What CCTV?

Went to report police and that took roughly one hour plus, considered quite fast for a holiday. Then we proceeded to Lot 10.

Went to the Parking office first (Level 5) and then was directed to the Security Office (Lower Ground). We noticed the CCTV camera was not pointing anywhere near where I parked my car, so I was kinda disappointed and didn’t have much hope in finding the culprit.

The security officer went with us to take photographs of my car and then he was saying it may be difficult since the car was not in the CCTV site. 😦 He was saying other things which actually sums to I can’t help you much miss…another bummer. Anyway, he was very nice, he said he will make the report and will perform some routine investigation and also check with the CCTV department (closed as yesterday was an unofficial holiday) and could call today to see if I can go and view the video with them. Till now I’ve not heard from them…so? What do you think of the chances of me catching that sly cowardly bozo of a driver and I must admit, should be a WOMAN driver as we were all wondering (and still wondering) how on earth did she manage to hit my car in such a fashion!


24 responses to “What CCTV?

  1. Haha..new driving license with the big “P” bah! kekeke. Tarak CCTV ,Liddat, i think chances to catch that fellar is slim liao.

  2. If cant see in CCTV, then difficult lor… i guess damage to pocket also.. unless u wanna claim your own insurance.

  3. Amah , i think the thanks giving saved your life!! maybe if your didn’t thank thank here and there, your car might damage even more badly!!:)

  4. alamak,poor amah..suffered again
    i think no hope liao la…

  5. *agrees with me*

    Let’s all concentrate on +ve chi, amah! 🙂

    *sayang sayang*

  6. What a misfortune. Shit happens.

  7. Aiyo… that’s not too good, ain’t it?

    Anyway I hope you can see the sliver lining of the cloud…

    Have a wonderful weekend ahead. 🙂

  8. not pointing to ur car nvm but c which car came out with hitten then u noe tat car hit ur car… 😉

  9. You drive one of those long long MPV ah? Next time drive kancil lah. Easy to park. Were there any cars parked in front of where you were? They could have hit you while reversing.

  10. oh dear.. pretty bad.. hugs! 🙂

  11. aiyo why so no look up woman driver? hehehe..i also think so la!!

  12. wei have they called you yet? till now if not yet call then habis la! susah sikit la our msian ppl… sigh…. so how now the car? repair at own cost ah? dang!!

  13. Aiya,..why women always kena blame for poor driving. I think i heard on the radion that men are more careless than women. Women drivers may be slow, and thus appear clumsy but men have more accidents leh.

  14. Don’t be sad 😦 at least you learn a lesson now. Next time parking have to be more careful lor.

  15. Sorry to hear abt the misfortune. After so many days still no sound no pic fr Lot10, I think… a bit ‘tong kor sui’. Wish you all the luck to catch the culprit.

  16. aiyya ya ya…

    this is very very “sui”. sorry to hear about this. I just hope that KNNCCB person who hit you will receive their dues. SOON.

  17. aiyo.. guess ur pocket got a big lobang liao .. hopefully the loto10 management can do something ler.. *haiz*… HUGs!!

  18. How? Found out anything more?
    When you are free and want to rant, you can do my tag!! 😉

  19. Ouchhhh….tats quite bad! I understand ur feeling of getting this.

  20. Tough job!
    But I think most likely man.. b’cos only man drives so crazy!

    Woman can be bad drivers, but they are not rackless drivers, and they tend to be very careful.

  21. Shucks! next time need to install CCTV inside our car liao!

  22. Oh bummer… but then, if can see her car also will be a long procedure… samo she might say how come your head jutted out so much bla bla bla…

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