Warning-major long post-Insurance Claim

Sorry folks, been so busy. Ok, here’s my promised post on the insurance claim procedure..

This procedure applies when you need to claim 3rd Party insurance

Since my mom’s car is still under warranty we felt we should send it back to Toyota for the repairs, besides we are claiming 3rd party insurance, let them pay la!

The moment I reached Toyota (body repair available at Sec19 brance besides the one at Padang Jawa), saw my friend and he claimed that their service is very good…then when it was our turn, nightmare started (not Toyota’s fault la) Since I didn’t know what to do, we only brought our police report but it’s not enough of course! Other documents needed:

  1. 3rd Party Police Report (Original)
  2. Sketch Plan of the accident (Original)
  3. Police  Investigation Letter (Original)
  4. JPJ Search for 3rd Party insurance particular (Original)
  5. Police Report (Original)
  6. Registration card both side (Copy)
  7. Polic/cover note (Copy)
  8. Claim form (insurance claim form)
  9. Insured IC & License (Copy)
  10. Driver’s IC & License (Copy)

(Item 1 – 3 to get from police station. The time when my mom made the police report, the police should have advised that those documents were needed but of course they didn’t la! What to do, mom got to go la!)

So no choice, mom got to go back to the police station while I go back to arrange for the other documents. We called the 3rd party to try to get his insurance particulars but he was not cooperative of course! So what to do, got to go to JPJ. Since it’s not to far from where I live, so I went the next day. The queue was long, waited almost one hour and when it was my turn, they needed my mom’s IC copy instead of mine (cos person that made the report was my mom..duhhhh!) Double & triple blecccchhhhhhhhhhh! SEI MOH??? Got to rush back la! But it was Friday so the lunch break in that fantastic department was extra long and I had a delivery & training at Kajang in the afternoon lei!

So upon reaching office, called the customer and asked if it was ok for me to go then so I can still go back to JPJ after 2.45pm. Thank God the customer obliged so I zoomed to the customer’s place and thank goodness the training was smooth and customer was not the long winded type!

Then zoomed back to pick my mom up just in case they want the original as well…but we don’t have a copy so got to make a copy at JPJ (very expensive photocopying!).

How to do a search on 3rd party insurance details

Get form from Information Counter

Get queue number  & then only fill in the form cos the queue is so dem long one..

Once they called our number, we had a slight problem as there were 3 cars involved. We wanted to take the other 2 person’s info although the Toyota guy advised that we need to take only the car which hit the car behind my mom which then hit my mom’s car. Unfortunately when my mom made the police report she forgot to put in the detail of the 3rd car and only mentioned the car behind her! So careless but again, since she’s a senior citizen, shouldn’t the police be the one who should advise her?? In fact the report was prepared by the police and they left that so important information out! So the JPJ guy also gave us a hard time as he really was clearly overworked and didn’t have the patience to hear us out.

Me- so macam mana?

JPJ-jumpa officer!


totally ignoreed me and called for the next number!

Me-?????  WTF!

We moved to the cubicle which I guessed was the place we wait to see the officer but that guy didn’t call for one lei! Otoke??? Then I walked back to the number counter to ask and she told next door. There was indeed an officer there and she was attending to someone so I gestured for mom to go there while I continued to wait for the application for one car first.

Then it turned out the officer which my mom was waiting was not the one in charged of such cases! Double shiaks! Thanks to a kind samaritan (those runners there la) he called out the phantom officer (neh the empty booth just now). Then the officer was very patient or probably got too confused and didn’t want to complicate things further, went on to process the information for us and it was faster than the one which I was waiting for! Triple shiaks!

So make sure you guys know the facts before going to gaomen departments ok!!


17 responses to “Warning-major long post-Insurance Claim

  1. haha… wa, really very long rant wor. well, at least now you know what to do just in case anyone were to involve with such jialatt situation… CHOI!!!

    ya man mega choi!!!

  2. damn mah fun to do all these..

    That’s why my husband will try to avoid claiming insurance.. b’cos of all these red tapes.

    but mom’s car still under warranty ma so cannot send to chap pa lak repair and toyota repair is very expensive ler….

  3. FWUAHHHHHH…. No wonder u slimmer ady lar that day I see u…. all the running here n there…..

    Aih… hope now eberithing ok ady… If not they will see amah flaring her temper….

    oh ya hor….sure way to slim down is go to gaomen depts! itu counter bukan sini…sana! situ! etc etc!

  4. Eh, shd’ve asked your agent to do it for you ma 😛

    agent? called him oso didn’t give right information u think he will do for u ah?

  5. Aiya…next time, just get one of those Runners to do lah.. A little bit of money but save the headache and aggravation. Don’t worry, won’t cost so much that you cannot buy your guccis and pradas and LVs lah…

  6. Aiyer… these garmen ppl all like that one lar… loves to send ppl go merry-go-round!!!

    Agreed with Nomadic Mom, just pay RM50 and you have a better day… Can’t stand the long Q… it’s like endless!!!!

  7. Yup – the Toyota body and paint in Sec 19 is really good. The guy there was really helpful and saved me a lot of hassle when I had my accident 2 months back. But the rest e.g. going to police station etc is just irritatingly painful. I am still waiting for my 3rd party claim from the other guys insurance.

  8. gahmen… go there for the services if you want to experience the feeling of utter frustration.

  9. Eh? I thought insurance co or agent do it for you? OHHHH forgot, this is 3rd party claim… everything DIY….

  10. Why hor.. these ppl like to send us go merry go round and show us their sad ding dong face as if we owe them their life hor?? Really don understand…..

  11. alamak..merry go round game ar? why don’t you pass to agent?

  12. could have claimed KNOCK-FOR-KNOCK. Faster, lidat

  13. Or next time get one of those motor claims company to do all these for you lah. They know the ‘right’ officer to kau tim everytime.
    They’ll do it for a fee, but it’s worth it.

  14. Alamak I so blur, just noticed your picture on the side, dat wan you kah, so pretty, for some reason the word “amah” had me picturing you as an old 60 something sarong wearing old lady with a bun.

  15. ahh this will come in handy in case same thing happen to me.. 🙂

  16. my hubby was involved in 4 car accidents before (so sui eh?) & I agree it’s real hectic to lodge report & do the claim, some more car-less for weeks…

  17. Thank you for the long briefing. Its really ‘sakit kepala’ to do all this. I understand your frus! 🙂

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