Manyak Long Post-Title = Rojak! Em bei meh?

24 month update on Kylie

Time flies…my baby is turning two in two days time! She’s really a handful and I will tell you why now...



You can’t bring her out for long period of time as she will become cranky and will not sit in her stroller. See la how she cries in the restaurant and the other customers will look at me and not her one wor!  How can?


She likes to try out shoes, her shoes and also my shoes! So she’s definitely got my traits alright!


She likes to hang on your leg if she wants you to do something for her, eg when she wants to manouvre you to the biscuit container…She does that whenever she likes and she chooses her victims also. Angie will totally identify with me on this part!


Her speech is still very limited, in fact almost zero! If you consider single words here and there, then there’s some la. Here are some new ones….

horshee – horse (says that each time we pass the signboard of a certain paint brand with the horse head logo)

ah booo – balloon

apble – apple


She’s basically very lonely girl as she spends her day in my office and occasionally redecorates the office and also give Auntie Angie a hard time, eg asking her for biscuits.  Since she doesn’t talk, she actually diverts Auntie Angie’s attention by pushing Auntie’s buttock and then move her to the biscuit tin! Thanks Auntie Angie…muaks!



She’s showing thumbs-up for the yummy food she’s asked for!

And now it’s time to do my homework..

Firstly a tag from Mommy to Chumsy

My fansee….who are you??? (Tag)

Wah like so action liddat, no lar, no fansee, la just friends and relatives wanting to catch up on what this Amah has been up to only. Well who are my friends who follow my blog since I started almost a year ago? Well, I know there is this friend of mine who resides downunder who reads my blog diligently, even while breastfeeding! Thanks dear! There are many more but I can’t be tagging all of them, and quite a number are not bloggers…So I will just tag the following bloggers and friends:

Mom to Oscar, my faithful assistant and babysitter too!

Mom to 2 angels, my faithful friend from school since 1985!

Nomadic Mom, my my faithful friend from school since 1984!

Angeleyes why you cos I took you out for shopping and dinner so it’s payback time..muahahahahaha….

Hui Sia cos she very nice one, hope to meet you in Hong Kong in June!

And another tag by my ngau cheong/sifu, 5xMom

Chinese Names Tag 

Kieran’s chinese name is Seng Jen – Seng means clear and Jen means responsible

The name is given to us as we have to follow the generation middle name, meaning all boys in his generation will be named Seng something…Don’t ask me why cos I don’t know.

Kylie’s chinese name is  Kylie (in mandarin is Jia Yee). I gave her this name cos I like the sound of it. Meaning? Don’t know lor….Sei moh?

Not tagging anyone as I noticed quite a number have done it already!

I’m supposed to copy the list but I don’t have time now…laterz ok!


24 responses to “Manyak Long Post-Title = Rojak! Em bei meh?

  1. Jiia Yee in mandarin means ‘add fish’ lah. Hahahahhaha!!!

  2. Cocka Doodle is so mean !! but i like the name Jia Yee too!! 🙂 alamak, amah , this time u r in trouble already, since she got this fetish for shoes, when she grows up, u’ll go bankrupt by buying her shoes!!

  3. Another Imelda Marcos in the making???? whahahahhaha

    Aiyer, I kena double triple tagged for the above lor… sei mou??? Still no time to do coz bz updating the moolah site! 😛

  4. Kylie looks so cute with the toy glasses.

  5. Amah, you got bring her shopping anot? Shopping center there got alot of shoes for her to try ma! Bayar oni nia!!hahaha

  6. I’m your fan-see leh!

  7. Happy Birthday Kylie baby! Muaks!

  8. i’m also fansee!!!!!!
    can see the notorious kylie again today
    woo hoo

    u post earlier then i know wat to buy for her lar, SHOES! why u post so late?

  9. How time flies hor? Wah, definitely got ur traits leh – shoes lover. Hahaha.

    I’m sure Kylie loves Auntie Angie very much – looks likes Auntie Angie’s her ‘Ah Sei’. Kekeke.

  10. Wa…so fast 2 years old already!!! Time really flies man…


    BTW, don’t worry about her not speaking much lah. Look at my S2? I soooo worried that I brought him to a Speech Therapist… Then see what happens now? TALK NON-STOP. Really really NON-STOP! He can even talk to himself for one hour… YES. To himself!!

  11. Happy Birthday Kylie, auntie Jess hug hug and kiss kiss u yeah!

  12. no wonder she use her head to push my bum that day. i wonder what she want.

  13. next time sure Kylie always asks you money for buying shoes can’t marah her somemore as she just inherited genes from you 🙂

    amah, how to meet you ar? i am going back to Sabah next Sunday and ready to give birth lo…anyway, can meet you in KL..i think..

    oh, ya, i did this tag liao…HAHAHA…

  14. Happy Birthday to Kylie!! 😀

    Erm… Jia Yee is a neutral name. Because I have a few male and female friends whose names are Jia Yee or Jia Yi. Hehe.

  15. Ah mah, you still got time to take picture when Kylie is crying? poor Kylie. Untie scold scold mummy for you,k? Kylie is such a good girl!

  16. wei, leave kylie in office full time la… hehe, can keep me company ma, er the reno part i can still handle la *muaks* kylie… oh happy belated birthday kylie!!! aunty angeline so sayang lor…

  17. Hehe…yala…when my son cry loudly, my husband will think it’s my fault. Wahlou eh.

  18. haha – must be the terrible 2s

  19. Love that picture of her with the glasses. And yes, I know what you mean about the evil stares. Sigh. I get that too. Double sigh.

    Happy belated birthday Kylie!!! 🙂

  20. i saw kylie shoe, remind me the other day in your car when ellisa quickly took off her shoe and wanna try kylie’s!…too bad her feet so big, cannot squeeze into kylie’s shoes.

  21. Happy Birthday Kylie, she take after her mama izzit, full of spunk.

  22. Happy Birthday Kylie… how come you don’t show the party photos?

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