Weekend Fun in the Pool & HFM


Since we bought this pool, we have been filling it up for the kids to play every weekend. They simply love the time in the pool till I have to drag them out!


Kieran couldn’t wait to even change into his swimming gear! He stripped down to his underwear!


The water level was not even full yet but they just couldn’t wait and jumped in! It takes quite a while to fill the pool up eventhough my water is pump pressured! Good thing I can recycle the water to water my beloved plants!

Current Update

Kylie has caught the HFM (hand, foot & mouth) virus. Apparently there’s an outbreak now. There has been quite a number of cases reported so far. Today is the first day that her symptoms showed. I noticed the spots on her bum and feet this morning when I showered her. It’s a good thing I shower her every morning, otherwise the maid will not notice such things. Unfortunately it’s a virul attack, there is no medication to counter this disease, just medication for the sores in her mouth and fever medicine. There is no sign of fever as yet and she’s still as cheerful and active as ever! Keeping fingers crossed but will still give her the fever medicine tonight to help her sleep better should the spots and ulcers get worse.

I am really worried that Kieran will catch the virus too as we will be leaving for Hong Kong in 2 weeks time! Oh pulllleeeezzz let him get well by then if he does catch it! According to the doctor, the child should get well in 5 days. So really feeling panicky now!


30 responses to “Weekend Fun in the Pool & HFM

  1. aiyoh…. choi! hope kieran DONT get it ah….. try to separate them if can lor… remember, diff child diff symptoms…. take care and kiss kiss kylie…

    aiyo how to separate??? today only hug hug kiss kiss…

  2. Don’t panic please. Or else Kylie will be frighten! But, really hope she will get well soon ,so that she can enjoy her Hong Kong trip. Take care, Kylie. Guys should be no problem, I think, right? Kieran?

    she’s ok so far, no fever…

  3. Don’t panic please. Or else Kylie will be frighten! But, really hope she will get well soon ,so that she can enjoy her Hong Kong trip. Take care, Kylie. Boy should be no problem, I think, right? Kieran? Macho mah……

  4. aiyoo… outbreak ah. poor kylie!!! i hope kieren won’t get it!!! If it’s not HFM…it’s chicken pox..there’s also an outbreak of that!! *groans*

    alamak..sked la chicken pox! but then again, my nephew got it couple of months ago but my kids didn’t catch it

  5. Get well soon, Kylie!!
    And hope Kieran doesn’t contract the disease.

    ya lor..

  6. haaaaaaaa……… that means the mummy haf to stay home jaga anak ady lar….
    Tot wanna ajak u go Mango spesial tim………ishk :((
    EH…. BOIL more barley for Kieran n Kylie k…???

    mummy have to stand by at home tonite lor..but tomorrow going out ledi! kakakakaka

  7. My elder daughter got it too early last year. But it came and went within a week. Hope Kieran doesn’t contract it.
    And get well soon to Kylie.

    your elder daughter got it meaning can affect older kids too…yerrr…sked ler…

  8. When the kids are bouncing off the walls, you wish they would calm down. Then my son had a HFM and it was sooo kesian to see him ‘lifeless’. Hope your DD recovers soon.

    my girl has never been like lifeless even when she’s down with fever…sigh..tough to handle ler…

  9. Oh dear… hope she gets well soon!

    thanks! she’s much better

  10. Aiyahhhh hope Kylie get well soon lor…..

    ya lor..

  11. kylie fast fast get well lar…
    and kieran bigger boy liao, hope he dun get… lower risk isn’t it? good to know kylie is as active as ever leh…

    she’s like normal lor..doesnt look sick at all wor

  12. the pool look BIG !

    not that big ler…this size oso take forever to fill..

  13. Hey, Irfan had HFMD too about 2 months back. Don’t worry. Cases in West Malaysia aren’t as bad as East Malaysia’s. Irfan got better in 4 days. Did the doc give Kylie some drops for the mouth? To soothe the mouth ulcers? Take care and don’t worry about it!

    the ulcers on her tongue subsided and there are no new ones so far…*fingers crossed*

  14. aiyoo…hugs and kisses for Kylie…and Kieran is macho so don’t worry…
    maybe keep them apart for a few days?
    so now laundry amah got new job…become nurse!

    amah no good la..apah will be the nurse most of the time!

  15. yea, a lot of kids get the HFM in my area recently. I oso a bit worry lar… Btw, if possible separate them. This will helps.
    Hope Kylie to get well soon.

    she’s much better oredi!

  16. aiyo..after Oscar, now is Kylie turn to get HFM. Hope Kylie get well soon….and Hope Kieran doesn’t contract the disease.

    i think he’s ok cos Kylie is much better today,,no new spots..

  17. Oh dear…..poor kylie. hope she gets better soon.

    she’s better now..thank God

  18. OMG. Hope Kylie will get well soon.

    she’s better ledi thanks!

  19. Glad to hear Kylie is better. Just hope Kieran wont contract it. Aiyoh.. why all the diseases wanna come near our kids… go away plzzzzz….
    Ps: Wei, yr Kieran quite lengcai hor… Kylie too, so sexy looking in the last pic..

    ya lor…i think it’s bcos of the public children play areas!

  20. Another kid get HFM, poor Kylie. Hope she get well soon, so pity the kids get ulcers in their mouth. Cant eat well and it so paintful.
    My kids also, once i just put some water in they all naked jump in the pool.

    thanks God she only had like 2 tiny spots on her tongue, so she’s ok by the next day!

  21. alamak..so kasihan her..hope she gets well soon..and hope Kieran won’t get it..

    she’s ok leow! thanks!

  22. Wahliaooo… so many HFMD cases in KL.

    ya lor…yucks!

  23. Hi…bloghopping. I heard that HFM can only be transferred from fluid to fluid so unless Kylie sneezes into Kieran’s face or they share food/drink, then it is not so easy to get transferred.
    I am also going to HK in 2 wks! maybe we will be on the same plane! I will lookout for K&K.

    i don’t see any signs on Kieran, i think Kylie got only a very mild strain that’s y she recovered so fast and i guess it was not strong enough to pass on to kieran! what?? wow! hope to see ya too! *jumping in excitement!*

  24. Get well soon Kylie!
    On the bright side, the pool looks awesome! I so want to jump in with them too!

    hahaha..very small nya the pool…now got some holes ledi! 😦

  25. sigh yr kid also sick ah? Mine too. Anyway get well soon Kylie.

    mine recovered leow hope yours will fast fast recover too!

  26. how’s kylie? any update? so sorry to hear about the sickness.
    just came back from HK, it was great!!

    she’s ok now! glad u enjoyed HK!

  27. Can post a picture of you in that pool ah? LOL

    lei chau seong lor..

  28. Hope Kylie will get well soon. I cringe when I hear about HFM. Very poor thing on the child.

    Kylie is ok now,,,she only had a few spots and they are almost gone by now..

  29. Hope Kylie gets well soon and no more of these lurking around the world
    The pool looks fun leh
    Even better than a regular swimming pool

    aiya that pool got a few small holes leow thanks to Kieran for pouring sand inside! Kylie ok ledi now amah’s turn to be sick sick..

  30. Gosh!!! Hope she is well by now. I noticed some red spots in Ivan’s bum, knee n elbow..but luckily disappear one day later. Phew!

    wah those are tell tale signs actually! thank God no more!

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