business…even though we do not go out and do much marketing & sales but there is enough to sustain us…
  • for a great & dedicated helper in Angie who can take care of things in the office when I’m not around..
  • for my kids eventhough they may not be the best in behaviour all the time…
  • for my hubby eventhough he drives me up the wall very often…
  • for a shelter (or two) over my head…
  • for friends who understand me and accept me as I am…
  • for being ALIVE and HEALTHY!

How about you? I am sure you have many things to be thankful for…


20 responses to “Thanksgiving…

  1. I’ll be thankful i known Laundryamah. I’ll be thank amah didn’t put me in your washing machines!! kekeke

    u tok somemore la…make me angeli i throw u in the washing machine! 😉

  2. ya, we have so many things to complaints, but at the same time we have to be thankful too..we thankful we still can make complaints, right?


  3. Nice to read your post 😀 Thanks for reminding us to be thankful. I should also stop complaining so much. Thankful for also getting to know you…..such a warm and fun person ;D

    thank you thank you!

  4. Just as when I wanna post something up cursing bout my college, I read your post here. Okay okay, i should be thankful. At least i get to study. =)

    ya ya be thankful cos a lot of ppl wanna go to college oso cannot afford lei..

  5. Thank you for sucha meaningful reminder. Yes, we must be thankful that we are alive and well today! 🙂


  6. Amen!
    We should have more moments like these in our lives. 🙂

    in fact we should give thanks everyday hor???

  7. is this post meant for me?

    ayoooo…this post is for ME la….eh apa maciam one? don’t b so sensitive lei…

  8. In everything gives thanks!


  9. Good post. I just wanna thank to my parents who bring me into this world.

    yes yes…parents very important one..treasure them, especially your MOM! eh hem..mothers day coming..u know what to do la

  10. It’s good to reflect and be grateful over things once in a while.

    I’m thankful to be the daughter of my parents.
    I’m thankful for everything good that has happened to me.



  11. thank you for thinking abt me amah…

    of course lei..u r my right & left hand wor!

  12. Yes, we should give thanks to everyone in our lifes for it is with their presence that we are what we are today


  13. you are so right. We always forget to look at what we have and focus on what we dont have

    we are human after all… 🙂

  14. this post remind me that I want to thanks many people….emmm, i should write for it in my blog too….thankkkss

  15. Thanks to you I can read blogs and fill up my spare time… hahahahha 🙂

    but seriously, thank everyone especially parents, wife, kid, etc the list goes on.

  16. A good reminder. TQ!

  17. Why suddenly so nostalgic????

  18. i am thankful for amah being my fren for all these years!!

  19. thankful for alot of things – my family, my job, friends, and that i will be going to HONG KONG next month!!!!! WOOO-HOOO!!!!

    ahem, sorry…

  20. I’m thankful I have a computer and internet… among other more important things like family, health, friends, the gospel etc….

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