Mummy Loves You Very Much


You are the apple of mummy’s eye even though you make me scream & shout at you. No matter what you are still my beloved son, I love you Kieran, I love you so much that I am afraid I am not good enough a mother to you. Mummy tend to worry too much and seem to be a little (yah rite) hard on you….ok ok…maybe too hard on you. It pains me so much when I cane and punish you and when you cry mummy’s heart cries too….Mummy have said this to you so many times…”Go away! Don’t disturb me…”, mummy does not mean it, mummy wants you to come and talk to me all the time but when mummy is busy with something else mummy forgets that you need to talk to me….I am sorry darling….will you still love me?? Will you still wish mummy “Happy Mother’s Day”?

This post is inspired by MOTT’s email to me. Thanks Mott for reminding me of something, Love Conquers All, I will try to give and show him more love in the future….

I don’t know about you guys but I find mothering so tough at times, I’m still learning each day and am so glad that I have you guys with me in this learning process. I just wanna take this opportunity to wish all mothers a very Blessed and Happy Mother’s day!


36 responses to “Mummy Loves You Very Much

  1. Happy Mummy’s Day to U lor…


  2. Don’t worry Amah, Kieran will understand when he grows up!! 🙂 Happy Mummy’s day to u too!!!!

    hopefully lor…TQ!

  3. Sob sob..i feel like crying here :

  4. gosh..why my comment only got half top? where is the bottom half?

    sob sob..i feel like crying here
    amah, you’re not alone there,you know?
    Happy Mother’s Day to you!

    thanks for your support! hope u had a good celebration too for mother’s day!

  5. Don’t worry, when the time comes, Kieran will understand that to reprimant means you care and to cane means you love him very much!

    Happy Mother’s Day to you Amah!

    hope u had a good time at the karaoke! 😉 thanks for encouragement!

  6. You made me cry la, amah (wiping tears away). I’m sure Kieran knows you love him very very much. Being a mother IS tough!!! You are doing a very good job 😉

    ayo…touching meh?? ok la lil different from my normal posts hor…yeah we together gether work hard and be good mothers k?

  7. Happy mama’s day to u!!


  8. It’s hard to be a parent, I know.

    People said, what, “yong yi yat bak nin, cheong yau gao sap gao“, right??

    Anyway, hope you have a happy mummy’s day! 🙂

    wah chim wor…me no comprehendey lei…hahahaha….thanks anyway!

  9. Aiyo! I feel like crying lar. Yes I agreed wif u we really have to shower our kids wif love and not scold them always.

    as i said love conquers all!

  10. happy mommies day to you amah. you are a great mommy just sometimes a little bit kan cheong oni.. oh well, which mommy is not. so dont feel too bad ok. *Hug Hug*

    hope u had a good celebration too! thanks ya…

  11. happy mum’s day! no one said a mother’s job is easy. that’s why god gave us women this job! we learn to become a mother as our children learn to be…. our children 😛 parenthood doesn’t come with a manual. so don’t worry amah..WE ARE DOING A GREAT JOB HERE!

    yeah man! hahaha….we try our best!

  12. we know how ufeel la. Happy mothers day!

    thanks! 😉

  13. I’m touched by what you have written. Makes me wanna cry.

    Hey, we all go thru the same things lah. I am also guilty of losing my patience and screaming at my girls And sometimes we get too preoccupied with other things, not realising that we have somehow ignored/neglected the kids. But we all try our best.
    I’m positive Kieran knows that you love him dearly.


    yeah we try our very best la! thanks for encouragement! muaks!

  14. Happy mother’s day dear amah.


  15. kieran na na na.dont be notty and kek mummy le wor………..

    mummy have to work hard very one u knw..

    happy mama day amah.!!!:)

    thanks dear!

  16. Makes me wanna cry liao — Happy Mother’s Day to U and I am sure you’ll get thru this.


  17. Such a lovely twist to the conventional Mothers’ Day greeting. This post is worth a million bucks.

    Happy Mother’s Day!

    Thanks and hope u had a nice mother’s day celebration!

  18. Happy Marder’s Day, Amah!

    Note to Kieran: Wah! Mummy caned you ah? Never mind. Next time when she grows old, you hide away her dentures and her walking stick to punish her, ok? LOL

    wah i thot cocka so good wish me skali got twist…bleccccchhhh! 😛

  19. push him… but not too harsh… and just love him love him love him love him… but never spoil him… tho must pamper him… dun later like me and my mom… oh we are like super live drama diva soap opera family… WA KAKAKAKAKA!

    happy mother’s day!

    i think in every family there is some soap stories la…all the same one…be nice to your mom!

  20. Happy Mother’s Day. Eyes wet already reading your post today.

    wah so terrer meh…hahaha…ok ok happy belated mother’s day to you…

  21. Happy Mother’s Day! You are a great mother too 🙂

    thanks…eh how u know i great mother lei? me struggling lei! hahaha…thanks for encouraging!

  22. eh??

    hahah..thot u wud think I was a cult-member or something..

    hahah..didn’t think it was THAT inspirational….

    kieren..ur mummy LOVES you so very very much!!!

    no lar…memang inspirational…see la…make me eyes wet wet ledi…

  23. aw… that sweet. hepi mahder’s day 2 u too!

    hope u remember to treat ur wife good good ah…very susah be a mother u know!

  24. Wei, friend… Why so “kamm toong” one ???

    Happy mother’s Day!!

    Mother’s day ma….

  25. hi laundryamah…

    happy mother’s day n u r great mom!


  26. ah! who says mothering is easy eh? but don’t worry….i think it’s normal for mothers to worry and fuss too much with their kids..I think it’s only natural.
    Happy mother’s day to you!!!!


  27. Hi, thanks for dropping by my blog.

    It’s only natural we as mother are “kan cheong” on our children. They will know that we love them sooner or later.

    happy mother’s day to u.

    no worries! hopefully..*keeping fingers crossed*

  28. Mothering is the toughest but most rewarding job in the world

    yeah,,,lets hope our kids know that!

  29. Amah…sob sob…so sad one…
    Don’t worry… Kieran will someday know always u wanted the best for him…sob sob…
    I guess have faith that your efforts will be worthwhile!

    thanks! hahaha…so sad meh? ok ok happier news later…

  30. It’s natural.. sometimes we shouted at them, let go our ‘geram’ at them but deep down, we’re more hurt than them.. We hear you Amah… We all know….. and I’m sure Kieran would know as well. Happy Mother’s Day to you 😀

    thanks for the support!

  31. Amah, u’re not alone..dont worry and dont be sad. Kieran sure know u love him soooo much!
    Ya..mommy job is really a touch job, i agree with u, and yet all of us are doing a good job! Bravo!
    And here i want to wish u a happy mother’s day and no more sad sad ok? *hug*

    i lagi respect u la…double trouble lei!

  32. aiyo.. so touching.. at the same time very scary !.. It’s really tough being a mom huh..

    Happy Mom DAy !!.. Be Cool !.. one day your boy will sure understand..

    Just be patient lor..


    thanks dear! hope u learn from us (not that we very good la…) and don’t repeat our mistakes lei!

  33. Yes.. it’s tough to be a mother.. And yes.. love conquer all..

    Happy Mother’s Day to you.

  34. Sigh, being a mother is not an easy job…this is what makes life interesting. Happy Mother’s Day!!

  35. Amah, am sooo ‘gam tung’ (touching) to read this post lar….sob sob!!

    May all the mothers ‘ga you’ ‘ga you’ together!! Cheers!! 🙂

  36. I think its just a phase that he is going through. He should turn out find sooner or later… dont worry so much.

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