Weekend Updates


As a lot of you may already know, I had a joint celebration birthday party for Kylie together with these handsome guys & this pretty girl. We had a real swell time together-gether and you can read more about this here, here, here, here & here.

I woke up like just before 7 in the morning to start baking as my dear friend who was supposed to help me bake the cake had a wedding to attend so can’t help me…so I took up the challenge to do it myself. Not that I can’t afford to buy la but I just wanted to have something homebaked. Sorry to bake myself is definitely more costly than buying off the shelf cos all the ingredients I got totalled up to a bomb ok! So here’s my so called birthday cake, I am not too impressed with it of course but nevermind la!


After the kids’ birthday party Amah went to another birthday party celebrating this sweet girl’s birthday. Thanks to this happening girl for organising this event. The bistro we went was like derrrr….sorry ah, but I also forgot the name leow. It’s located next to Kelana Seafood Restaurant. This place was infested with life blood sucking mozzies and I was the unfortunate victim as I was wearing a skirt! Damn! Even the insect ultraviolet light thingy didn’t work which got me scratching non stop the whole blardy night! Then I ordered this kiddy meal in a form of a sheppard’s pie which took them more than an hour to serve! When I saw it, I was like, is that all? Not that I was expecting much but they took so dem blardy long to prepare! Cis! So that night was not really my night until the draw for the ‘Guess the football match score contest! (Manchester U vs Chelsea) Thanks to Ace I just simply filled in the form la. I told him I usually don’t have luck for contests but he told me to just fill the form, I mai fill lor… We didn’t even pay attention to the match only looked up when the guys were shouting!

I didn’t realise the match was over until the guys said so and our prediction was right! There were 5 other people who had the right prediction so they had to draw la. One guy went back so tough! Then they called out the names from 4th placing to the winnner. It was so kan chiong (exciting) lor. Then finally when they announced the 2nd place’s name we just jumped into the air and screamed like we won a million bucks! What was the price? Aiya, one lauya mia jersey, a super mini soccer lembik (soft) ball and



tzeng tzeng tzeng!

A bla bla bla Sony Ericsson mobile phone


We are trying to sell this baby so we can used the money to go for another makan session…so any takers???


28 responses to “Weekend Updates

  1. Wowie! Kylie’s cake very chun! But her name ada sikit tak nampak lor… OKlah, Kylie also very chun… Amah lagi chun! 😉
    Waaaaa!!! So lucky got SE hp wei! 😀

    ya lor…i really didn’t know what to do for the name part at the end just put the pearls la…wrong choice of colour lor..somemore sengek leh! hahaha..

  2. wow, amah u really baked it?looks good!!! so lucky got Handphone!!!!!!!!! 🙂 sell it on ebay ! Happy Belated Birthday Kylie!!
    not me lucky la! the prize is for all of us at the dinner leh!

  3. heeeeeee! congrats amah for winning the phone. u got luck la since u say ur fav color is red!
    i battled with kylie for your time …and both won!:P and u won too!!

    not me la, all of us ong la…the prize is for all of us to share!

  4. Amah, thanks for inviting us for the party! Your cake is nice lar so no worries! Darrius and my dad ate so many pieces!
    Wah… you so on ah? after Kylie’s party you still can go and attend another party??? super keng lar you!
    It must be your lucky day…. Kylie brought u all the luck!!!!

    aiya u so polite nya say my cake is nice…so so only lar…wah me very on all the time! 😛

  5. Wei..friend…actually never knew that you were the baking kind leh….

    hahaha…me like to eat ma…mai learn to bake lor!

  6. Thanks for the invitation. We had real great fun. Next time we yak yak more ya….

    no problemo!

  7. Wah… the cake sure does look nice.
    You don’t want the phone ah? Gimme la! LOL… 😉

    hahaha….the phone is a shared prize lei..got to ask the rest! 😉

  8. how much you want to sell the handphone? i am interested.

    emailed u…

  9. wah so syiok…got the free phone somemore keke

    hahaha… cheap cheap phone only nia…

  10. how much you want for the phone. i am interested to buy it.

  11. So the night didn’t turn out too bad after all! 😉
    Your cake looks good wor.

    looks good? ayo u being very polite only nia…

  12. wow…your cake looks good !!! where do u learn cake decor ?

    hah? wah i just simply tembak only nia, the friend who’s supposed to make the cake for me made one similar to this one but of course hers is more professional la…hahahhaa

  13. wah, the cake so colourful, so nice lah….very hungry lor…congra that u got a new handphone…


  14. itu apa fon ah? ada changgih wan ah? wa won something ah dont pray pray ah…

    cheap cheap mia phone only la…

  15. Happy Birthday Kylie! The cake looks scrumptious … yummy!
    Are you giving away the lousy mia jersey and the soft soccer ball too? 🙂

    hahaha the jersey Aceone took ledi, the ball taken by my son! Aiya that cake so so nya la

  16. Eh… why never post the pic when u won? LOL… How much u wanna sell?

    haven’t received the photos yet la! that mozilla monster la…so slow!

  17. Woah! that cake looks nice but dunno yummy anot coz I didn’t try it!!! wakakaka!!!!!!!! Congrat Amah for winning the SE handphone. Hooray!!!

    emmm yummie or not depends on ppl’s mia taste lor…me so fussy of course not yummy la! hahaha…eh u were the one who predicted it wor!

  18. Kylie looked so nice in that beautiful dress…..just like a princess 🙂 Hey, your cake was really good lah…..i put on 2 lbs just eating it already 😀

    no lar…not that good la…hahaha…thanks!

  19. looks professional woh.. the cake!
    And Kylie’s birthday brought you luck.. won mobile phone some more.

    huh? professional? ayo…the name oso crooked la…how to be near professional ah? 😀

  20. Nice cake! Damn I had to miss it! 😛

    nevermind…next time we meet I bake one to torture u! hahahahaha..

  21. But the cake looked so good…amah, you’re very “geng” le…”chut tak teng tong, yakt tak qu fong”

    no lar…aca aca only la…hahaha

  22. so bila mau predict magnum number?

    woi i said not me la…aceone la!

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  24. I didn’t realise you were so happenning !!!! 2 parties in 1 day !!! Party hopper hor ???
    The cake at the first party looks yummiliious …
    And I still remember after you win the HP, all of us at the table jumping up and down !!! And you three ladies posing like you’re at a red carpet or something …. =)

    the cake only looks yummie…eating it is another thing! hahahaha….eh still waiting for ur photos la!

  25. wah, so happening! and the cake looks very colorful-ly tempting! still got one piece left for me or not? hehe

    err ok next time ur bday i bake for u k?? errrr when ah?

  26. Wuahh…Mommy self-bake birthday cake…what a lucky girl Kylie is.

    well she obviously doesn’t know how to appreciate it as of now!

  27. Amah,
    my other sis commented kylie like princess too !
    your cake is good !
    oh yeah, nice meeting u ! 🙂
    chumsy’s yee yee

    hey thanks Jo! Thanks for the lovely gift too! so em ho yi see only…

  28. aiyo amah, dun be so hak hei 😀
    nothing to be em ho yi see 🙂

    thank q thank q!

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