Vegetarian Dish

Went to this Vegetarian restaurant at Kota Damansara to celebrate my customer cum friend’s birthday. Sorry forgot the restaurant name…but the food was really good. We went there just past lunch hour time so the restaurant was like soooooo quiet. Then came this heavenly dish, dip fried mushroom in butter sauce. It was really really very yummy lor…


Since the above was so yummy, I decided I wanted to cook up my own version and try it out. Then I realised I didn’t have fresh milk in my office. So? Make do with evaporated milk la….so here’s my version….


So how’s the taste? Not as happening la and I blame it on the milk. So “em kam yuen”, I tried again today for lunch and the result was……amazing! It’s sooooooo yummmmieeeee…ok self praise is no praise…please ask Angie la!

Anyway here’s the “ai ya ya a la la” (my made up) recipe if you wanna try!


1 box/prepacked Organic Shitake/white mushrooms (from supermarket)

Tempura flour

4 stalks Curry leaves

1 full tbsp Butter

1 tsp salt (less if you don’t like it too saltish)

1/2 tsp sugar (more if u like it sweet)

some onion shallots

5 tbsp fresh milk

some corn flour solution in milk



Mix tempura flour in water to make batter (instructions should be on the box!)

Then dip mushrooms in the batter and dip fry

Leave on plate

Butter sauce

Put 1 tbsp oil in the wok to heat up then put in the curry leaves & shallots (and some cili padi if you want) to fry till fragrant and crispy

Add butter, salt & sugar and then milk

Then finally before taking up the sause pour in the corn flour solution to thicken the sause a bit..

Finally pour sause over the dip fried mushrooms and serve immediately!


Try it out! I guarantee it’s yummy one! cheh…self praise again!


20 responses to “Vegetarian Dish

  1. AMAH! Next time cook for me… i love fried shitake… YUMMIE YUMM YUMM…. SLURP…
    If i make face like rachel, stare at u and say MAAM MAAM, would u make for me? hahahaha

    oi? can wor…hahaha so cute lor…

  2. So when are you going to invite us for dinner???? Cook all your ‘la-sau-song’ for us to try lar!

    if u wanna come i welcome one..kakakaka…

  3. which brand u used for the tempura flour?
    last time i used nona…not good at all..smell flour and after fying doesn’t even look like tempura:(
    psst….yr version looks yummier than the restaurant version leh…yours look soo pro wor at first i thought the first pic is cook by u*don mad ar*kekkekek….
    p/s: heard u r staying in kota kemuning? me too….my gal younger than yr gal by 2mths…hehe…if u know of any good playschool in kk….let me know, ok?

    i can’t remember the brand but it’s a small red box with the photo of tempura prawns on the cover. not sending my girl to playschool as yet and if i do it will not be there…

  4. Wow wow wow… looks nice! Got keep for me??

    u coming for the party this sat? see if i can squeeze in time to do or not..errr…bring food to the restaurant can ah???

  5. Aiyooo…I also ‘lau hau sui’…yummyyyy!!! Ehh..where that restaurant in Kota Damansara leh?’s in Dataran Sunway Jln PJU something la…facing the main road

  6. I believe it is really damn good, altho I can’t taste it.
    The next time you go again, pls note down restaurant details for me.

    somewhere in dataran sunway

  7. Yours looks better than the one at the restaurant. Must try it someday

    no lar…restaurant’s one tastes better la…

  8. amah, the trick for crispy mushroom is to mix the batter with cold water and throw in some ice into the batter…. i tried and it works… anywaysssss so yum la aiyoh, now i want to make la… must add more sauce la amah.. haha.

    ooooo now only u tell me..cheh! ok ok next time i try!

  9. butter?vegetarian can eat butter 1 meh?i think its margerine

    butter is vegetarian…checked ledi! anyway, i’m not a vegetarian so i can whack anything la..

  10. where got? here got meh? i stay in kota damansara..din see any one!

    got one…not very outstanding lookin i guess…

  11. We usually make it at home but we used lotus, it yummy too go try for it but i think lotus quite expensive hor.

    Lotus? the one we make soup with??

  12. I bet it taste as good as your chocolate cake! Until can jilat jari, jilat garfu, jilat my plate. Eh, did you hijack their recipe or you make them up yourself?

    i didn’t hijack the recipe..i just made it up myself la…try it if u dare!! 😀

  13. Cheh! pagi pagi come here got food…..HUNGRY arrrrr…..
    give recipe for what?
    refer to 2nd comment – I’M COMING…..
    Just haf to tell me where n when. I bring leong fun k… lolx…

    hahahaha…i think your mom is going to enjoy it first!

  14. Thanks for recipe will most definitely try it. Looks yummilicious! I love mushrooms.

    hope you like it!

  15. My mil cooked this dish oso, but fried with chicken and in soya dark sauce, not bad too…u may try.

    huh? dark soya sause with butter?? ah??

  16. yummy yummy…want to try out one day since it quite easy to do..hehehe…thanks for sharing the recipe ya..

    yah it’s quite easy only trouble is the dip frying…kinda messy..

  17. Sounds quite easy ….will try to make it…

    yup! tell me if it’s good!

  18. Huh?? What party??

    But I’m currently in Ipoh leh… 😥

  19. wahh whats that shop lah…

  20. THe vegetarian called this dish the “pao yu”. I love it very much too. 😉

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