HK Trip-December 06

Yup I didn’t complete my account on my trip and I am going again next week! So, I can’t help but post about this particular moment I had at the Madame Tussauds Wax Museum at the Victoria’s Peak. In fact I think I wanna go again…

The museum was of course very much smaller than the one in the UK but most important they had my beloved Leslie there. Those who know me, I am an ardent fan of Leslie Cheung who plunged to his death on 1 April 2003. So don’t mess with me when it comes to him, and don’t disturb me when I’m singing his song ok! it??


I actually teared when I saw his face. Of course the wax figure didn’t look like him as they only made it after he died. I actually was there holding on to his figure until some other tourists came along, so I had to give other people a chance to take photos with him la! However, after I completed one round, I came back to him again….


See my pathetic looking face….I’m nuts, so be it! Sue me la!


32 responses to “HK Trip-December 06

  1. Wah… u really laam him hor?
    Anyway, enjoy your horniday! πŸ˜‰

    yah see my Leslie enuf leow! ya rite…prada gucci here i come!!!!

  2. haha you’re funny!

    funny meh? I love him la! I miss him so much supposed to be sad la!

  3. hahaha, i was there! but didn’t go in tho. Just took pics with Bruce lee and cecilia cheung…

    huh? they must have changed the wax figures again…cos the time I went Cecilia Cheung was inside!

  4. Amah I also lup him very much.. Ahhhh Ace Sifu kacau U whe U singing his song rite.. OKie faster go kick his butt now… Heheheheeh….Next we sing together gather his songs… Leslie……

    ya lor…fast fast come back for holiday again k???

  5. yeah, that wax figure doesn’t really look like leslie
    i like the first pic – macam feeling very secure πŸ™‚

    that’s the saddest part!!!

  6. aiseh… din know Amah is a big fancee of Leslie… but-but-but… me never like him lar so you can have him all to yourself!
    Hope you enjoy your HK trip…

    me & angie gila over him la each time comes his death anniversary we will play his songs in our computer…

  7. WAh you really is his big fans. Enjoy your holiday!!

    big fansee alrite, watch his concerts & movies like a million times

  8. Wah… rupa-rupanya amah is Leslie fan…
    But honestly without offence, that wax figure sure doesn’t look real enough, unlike some others.
    Happy holidays in advance! πŸ˜‰

    no offence to me cos already a fact that they can’t get an exact replica of him since he’s not around anymore..

  9. Pssst!! Don’t forget to buy that ‘panties’ at Lui Yan Gai. *wink*

    eh u want the panties or the men’s underwear with the elephant trunk one??? kakakaka

  10. i think ar, if u say u are no2 fan, no one else can say they are no1 lar… u really laam habis habis… hahaha
    oh, i like his songs too… come next time we go for leslie cheung karaoke session… πŸ˜€

    huh u like to karaoke oso??? walao can come out at nite or not????

  11. Uik! Now i know u r a leslie fans! Got hug hug kiss kiss itu wax figure or not ah? Keke!
    Have a safe trip and take mehnee mehnee pictures ya!

    i really wanted to kiss lor but cannot la…afturds the security tangkap me how??

  12. hahaha… ah wenn oso love him.. u 2 can fight liao … kakakaka…

    actually alot of ppl like him leh…hahaha we no fight one, we together gether lup him habis habis one

  13. At first I thought the picture is from some oprah scene. Look carefully, wah Amah so sexy. Full of expression leh. I love the first pic. Blow them up and hang on your ang ang wall. That way everyday also can stare at him until you jelak.

    oi sei meh! apah sure bantah maximum la! hahahahha oi stare at him will not be jelak one..will only love him more n more!

  14. i lup him too…used to watched his movie again & again! πŸ˜›

    ayooo….me must start watching again when i find the time!!! hahahaha

  15. hmm… the wax figure tak betul sikit… i think he’s not that tall πŸ˜›
    Happy Holidays!

    no lar..i’m quite short la…hahahaha besides i was like bending leh!

  16. SEE Your eyes — red red la…. Please lar… This time round, u make up kau kau and go take nice nice pic first ok….
    eh… But he looks very waxy lar…. and so cool.. hehe!
    Ya ya… I see my cuzzies already popped by. Yeah Wen realli lurves him 9 9 … no wonder u two clickity click la.

    no need la…amah no make up oso very pweety wat! kakakakkaa

  17. πŸ˜€ u very funny lar ! I think u can become one of the HK celebrity already.

    in my dreams!

  18. hahahhahhha….omg…
    so tired of taking so many photos of you….
    keke, but i really can;t believed u actually …erm..teared…

    hahahaa…wish i can go with u again~~

  19. LMAO!!!!!!
    i like ur expressions in the photos!! haaaaa!

    genuine expresssions one leh..actually got more lor…but paiseh to put so many la…kakakaka

  20. Amah….you look so sad in the picture…luv him so much is it?
    Have a great trip k…go and see him again…

    yes i really really lup him soooooooooooo much…..uuuuwaaaaaaaaaa… πŸ˜₯

  21. Yes, after karaoke that night, I really believe you are an ardent fan of Leslie. And Aceone was a good backup singer. No?
    Have a good time in Hong Kong.

    wanna tumbuk aceone k….yeah hopefully i can manage Kieran on my own!

  22. He is gay wor… u also ngam ah? πŸ˜›

    he’s bisexual! eh actually no proof he’s gay oso lor! u tried him before meh??? bluekkkk

  23. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAA…Amah…you are really a BIG BIG FAN. You look distressed lah in the photos. I’m also a fan but didn’t visit the museam. I just went to Mandarin Oriental Hotel to see the site where Leslie fell 😦 I also wanted to cry then. Hey, if you go to the museum again, can you pls give him a kiss for me ah? Must tell him the kiss is from me, ok?

    hahaha….seow ah…kiss on ur behalf! i didn’t stop at mandarin oriental, just drove past and called out his name, same when i drove past the funeral parlour!!! seow or not??

  24. LOL, really in love with Leslie eh…. heheheheh

    cannot resist leh he’s soooooooo handsome

  25. aiduiii — first pix look like you are so totally in luuuurve gurl!! ha ha. Yes I agree with all here – the wax statuette doesnt do him justice la. Doesnt look like him one..?

    yes amah super duper in lurveee with Leslie!!

  26. Haha…amah…you’re so funny and your expressions are cute!

    cute?? don’t i look sad????

  27. I thought it was a wax figure of you and Leslie in that first pic! What a priceless shot!

    walao they made Leslie’s figure after he died, when are they going to make a figure of me??? when Laundryamah becum as fehmes as him la…dream la!

  28. haha – you are hilarious

    hahaha…i’m mad!

  29. why u look so sad in the 2nd picture? Cos he is bisexual and died edi ah?

    i lup him so much of course sad la since he’s not here anymore…and left such a half past 6 wax figure of him…

  30. AIyor see your “Lum Lum Yiong” hahahaha

    so funny la u πŸ˜›

  31. I think you are making Oscar mommy so jealous now.

  32. Looks like an embalmed him la.. scarry.

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