Weekend Updates

A very big thank you to well wishers and your prayers, Kylie has fully recovered already. In fact her spots were very mild and didn’t increase from the day they appeared. She was fine all the time even when she had the spots, still her very active and fighting with her kor kor as usual. I reckon it’s thanks to her her strong immune system, weyo? Well, she walks up and down barefooted around my office stairs and picks up stuff from the floor and put into her mouth all the time. Anyway, we still quarantined her from other kids, except for Kieran la…but so far so good…he’s still ok.

Thank goodness she got well so Amah could still go ahead to go kai kai to celebrate some friends’ birthday last Saturday. Amah again pandai pandai (act clever) baked a cake again…I took the whole day again…I was not too pleased with the presentation but since I’m still so new in this,,,I forgive myself la!


There was this friend of mine kept saying this to me,

F – Amah you sure baked this cake?

Me – Ya lar…I baked la, see la the flaws here and there, buy cannot liddat one…kakakakka

After the dinner party we went to karaoke till 4 am! Sei moh? I already whole day making that cake, not enough sleep ledi, and the following day, I die die went to Ikea with my 2 legs and came back with 10 legs! No I didn’t grow legs, I bought the chairs for my dining table! Cannot tahan la…Since we came back late, Apah only managed to install one chair. So the whole day again didn’t rest much!


Came back should have gone to bed straight but didn’t and watched tv instead! So what’s the result?? I woke up in the middle of the night and felt really cold. Asked Apah to get me the thermoscan and the reading was 38.6°C! See la! Whole night singing not enough still went shopping! Serves me right! Now I really should be resting…but I’m blogging! Blueeekkkk!


33 responses to “Weekend Updates

  1. i heard u sang semua song. tau also sing tarak tu also sing. Whole night holding mic….dun let go wor. So happening meh!

    where got…one mic rosak summore…where can hold the mic whole nite…

  2. weh – i know your pix is suppose to be showing us the chairs, but but I was fascinated by your wall, red ah.. keng lar.

    hahaha my fave colour is red ma…it’s like a feature wall

  3. U very keng lor you… got so much energy geh…
    Wah! Your cake really chun!

    dats why me suffering now lor…fever up n down from sunday nite till last nite, today sore throat leow!

  4. Let sing ” Yat Chui Choy Chui” !!!! again. wakakaka

    yerrrr i m going to ketuk your head again if u do this again! no respek my leslie ah!

  5. Amah..u can open a bakery shop liao..the cake look so nice!! And the candles also banyak? heheheheehehe
    Wei, u take care ya..dont sing sing sing and shop shop shop till fall sick.

    cannot la…loose money la..bake one cake i take one whole day lei!

  6. aiyo, ur expectation too too TOO high lar
    that day oledi say the cake nice, u say not nice
    this one u lagi say not nice pulak?
    rest well and i really mean REST!

    rested not so well but at least no more fever today la…eh the cake picture like taken from so far of course u cannot see the flaws la..hahahaa

  7. WAH amah… you memang geng! Sing K more terrer than my friends and I, LOL! Our longest record also 3-9 pm only. Hehe.
    Not feeling well, must get well soon o! Gambateh!

    no lar..we started late ma..like from 11.30 pm only reached the k joint…so mai die die sang till closed shop lor!

  8. Wuah GENG r .. trully SUPER MOM
    Hope you get well soon yeah !!

    hopefully lor cos sore throat is like super yucks lor…

  9. That cake looks yummy. What is that on the sides? Can’t see! Oh, I love that red wall….Get well soon, superhero-mom!

    those stuff on the side of the cake are toasted almond flakes which i stuck on one by one lor…so mar farn lei! hahaha

  10. haha! ops m not laughing at u..jus laughing at this entry only
    eh ur cake very nice. nx time can open class..
    eh u no nd to sleep one ar? pou until so late masih can go shop nx day..but oh ya ur husband has to z first kan? ok la more reason to pou late late now….heheh

    cannot open class la cos i need to go for class oso la! hahaha really cannot go out late so often lor..sure die one!

  11. Wowow.. u geng wor. .. but plsss.. if ur reading my comments now, please go REST after this ya…sick must rest la.

    yes mom…hahhaha

  12. the cake got flaw meh? can’t notice la! LOL!

    the picture taken from so far of course cannot see la

  13. wah..new bizness for u leh..cake making!

    cannot la..rugi la take whole day to bake one cake jiak sai lor!

  14. Wah Amah the cake veli nice ma!! Who la U kalaoke with??? I also wanna go… Miss kalaoking with U lor…

    ya lor…went with the gang la…

  15. wah amah ! happeningnya.. really “fever” until fever
    get well soon !

    ya man!

  16. Good to know that Kylie is well. Amah….i think you better rest well b4 you go on your trip lah. Ikea somemore and now blogging????

    ya i better get better before my trip next week!

  17. U so geng one. Karaoke until 4am!! Some more can go shopping. Salute u!

    seow amah!

  18. How come your birthday cake got 1 candle sticking out from the side geh? Wakakakakkaka!!!

    u ask me i ask who ah???

  19. wahh…the cake looks good leh.
    and the candles too

    looks good from far! hahahaha

  20. Amah!!! You sooooo geng! Wah your cake veli nice!!!!
    The one I baled was a flop!!! The cake rice in the oven and then sick like dono what!!!!
    Anyway, hope you are better now….

    ayo what happened??? actually the cake was lopsided lor…

  21. *shakes head*…. was just hopping ard and then i saw you got up date… die die yesterday also did a post ah you… *give award to amah la*

    addiction la..got cure ah??

  22. the cake was baked with love and was sapu-ed with more love…..not a crump left…..
    you feeling better liao or not? i think no nid see lokter…go sing “Yat Chui, Choy Chui” guarantee ok mia.
    take a good rest.

    ayoooo that yat chui choi chui again! hahahahha

  23. wah ur cake very professional wor!! can start new business venture.

    as i said above, take one whole day to bake one cake em sai make $$ lor!

  24. You champion la PARTY QUEEN. Better take care, lidat “hou fai lou” one.

    i know…cannot do so often lor..

  25. eh you supermother not superwoman can! rest la! piak piak! hahahaha

    no lar….just a bit gila only la…

  26. Sorry I’m late, glad to hear Kylie’s ok now. I caught the HFM myself too (at least I think so) even though the doctor was unsure. So, I know how bad it was 😦

    ayo..adult oso can kena…yeah mom to 2 angels oso got it but it was kinda mild la..

  27. thank goodness kylie is okay. Parents seeing kids sick is really a bad experience.

    ya lor…like so helplesss

  28. hahaha… songbird !!.. next time must listen to you singing..

    difficult for u to join us for now…when bb comes along lagi difficult…well got to wait a while! hahaha

  29. Wah lau, your wall like chinese new year lidat. So daring in colours. When is your housewarming ah? Remember to install aircon hor. Dem, you makes me think of your chocolate cake again.

    feature wall ma…the wall on the staircase oso the same color!!! hahahaha….house warming after i put up the ceiling..no worries..aircon long time put ledi..

  30. phooiyooh! nice cake leh! the only cake i can bake is in the toilet! kakakaka!!!

    ayo…that’s funny! hahahhahhahahha…

  31. laundry amah, nice red walls, sure look very “öng” one…

    ong is it! hahahaha…i like red, my curtains are red, one of my sofa cover is red too! seow!

  32. *jaw drops in amazement*
    That cake is beyootifull!!! And adorned with candles samo..

    shy nya….looks ok from far la…hahahaa

  33. Amah’s name going to change from Mrs Baker liao.. so terror the cake baking skill!

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