After I so good give thanks I kena this?

I had to meet a potential client in town yesterday and he suggested Lot 10. Ok, I don’t mind as I can park my car with no hassles and also do some shopping (how to avoid shopping at this area, you tell me?). I parked on Level 6A and found a parking right in front of the entrance to the escalator. Wah good la! But then the car behind me ate into my space by about 1.5′ so my head was sticking out by 1.5′ also la. I thought it wasn’t a problem since the space is quite wide there.


But after the meeting and I zoomed over to Isetan and bought what I had to and also do not have to but still bought (just to get the free parking) I rushed to my car. The moment I walked out I saw this!


Cialatt! I was so shocked at that time I didn’t take out my camera to take the photo..bad mistake! So I only took this photo once I reached my office. I had to rush off too to do a delivery but thank God all the traffic lights decided to be nice to me and turned green everywhere for me to breeze past!

So today have to go back to Lot 10 to investigate by looking into their CCTV! Wish me all the best to be able to catch that lousy driver! But then I did stop to ponder, if it was I who knocked somebody’s car, would I leave my contact for the victim or not? I think I will cos now the feeling of being hit & run is not nice at all!!!!!!!!!!!


34 responses to “After I so good give thanks I kena this?

  1. Aiyaaaa….. why the ppl sooo bad one.. hit and tun.. cilaka punya oran… wish U all the luck hope U can find tat ppl and sue him kau kau.. claim all his/her insurance….

  2. Adoi…

    Nvm lar… take it as tong cheh


  3. ok.. u check alreayd.. then update us

  4. I think the fella who knocked you is an idiot la
    So big also cannot see one
    The last time my I kena was worse leh
    The whole side door kena
    Anyway, hope you find the culprit and hit and run him/her

  5. OMG, why like tat ler. U faster-faster go and investigate.

  6. Look on the bright side…ONLY the car lah…

    I recently saw two motorcycles langgar at the junction near my house, one guy was like tumble tumble to the ground lah.. Didn’t even see him get up… The one who langgar-ed him, stopped for a split second and just Zoooooomed Off.. The poor fella who got hit, was still lying on the side of the road until passer-bys ran to help him up…

    So..again, still can give THANKS.. because maybe if you were there, you want to take $$ off him for repairs, he might blame you and then punch your head off? You never know what GILA ppl are out there lah..

    SO…LOOK on the POSITIVE side ….!!

  7. oh no…
    amah!!! your car!!!!

    I think I will leave my number lor… Last time oni scolded my BIL for not leaving his number, but he say the car, SMALL SCRATCH oni… SO i don’t wanna be a person like that… Just imagine the cursing you’ll get… if u hit and run…
    just like how we cursing that idiot that knock ur car ler…

    lucky just bumper, nemmind, amah rich rich, can afford…
    sini keluar sana masuk… OK?!

  8. I bet it must be a lady driver ! hehehe. Up date us after you have investigated wokeh?

  9. Good Luck amah!!:) make him pay for the damage!!

  10. Alamak…see already also heartpain…hope you can find out who’s the culprit!!

  11. omg..the driver super lousy la..but i dont understand how came could crash your car la though the car was eating your space..just imagine..if the front was opposite to your front, then it supposed to reverse, then totally impossible hit yours, but if the back was inside, then what for the driver did the reverse?? alamak,the driver sure is lady..LOL!

  12. then CCTV suddenly shows that a dark images – with poor visibility hit your car.

  13. aiyo… teruk the driver!!!

  14. Wah, the driver must have been going quite fast to cause that dent!!
    Good luck! hope you found the culprit.

  15. good luck. but got insurance at least not too sakit hati? a lot of pondering have been done here whether to leave a note or not. if the victim is nice, ok lar, but if the victim is car bully, like u said, jialat lor. tangkap cacing masuk *ahem*..

  16. wahhhh what i hate abt car accident is that it is so dam blody mah faaan…!! hor? waste a lot of time leh..
    sigh. that bodo fella.

  17. Can get who hit ur car by the CCTV? Hope u find out it.

  18. Aww… that’s too bad…

    Hope you take it as a blessing in disguise… πŸ˜€

  19. u sure its not u hit ppl car!

    cctv cant show all but wish u all the best…

    see some ppl making love on the cctv don forget send it to cocka…

  20. oh dear amah….sorry to hear such bad news…..nevermind la…”poh choy tong choi” πŸ˜€ that person who drove off after hitting you will certainly get a taste of his/her own medicine next time!!!

  21. wah ur car so big also cannot see one

    all the best with lot 10’s cctv

    story me tomolo ah

  22. aiyoh… quite heart pain leh… crack and scratch.
    Our car also kena when MIL drove to a dinner and when she came back then we saw it! MIL did not even notice until we told her as it happened at night!

    Yours will take at least a week for the repair and repaint.

  23. Nowadays, people just don wanna own up, especially when they hit a big expensive car. Morale, drive a lousy car like my Kancil *runs away from Amah’s broom*

  24. adoi…. hati sakit lar……

  25. Poor thing. When you find the culprit, please put him in the washing machine.

  26. I hate it, when people hit the car and go. Hope you get to find the person and make them pay for it. I remember when I had my accident few months back, although the guy admitted it was his fault, but I had to pay for so many other things like police reports, stamp duties la, and also pay for the access fee from insurance although it was his fault.

  27. sorry to hear that.. maybe just consider getting the insurance to pay lor.. that is the purpose of insuring our cars.

  28. Aiyor .. so heart broken la when i see this

  29. aiyo. so terrible. hope the car can be fixed…

  30. Going to be tough to find the culprit.

  31. btw, can’t see the photo.. don’t know how bad it is. 😦

  32. Wah, teruk man… so big space also kenot manouvre properly ah…

  33. wah lao! what luck! and somemore that fellow hit and run? what scums we have out there.

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