Shocking Stories – True by the way…

Today memang ada shocking news for all. In fact there are 2 separate stories but not related.

No.1 Story : Freaking $”£!&£& Maid

My mom as usual volunteered to come to my office to pick up Kylie and the maid as I was out and could be back late. But as usual when my mom says she’s coming she comes and doesn’t like to wait and leaves you not much time to pack up or finish whatever. The moment she arrived, the maid was obviously not ready but she still managed to bring down the garbage to throw. She left the garbage aside and gestured to my mom to wait while she opened up the store downstairs. My mom saw that she was not carrying anything but when she came out she was carrying another plastic bag. Then she picked up the garbage and took off like lightning. My mom suspected something amiss, she decided to get down from the car and gave chase! Knowing my mom’s age, of course she is much slower than that blardy maid la! Anyway, by the time my mom caught up she saw the maid flinging the garbage in the giant bin and at the same time she saw a middle aged indonesian guy holding on the same plastic bag my maid was carrying earlier! So my mom asked the maid why is that bag with him and insisted she take it back. Guess what it was? It was a container filled with rice plus a generous amount of green vegetables & chicken!

I was out training at my customer’s place when I received an sms from Angie saying I have news of my maid from my mom. I was thinking as usual la, must be lazy etc…But the moment I came back and got to know the above story, I was so angry I actually punished her and as she was so guilty she actually accepted her punishment quietly. It’s not that I am angry that she was donating my food to other people but the fact that she can’t freaking complete her own chores but she has time to do such a thing. It’s mind boggling how the hell did she get the guts and nerves to do this in the first place! I also cannot be sure if she has stole any money and given to this so called relative. She said this relative was leaving for Indonesia so she just gave her food for the last time before he leaves. Can you believe this crap of a story? She said that the food was supposed to be her food but she didn’t eat it and kept it for him! WTF! She even said that she kept and then microwaved it!

Not long after that, I was wondering what she was doing and then caught her in the bathroom observing my brother’s maid bathing my nephew. I was like, duhhh….wtf are you there? I went in and then asked her what are you looking at? Tengok wayang ah? (watching movie is it?) Again that got me dem boiling hot and I punished her again. She was not only freaking lazy but so dem ham sup till my nephew’s kkc (penis) oso em fong kor ah (cannot escape her)?

When I got back to the office the next day which was yesterday, I found the the light and exhaust fan turned on, meaning she left it on since the day before and the back door wide open. Not only that, she left all the utensils all unwashed and the kitchen at a mess and also the lunch plates all unwashed! So she has time to pack lunch for her “relative” but no time to complete her basic tasks! I tell you, have you come across such a specimen?? I was hoping she runs away but she’s so damn thick skin, still sticking around! Blardy hell! I actually have to confine her now with no access to outside unless I’m around. You say, employ maid TKL (stressful) or not?

No.2 Shocking Story : Cheating Music Teacher

Today came across this story from my customer (MdmD). She has been sending her daughter to for piano lessons with this lady for 6 years and the daughter has not taken any exams at all while with her. So Mdm D insisted that her daughter go for exams this year. So the teacher cheater collected the exam fees for the Trinity Colleage exam for both practical and theory in May 07 and also November 07. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, it’s like her daughter only taken Grade 1 exam and has not taken any exams ever but how can the teacher cheater prepare her for exams twice a year all of a sudden? And why did she collect the fee for November so early? That’s not all….May is coming to an end but her daughter has yet to sit for the so-called exam! The teacher cheater actually gave excuse that there’s some problem and the exam has been postponed! WTF? Trinity College is a British college exam la, cannot simply postpone one.

But that is not all! The teacher cheater also changed the amount on the cheque for Mdm D’s daughter’s April’s fees from RM130 to RM730 and the cheque actually cleared! What that’s like a crime leh! I just couldn’t believe how Mdm D can be so gullible and naive to fall into this trap and to think that she has been sending the daughter to this teacher for 6 freaking years! Then I remembered my friend who is a music teacher, so I called her to check the facts. She said Trinity has exams scheduled for May-June and November and there is no such thing as change of dates! Then when Mdm D stated the facts to the teacher cheater she was stuttering and “e e eh eh” trying to beat around the bush. She couldn’t answer to Mdm D’s questions. And then we got hold of the Trinity College number and gave them a call to check whether Mdm D’s daughter was registered at all but of course she was NOT! She even found out that the exam fees was only RM120 and the teacher cheater actually took RM230 from her!

I really couldn’t believe that at all! Whenever I try to sell something to this Mdm D she always takes so long to decide and said expensive la bla bla bla…eventhough it’s for a fact that I was trying to sell her something that helps ease her burden in the laundry. And when I try to collect money she will always try to postpone to the next month, she will pay la but just like to drag a bit la. But how come she falls into such a trap? In fact this is not the first time she has been cheated!

So this story serves as a reminder to us all, to check facts and get 2nd or 3rd opinions before committing anything, especially when it comes to money of course!


29 responses to “Shocking Stories – True by the way…

  1. aiyo, apa ini maid la..can almost lodge report lo..she so dare la, i really can understand your furious, siao la this maid, hantar dia balik la if can’t stand her, i read also can’t stand le..

    send her back is what she wants! NO WAY!

  2. Why don’t you sack your maid?
    Erm… Both Trinity College and ABRSM has good reputation. But the cheater really spoilt it. And how can she alter the amount on cheque? You mean the RM130 wasn’t spelt out?? =.=”

    as i said sacking her is what she wants, so i will not let that happen..

    spelt out also she managed to change it, geng leh!

  3. I can certainly understand how GERAM you feel!!! You are so blardy pissed-off and you have to vent your anger somewhere.
    But I think slapping her is not a good idea. You dunno how many more ‘relatives’ she has outside, and what these people are capable of. If you can’t stand her, terminate her contract and send her back. Cut your losses now.
    And the piano teacher…Aiyo!! How did she managed to alter the cheque? Even if she could amend the ‘1’ to ‘7’, what about the amount in words? Such a crook…

    i know i shouldn’t be the one slapping her, should have sent her to agent and asked them to do it on my behalf but i so dem TL that time, and see her face also wanna tumbuk!

    some ppl have ways when they are really desperate i guess!

  4. wah….blood boiling man..hearing this about ur maid. Like king’s wife said…cut your losses and be really careful!

    cut my losses? she has more to lose….trust me!

  5. I don’t think slapping her is a good idea.

    not a good idea but dem effective, she has been in quite good behaviour so far..

  6. yeah .. i don’t think slapping her is a good idea..bout the cheque, it is written in words “one hundred and thirty only ” right?? how to change to “seven hundred and thirty only” ??
    punishing her was actually unavoidable at that moment…
    desperate people have their ways in finding ways to

  7. Since everybody already tell you what I wanted to tell I shaddap lah…

    really couldn’t hold my anger at that point..cos of all the factors lumped in one!

  8. Amah, better don’t slap ur maid ah or else later she accuse you abuse her then you TAI WOK! 😐
    MadmD so sotong one ah? 6 freaking years? Gholly! Maybe kena jampi by the cheater?

    abuse? hahaha…no proof! i have plenty of proof she’s abusing me wor,,,

  9. SABAR… not for her sake, but for yourself and your business, the reputation. one doesn’t know what one can do, in case she has the way to satay the topic, i am not scaring you, you and your business may end up in the papers. try the silent treatment for a while. i think she may be more afraid if you did that all of a sudden.

    right from the start i oredi warned her about me ledi, i am not afraid of these skunks one, cos every dem lie and wrong thing they do i will find out as i told her i have a very powerful God one! see! am i right or not???

  10. Aiyoyo! That is why i sked og amah wan. *quickly cabut*

    y u sked? u did anything wrong meh? kakakaka

  11. Wah! You slap your maid ah? You are not afraid that she ‘kar liu’ to your food ah?
    Yeah, sometimes these maids are just too damn much. For all you know, while you are away at work, she and her lover could be screwing on your bed!

    amah tin put par dei put par one…amah geng liu!

  12. *sked kena slap* 😛
    I also think you should send the maid balik kampung a.s.a.p. Dun wait long long liao…

    a few more months only i can take it, amah very geng one..

  13. hmm…. you mm slap tou slap jor lor. but consider the silent treatment and confining her and see if she tries any of the antics or not. its like she so daring, she can be daring in other methods… not that we are afraid she’ll poison us or what, but what she’ll do to kylie. you know what i mean? amah, i truely understand what you are going thru but if sending her back is not yr option, then you must solve this problem NOW before it make you more chi sin…

    how to solve? see this method of locking her in can or not lor…

  14. see i always tell ppl, i sked amah slap me…
    *run away sked kena slap by amah*

    aiya wat la u, u apa sked? u did anything wrong meh??? hahahaha

  15. errr what if some ppl from the Jabatan penderaan see this ah?
    *run away again!*

    huh? ayo i should go there n report her la! i mean i’m the one di-dera wor!

  16. Actually I dont understand why the maid had to do all these in yr mom’s present? Really foolish……. and….. erm, why soooo gatal one?? Small boy oso em fong kor?? 😛

    she didn’t expect my mom to run after her one…actually hor if it’s me i oso wouldn’t suddenly run after her wor..

  17. OMG! Crazy maid and crazy teacher! Don’t understand why the lady never asked about her daughter’s exams before this. Weird? And after 7 years baru nak take Grade 1. And oh, how did the teacher manage to change “one hundred and thiry only” to “SEVEN hundred and thiry only”? The numbering I can understand, but like what day-dreamer said, didn’t she spell the amount out???
    Send back your maid the the agency and ask for a replacementlah. Cannot ah? Nanti she does something funny to your boy how?

    well some ppl memang blur one rite??

    ayo she’s been working with us for 1.5 years ledi how to replace????

  18. Dun keep this maid edi. Change another one. Aiyo, you should hold your anger. Dun slap her, nanti she revenge. They are capable to do anything….
    Who’s that music teacher…we don’t go to her!

    i not sked of the maid lor…as for the con-teacher, she’s Jenny Wong and her house is in Tmn Tun!

  19. Havent u heard about maids retaliation after they are slapped or what not? They may spit in ur food, urine in your drink.. blah blah.. you know the stories… hehehehe 🙂

    well as i said above, my God is very powerful one..i not sked!

  20. *quietly runs away* I thot wanna see you got go to Pirates or not? *keep mouth shut and crawls*

    no like pirates…dont run away la…

  21. I guess its just so hard to trust people nowadays
    These are the cases that will further unsure that trust realiability will vanish from the face of the earth
    What is the world coming to?

    rubbish world!

  22. *Speechless* Be careful and don’t leave her alone with kylie. Dunno what she’s gonna do after the slapping episode.

    as i said i not sked one…

  23. hmmm..amah, i understand how fumming u are. Me also at one point till i want to tumpuk my maid, but i cool down, i told myself cannot slap her and tumpuk her. And i just shouted at her!!! Than i told her now i know why some of the tauke tumpuk or slap the maid..because u (the maid) make us gila!

    they really have ways of driving someone to that stage one…

  24. OMG, what nerve she’s got.. beh tahan these people la… say ony wanna come and work, come here bela laki more like it *hmph!*

    that’s why their country is always in a slum and the rich get richer and the poor like these freaking specimens become poorer!

  25. hi laundryamah! 1st time in ur blog & suddenly reading abt ur maid when I just blogged abt mine going back. Hmm… maids – got good ones & bad ones. I read also I cannot tahan. I understand how geram u were – if me, think BP sure go up! But I think u know what ur doing. ‘Yan’ (endure) a little while then send her home lah. Don’t let such ppl spoil ur day!
    And the cheater – how can that Mdm D be so stupid?! If she’d realised earlier, she won’t be cheated. For goodness sake, 6 yrs baru want 2 sit 4 exam ah? I think she deceived to be taken for a ride! 😛

    hi thanks for visiting my humble mumbles. i don’t usually allow her to spoil my day. I definitely do not allow her to have her day anyway!
    Yeah actually Mdm D is very simple minded so easily duped!

  26. oops, sorry! I meant ‘deserved’, not ‘deceived’! My bad! 😛


  27. amah, i read yr reply up there. You said you’re desperate and felt like wanna tumbuk her. She’s playing with yr mind and u’re following. Maybe she wanna make u pissed off with her and hit her so she can report you and get you into trouble. Becareful amah, now slap maybe next time you felt like kicking and punching. Next time don’t do it. Send her back to the agency. “Smart ppl use mouth, duh ppl use hand”.

    i know wat i’m doing la..dont worry…

  28. Aiyo, poor Amah got to ‘yan’ (bear) the maid. I oso don’t know what to say and advise u to do. But I’m sure Amah will know how to handle. God Bless Amah!

  29. I also would have sent her back.. what for still want to keep a humsup thief in the house?

    The cheater case.. aigh.. I think sometimes when it comes to children.. parents can be a bit gullible.

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