Kylie’s Sleeping Arrangement

At the moment Kylie still sleeps in the same room as us. So we put her mattress next to ours. We actually sleep on a platform instead of a bed, this way the kids can bunk with us anytime and no risk of falling of and there’s enough space for all.  Her mattress is right next to mine and also the wall.  She actually moves like the hands of the clock in her sleep so that explains why i don’t allow any space around her mattress. This way I can also snuggle into her mattress sometimes to be close to her and smell her hair…heeheeheeheehee.


But our little princess can still wriggle out of a king size comforter (purposely use a big size one cos she wriggles so much) and end up sleeping on the platform outside of her mattress! I give up! Oh I also bought that thingy (don’t know what it’s called la) where I can zip her in so that she can keep warm and restrict her movement but she screams and screams…so cannot use that thingy anymore!



21 responses to “Kylie’s Sleeping Arrangement

  1. Oh, you’re referring to the sleeping sack right? Yeah, I think it only works if the kid is one year or less. Anything more than that, and kids demand freedom… don’t we all? 😉

    ya ya the sleeping sack..haahaha but this one i bot is quite big lei…she just doesn’t like lor!

  2. Aiyo….so cute la Kylie. Ashley also sleeps like her…moving all over. Hey, I like her little bolster 🙂 BTW, you have been tagged!!!!!

    yah her bolster is like her drug! no bolster no sleep! and she sucks her thumb each time she plays with the piggy legs! yeeeee

  3. i don’t know how kids can sleep on the floor..but they can! my no.1 … so famous for it!! Till today! Even though I get him nice big bed..with “cars” bedsheet…no..floor much better.
    but luckily, i put my no.2 in the sleepsack since young…and he still sleeps with it.

    ya lor! but the platform is wood so not so hard gua,,,but then again during her afternoon naps it will be on the tiled floor! hmmm…

  4. *muaks* so cute la… sleep like the hands of the clock… turn turn turn… haha

    the whole nite liddat ok! i got to shift her bag like at least twice!

  5. hahaha just like ellisa…in the end i also dun bother…let her sleep on the platform la…

  6. dunno y the kids like to turning around the bed until get sleep on the platform… no matter how big the bed is…. 😛

  7. the platform not hard meh?

  8. hahaha..i think all kids are the same..will move around..even though the bed is big!My two boys also the same!
    yea..that bolster looks cute..

  9. make way for mummy and daddy to make no3 mah….

  10. So cute…i did lot of turning and twisting when I was a kid too…Once pull my mum’s hair while dreaming I was fighting with my brother! Hahaha

  11. all kids sleep itu macam one ar?
    i see the piggy bolster… 😀

    amah, just wear socks for her, and no blanket also dun care lar… they say the tapak kaki & head is the part of our body that releases our body heat… so just wear socks to ensure less heat released… something like that…

  12. Hahaha..dunno why kids tend to be very “larn-fun”! The more space u give them, the more they will be all over the place.

  13. Your daughter is so cute! 😀

  14. So I suggest you and hubby zip yourselves in that sleep sack and have a romp lah. The smaller the space , the more chi kik! LOL

  15. haaaaaaaaa!!!!!
    kids can sleep anyhow. if next time when she grows up she sees u posed her sleeping pic…..she sure ‘pin jui’ hahah

  16. This reminds me of my boys… My dad used to complain about S1 sleeping until his kaki cucuk my dad’s face!

    As for Winn’s comment on Kylie “pin jui” when she sees this photo, it just dawned on me HOW our kids will feel when they see that their mommies have put their pai-seh stuff on the www?? Think they will hate their mommies ar???

  17. hahaha… Kylie very keng wor! But all kids are like that. Put them on one end and they end up on the other end the next day!

    Darrius hates being covered with blankets or anything! He will kick away angrily within 15 seconds! The only time I can cover him with the duvet is when we were in the US!

  18. Heehee, I was a bad sleeper when I was younger too. Slept with my grandma, my leg end up on her face. Lucky didn’t stranggle her. But cured when my mom made me sleep on a canvas bed.

  19. haha floor more cooling isit 😛

  20. The bigger the space, the more they want to roll around! i THINK most kids dont like being constrained by a blanket

  21. Your room is so cold until need comforter even with long sleeves and long pants worn?

    We turn on our aircon at about 24degrees.. e.body sleep without blanket.. except Daddy since he wears shorts to sleep e.nght.

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