Backdated – Laundryamah Arrested

Yes I was arrested for molesting spending too long a time with Leslie, in fact Leslie was not the only one who got molested hogged by me…

So they had to stop me from continuing this madness, thus the arrest…

Me – Sorry sir, please forgive me, I promise I will not molest go near Leslie and the other leng chais again…pls release me….let me go….(singing in Elvis’s song…).

Warden – Shut up, why you so hum sup keep hogging Leslie until other people cannot take picture with him?


Me- Sorry la…me first time here ma, me fansee ma, pls forgive me la…I try to come back again next year k??


30 responses to “Backdated – Laundryamah Arrested

  1. the first to comment. kekekeke funny la! The picture that u with Andy Lau doesnt look like u.
    And the previous post about Leslie, his wax do look like Keanu Reeave instead of Leslie..dont u agree?

    keanu? ya hor!!!!! that’s y la..see both oso i like one!

  2. Aiyo so fun one! Keke! So how much u pay the officer to release u back to blogging ha? keke!

    ya man! wuahahahahaha…

  3. LOL!!
    For a while I thought you really got the real Andy Lau and Aaron Kwok to take photos with you. Hahahaha!

    dream la….like u lor…day dream…

  4. *laughing so hard can hardly comment*

    i oso cannot tahan myself leh!

  5. HAU POR! go and molest aaron..WOOOO look at the abs . U got go and grab other things or not jek besides the chest? muahahahahhaah

    hahahaha…of course not la…nearly kena arrested woi!

  6. arrested somemore can ‘thau siu’ in the last photo… hahahahahahahahahaha
    u really see the idols until fat tin eh? hahaha

    ayo liddat oso u saw! chei! i really tried hard not to laugh lor..

  7. wah ada lagi kah??? So farnny la !!! You very daring hor to pose pose. Me shy la

    eh pose pose is daring meh? me tourist wat! hahahaha

  8. Wah you too much lah. Wanna molest so many in a day. Hahaha. Padan you kena tangkap.

    dun liddat la…me first time ma…mai lau hau sui lor…

    Psst Psst how issit jek .. aaron kwok nice to hug or not ?? and hor and hor da feel of the “six pack” 😛

    hahhaa…sorry lor…too hard to resist since the shirt oso bukak leow!

  10. hahhahaha… siow liow lah this friend of mine!!!
    Yeah..the one with Lau Tak Wah…don’t look like you leh..

    seow seow only remain young n happy ma…

  11. kakakakkakaka *rolling*

    roll summore la…

  12. SENG SENG !! amah.. why u didn’t take off his pants ?!?!

    wah good meh???

  13. you memang kartun lar. kakakakak…..

    yah meh??

  14. LOL!!!! You’re too funny!

    huh too funny??? kakakaka

  15. Wah.. Amah, ur quite tall la… 😛

    no lar…the height chart something wrong!!

  16. amah! the one with lau tak wah hor… i think you looked more like ah jooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo *snigger*

    ah joooooooooooooooo???? hahahahahaha

  17. want to send you in the jail wor, still not scare next year will do it again ar?? quite tall wor.
    Saw the 1st pic you hug Aaron like those ‘ham sup’ women didnt saw lengzai b4 (joking ar). really hum sup u dont know meh?? nah nah just kidding!!!

  18. HAhahahahh laugh until pengsan la… See U EFNTD like me!! Wakakakakak

    really EFNTD!!!!

  19. kakakaka…i thought apa u did 😛

    only joking one..not real one..kakakaka

  20. MUAHAHHAHAHAAHHHAHAA…….I laughed so much I fell off my chair…you are really one funny woman, Amah! I think this time if you go to the museum, they probably put up a photo of you outside with the words “DO NOT LET THIS WOMAN ENTER” *picking myself up from the floor*

    hahaha…u oso funny lor! i dun care I’m still going in next week!!! blueekkkk

  21. hahhaha choyyyyy aunty ange…lol…

    eh should b u look like me la!!

  22. you are so funny… I laughed so much …

    hahahaha…glad u enjoyed reading my nonsense!

  23. amah, good idea to visit again.. who knows, they may consider your wax figure there next to gor gor in future because u’re such a poser 🙂

  24. *pengsan’ed* why u din molest the other 2 heavenly king ??
    Leon and Jacky ?>?

  25. I dun care or scare to be arrested, as long as can touch them here & there….hahahahha!

  26. aiyoh so cute lar your expression…

    I also like Andy leh….

  27. Wah, who is that lenglui taking pic with andy lau?

  28. If can lock up together with Andy Lau, then, I don’t think you wanna come out so fast liao leh……. haha….. going to HK next year. But, just can’t wait anymore…. Andy Lau!!! I am comming too. haha……

  29. since seng seng is kinda topless, did u give me raspberry kisses or not on his tummy… ahh brrrtthhh brrbtthh brrthth!!

  30. Wa.. Amah humsup kena locked up!

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