So freaking busy

It’s been the most gila-red week as not only my car got bang-ded, my mom’s car also was hit from behind! Just went through the whole shitty process of getting reports from the police and submitting to the car repair workshop. I will list down all the do’s and don’ts later when I find the time.

Still no news on the CCTV case, my brother was supposed to go and check it out and we may have to try to get some inside help to get more cooperation from the security office.

We had quite an eventful 2-days break but I have no time to blog about it yet! Maybe this weekend la! But just wanna write something before you think I died-ded!

Cheers!! πŸ˜€

psssttt….sorry folks, no time to go blog hopping too! Will try to catch up during the weekend!! I’LL BE BACK!


14 responses to “So freaking busy

  1. Aww, so bad eh? Your mom’s car also kena? Okay okay, i stay tuned for your weekend post lor. =)


  3. Chill…

    Okay, you may tell your stories to us when you’re not that busy… πŸ˜€

  4. haha… really busy eh… ok weekend is just ard the corner. fast fast up date la… we want up date !!!!

  5. Yeah…was wondering what happened to you… How come so long never update your blog…

    Aye.. forgot liow.. Your maid’s uniform you want light blue and in Medium, right? And you want two sets…Correct?

  6. Take your time… no need to rushing ok? Just be slow and steady. Hope they got result from the CCTV soon.

  7. Ehhh U went singing with my Mommy ah?? How nice!! I also wan to go lor.. MIss U guys big time la!!! Good luck in your findings ya!! Get the guys and kick his ass for me too..

  8. wah….so happening…..
    am waiting for your updates.

  9. aiyoh… why sooooo suay again???
    Poor Apoh and Amah.

    Hope you can faster find the culprits!

  10. aiks!!!
    hope u fast fast settle everything and come back to blogging ok? and pray that everything will fall into place… take care…

  11. take your time la..amah..

  12. alamak.. quite a bang-ed happening days lately eh, hope you can settle it soon.

    have a good weekend ya. hugs!


  13. when kambing bek?

  14. Alamak! I just hate it when these types of things happen. BTW, whylah you password protect your next post? You sked laundry apah read ah? Lol!

    of course la! i don’t want him to haunt me la! πŸ™‚

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