Backdated-Visit to my dad’s grave

I try to bring my kids each time I visit my dad’s grave, just to make sure they remember they have a kung-kung whom I know will spoil them rotten and love them to pieces.  I really feel so sad that my dad did not get a chance to see any of his grandchildren. I remember the time I was pregnant with my 1st pregnancy and he was still alive. He was so excited and told my mom that he will get well and they will together gether help to take care of their 1st grandchild. Unfortunately my 1st pregnancy ended up in a miscarriage into my 2nd week and he was devastated. He was very angry and scolded everyone except me.


Look at them oblivious to their surrounding and monkeying around.


I don’t know why but each time I’m there I will also take a walk around and look at the deceased gravestones and look at their age they died and start to wonder why….keh poh!


28 responses to “Backdated-Visit to my dad’s grave

  1. Your post makes me miss my dad today. Thank you for that, as I always feel better when he’s been in my mind a lot in a day. My father died before my little kids came along, although he had a great relationship with my older two. I’m sorry these two won’t have him in their lives. Since I live on the other side of the world, his grave is not within easy reach, but I will certainly take the kids to visit when we next holiday in the US.

    just having him in your memory is just as good, don’t really need to visit the grave….

  2. Dun sad… I’m sure he can ‘see’ them from above 😉

    hmmm…i dont know…but sure feel so sayang he’s not around…

  3. Cheer up amah!!


  4. kung-kung is looking from above.

    hmmmm….love the thought…

  5. Pssst! You didn’t go and for ask 4-D at those tombstones meh? Maybe got ong?

    ayo yo yo…apa la lu…I don’t buy 4D one lor, but then again I heard my cousins did that in my uncle’s tomb, tak kena oso! hahahha…Uncle must be warning them, don’t gamble la!

  6. Sometimes I also kaypoh like you.
    That’s a nice and pleasant cemetery. Where is that?

    Hahaha…I’m not the only one…it’s at the Nilai Memorial Park..kinda far lor..

  7. its nice to know that the kids remembered their laundryAhGung. and you too, be strong… yr dad is up there looking at you…

    thanks for your support!

  8. ya and kung kung will cook all the yummy food that they won’t resist…eh…me also very kay po …read read read then think what happen leh, wat story leh,….

    ya lor i miss his cooking la…

  9. Wah! The place looks more like a ‘garden’ leh. If I’m not mistaken it’s one of those ‘expensive’ cemetery, ‘ngam mou’?

    no lar not that ex la…Nilai Memorial Park..

  10. am sure your dad can see his happy growing grandchildren now


  11. aiya..that reminds me…i havent been back for cheng meng this yr…i mean my ahgong porpor in kl..i havent visit yet:(
    ok la will make a trip there soon.

    visit them in your heart oso can ma..

  12. HI, you may not know me. I visit your blog regularly to read. This post reminds me of my dad whom i also lost before my 1st child was born. Am sadden with the fact that my dad is unable enjoy the presence of my son. The good thing that we all know is that both our dads are enjoying their presence from up-above.
    Am visiting my dad’s grave at the same place this weekend and will be bring my son too….though he doesn’t quite understand.

    Hi there, welcome to my humble mumbles. Sad to hear about your dad too. I used to bring Kieran there since he was very young, he too didn’t understand but now he does…

  13. Probably, I will do the same, looking on other tombstone. Maybe we are just curious who is the neighbours. Anyway, your dad rest place look very peaceful.

    Thanks…the place is well taken care of as it’s a private cemetry..

  14. *sob* *sob* you made me damn sad lar reading this….
    Anyway, like Nyonya said, he’s looking from above… loving and protecting Kieran, Kylie and his other grandchildren.
    Btw, where’s this graveyard… looked sooo cooling… even Kieran and Kylie were wearing long sleeves…

    That’s why when I saw your dad I thot about my dad…Oh we usually go like very early in the morning…

  15. *ahem*….
    wat a sober post. hmmm… think u miss your Daddy… like wat Angie said…he’s you guys guardian angel from above.

    yeah i miss him soooooo much!

  16. Hey, cheer up… I too always wonder, how things would be if my dad was alive to play with Rachel… Cuz he love kids…
    But I realise that he’ll always be around, taking a close look over her, even though we can’t see it…

    Of course ur dad will love Rachel to bits cos she’s sooooo adorable!

  17. What a touching first paragraph.
    It’s good to bring the kids to pay respects to the deceased, a lot of people say. Hahaha!

    kids should always respect the elders either dead or alive! hahaha

  18. Ssshh… on your last paragraph.. I like to do that too

    hahaha another kaki!

  19. Am sure your dad is looking from above…

    sometimes the thot of it oso quite scary lor like when i’m not doing things right…sigh

  20. aioy make me rink of my mom grave tat i din go tis yr…
    btw its not good to bring lil kids to graveyard coz their “uun” stil low…

    no sked one la….

  21. The graces look very neat and serene woh… unlike the older ones, scary man…
    If I go I sure kaypoh also *kekeke* except my granpa’s and my dad’s ashes scattered into the sea liao lorrr…

    wow that’s nice…ashes scattered over the sea i thot only happen in movies!

  22. ah mah, u make me think of my ah kong. Even though I miss him, but I will never mention about him cause if I do that, my grandma will start to cry…so sad…

    oh sentimental!

  23. Just reminded me to appreciate my parents while they are still around.
    I guess I can understand your feeling of wishing your children could enjoy kung-kung’s presence. Am sure your dad is looking from above.

    yeah should show care and concern when they are still around…

  24. You made me wanna cry Amah Made me miss my FIL *sniff sniff* It’s good that you took the kids to visit their grandpa’s grave….seems like a very nice and peaceful place eh?

    wah u so close to your FIL one ah? yeah that place looks pretty good, more like a garden rather than a burial ground

  25. Nice la.. Nilai Memorial park..
    You saw the photos I took fr my mum’s grave or not? The grave there.. so messy.. and then got drug addicts getting their fix there some more.. haih.
    My mum also, she loved kids and used to baby sit friend’s children, but she didn’t get to see any of her grandchildren, she left before any of them were born. Sigh.

    omg! drug addicts! yerrrrr….so sad hor…when one of our parents not around to see the kids…

  26. I never managed to get to know both my grandpa
    But I know they will love me very much, even now

    I’m sure he loves them, very very much

    all grandparents will love their grandchildren to pieces! difficult for us parents too cos the kids can use their grandparents against us…

  27. 😀 Eh Amah not only you lar me also manyak kepoh one like to see ppl aged when I visit my grandparents grave.

  28. Is that Nirvana or those modern grave yard? I can’t bring my children to see their ah mah grave cos it is too hot and have to climb up hill and such. You know what I mean. The olden type wan la. Like you, I too will look at other tombstone.

    it’s in Nilai Memorial Part, yah quite modern,,

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