House Updates-Also backdated lor…

I have planted quite a number of chilly plants as I lurrvvve chillies! And at times chillies are quite expensive, so since I have a relatively big garden, plant la! Here’s my first crop! I was too anxious and actually plucked them when they are not ripe! blurrrr…I left quite a lot and they actually grew bigger! So exciting lor!


Here’s one row of chilly plants. There are somemore on the other side but still quite small. Most of the plants here already bore fruit and Kieran keeps reminding me each day there are a lot of chillies!


I dare not plant any other vegetables for fear of work. Planting chilly is fairly easy, just got to water only! hahahhaha


We bought more furnitures lately (I really should stop buying as space has definitely run out! So I really need to call my neighbour to try to threaten talk her into selling me her house since she doesn’t live there! That’s the sofa which was on special last month. I actually went to buy it myself and I was pushing this sofa plus another trolley full of stuff together alone! Everyone was staring at me, must have thought this woman so pathetic one, no one to help still can buy so many things!


This dining table was bought by Apah only cos I forced asked him to. Notice there are no chairs? He said to buy later wor…no more stock only he know!


This is the divider that Apah was going to assemble but I don’t know why I didn’t take the completed picture! Hahaha…


Yes all the furniture is from my favourite store, I am sold to it! I’m sure you can guess which one la!


20 responses to “House Updates-Also backdated lor…

  1. Another IKEA fan?
    How you push the sofa on your own ar? Terror….

    yes major ikea fan even though i have to lug the heavy furniture myself and transport myself I still like! stupid or wat?

  2. wow!! u r Ikea’s number 1 fan right?? how to push the sofa by yourself?? respect!! geng ah!!

    yes lor! i dunno how i did it but i did it. just didn’t have hands to take photo as proof only. i was pushing one trolley with my right hand and left hand pushing the sofa! gila lei??

  3. Amah, u need a bigger bungalow liao… 😉

    bungalow? eh remember my Apah didn’t buy the chairs? How to buy bungalow wor??

  4. Looking at your cilipadi, I wish I had a garden too! 😦

  5. Ha I got the same sofa in dark blue & that red arm chair (dillon’s favoruite chair) also.

  6. IKEA ah?

    Wah… cili padi eh!!

  7. wah…so shiok, all brand new !!!

  8. So many chillis?? No wonder you are so hot…hahahaahahah!!! Hey, now I know why you hang around at Ikano a lot 😉 BTW, I love your tv cabinet. Very nice 🙂

  9. oi we will have the same divider liao

  10. Me! I’m an Ikea fan too…you’d be surprised to see how many Ikea items there are in my house. And you’ll be even more surprised that I live in Penang!

  11. eh, then itu dining time how to makan lah tarak chair. ur hubby really funny LOL

  12. aikes! i tot i helped you carried a ‘beige’ sofa, how come now blue geh? Apah… no chair this Sunday dinner cancel isit? Wuarharharharhar

  13. are definitely a loyalty supporter for Ikea.

  14. hahaha.. i guess correct liao … tht sofa is a sofa bed rite ??

  15. amah… ur house can be ikea show house oledi… 😀

  16. u really super woman..super strength too…how u push tat sofa…summore all those ppl there see u also never help…so mcp ah!! just watch only??

  17. Amah, you remind me of my chili plants also… the last one I had was during spring in Perth… I bought 5 plants and all bore me red hot chilies damn shiok! Then all die one by one… so sad… 😦

    Your house still like WW3 condition ah? LOL

  18. You like cili padi. I got 3 types of chilly plants, all very very hot one. You know habenero, said to be the hottest chilli in the world. I got it. See got chance to meet u someday, will bring you some samples.

  19. Can plant some papaya, pretty easy to grow, just throw some seeds in.

    Whao, true fans of Ikea eh? Super women ler, can push so many things, a sofa? 😉

  20. Wah.. can have so many differfent types of chilli planted with such a big garden..

    And if your house cannot keep all the furniture.. you can have a lelong sale in blogsphere. 🙂

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