Apoh going away for 10 days..

 Apoh is going on a trip to Nepal, not really for holiday but it’s a missions trip, meaning going with a group of Christians, sending help and support to the Christians over there. I am kinda worried for her lor cos she’s usually quite pampered in all her holiday trips, don’t know how to tell her that missions trip is not exactly a holiday…..derrrr…

She’s always worried I am not feeding the kids well so I have been going back to her place for dinner the whole of this week. She always call up and said she is cooking something for the kids so how to refuse her? But today I thought I give her a break since she will be leaving tomorrow morning. Here’s a photo of her with my son during one of those nites we were there. As usual the tv is watching her not her watching the tv…



18 responses to “Apoh going away for 10 days..

  1. Apoh looks rather tired.Please wish her a safe & wonderful trip for me.Hope she’ll cope well at the high altitudes, maybe bring along an oxygen tank?

    oxygen tank?? hahaha…no need la…i don’t think she will be climbing any hills…dare not think about mountains!

  2. A good cause and I’m sure she’ll have a wonderful and safe trip
    Here a cheer for the good deeds she’s doing
    Hip hip hooray

    hopefully lor…

  3. wow..10 days!!! That’s a long “holiday” wor…
    Hope Apoh cope well and have a safe journey…

    thank q!

  4. Safe trip to Apoh-poh.


  5. my mom also went to europe for 17 days

    wah shiok nya! but really tiring lor…hope she has fun!

  6. So, this is the poh-poh who ran after the maid. Geng!
    Hope she has a safe and fruitful trip!

    hahaha yah she’s the one! thanks!

  7. Hope Apoh have a safe journey!
    Yaloh, everytime when my dad watch TV, is TV watch him not the other way round. LOL! Guess he was too tired…

    i think the tv watching us comes with age ler…hahaha

  8. have a safe trip yeah, Ah Poh!
    Pssst! Amah…you sure she is not going there for her 2nd honeymoon ah? Wakakakakakaaka!!!

    honeymoon where got choose nepal one? choose oso nice places like maldives la!

  9. I tabik your mom! Nepal is definitely no holiday!

    tats y i worried lor…

  10. weeey..haha..why pose such photos la u?
    haha…i wonder if aPoh reads this…

    eh didn’t pose one wor? it’s like natural one wor! apoH? never! hahaha

  11. I love that photo! how sweet. happy mission to you, Apoh!
    p.s. thanks for dropping by my blog some weeks ago… here to repay that visit 🙂

    oh no worries, don’t say la repay…ayo..pai seh.

  12. ahhhh….grandma and her beloved grandson in blissful slumber.
    here’s wishing grandma a pleasant trip. 🙂


  13. hope apoh have a good trip! always the doting grandmother eh?

    yeah apoh is always the doting grandma

  14. wow! Apoh still so onz ah???
    Well, hope Apoh won’t be too surprised with the living condition in Nepal!
    Kieran and Apoh snuggled together looked soooo loving lar!

    apoh haven’t been to missions trip before sekali went to nepal..she doesn’t know what she’s in for! hahahaa…yeah..apoh memang very sayang my son one..

  15. My hubb can join your Apoh. He likes to leave the tv on though he is busy doing something else.
    Hope Apoh had a safe & pleasant trip,


  16. Hope Apoh have a fun trip. I like the photo, so loving!! and very funny u describe that the T.V is watching Apoh & Kieran! Hehehe!

    i oso hope she has a good trip 🙂

  17. Wah, Apoh good ler go to Nepal.Hope she have a safe journey.You don’t worry so much, Apoh sure ok coz she got so many friends going together. Cheers ! 😀


  18. Wah.. Ahmah’s family all travellers.. even the Ah Poh

    i inherited her genes!! hahaha

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